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Marisa Ruth

I began my journey in this field in 2006 by working with veterans through the VA, to transition to the civilian workforce. With this experience and education in Marriage and Family Therapy, I have a unique set of skills to help navigate career decisions.

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About Marisa Ruth

Hi, I'm Marisa.

Navigating career changes can be daunting. Having an experienced coach with education in counseling might be the perfect fit for you.

I am a coach who wants to listen and understand your concerns, and take you through them with empathy. I lean on the tools I have acquired over the years of working in the Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling field with veterans through the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Ready to make a CHANGE? Let's do this TOGETHER!

Have you taken the time to really explore your career options via testing of your interests, aptitudes, and abilities? Have you taken the time to understand your knowledge, skills, and abilities?

Is there a path that you haven't been able to see yet? Sometimes it takes an objective outsider to see the path that was previously unseen.

I have worked as a hiring consultant and as a career counselor, two different sides of the same coin. I have done thousands of TARGETED resume, CV, and cover letter rewrites. I have unique expertise in navigating the Federal job market. I am here to share what I have learned over the years with you so that you have a greater chance of success.

I here to be your objective advisor. I want to see you succeed and reach all of your goals. Reach out to me if this seems like a fit for you!

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