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Oleksandr Martynov

I'm an engineering manager, a certified coach, and owner of a small Ukrainian bistro in Prague.


Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation

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About Oleksandr Martynov

Often, this space is used to impress. Dear reader, can I ask for your permission not to do that? I would prefer to write here in my normal human voice.

How can I help…

There is only so much you can surmise from reading this write-up and looking at my profile photo.

What is coaching? It’s hard to talk about it because coaching is experiential. To understand what it is and how it can help, one needs to experience it rather than read about it.

But I can tell a story. Some time ago, I had a founder client who stepped down from the day-to-day operational stuff. What bothered him is that he was constantly in conflict with his management team. When we worked, he realized that there was a void after he stepped down. And to fill, unconsciously he chose to meddle in his management team’s tasks. Once he became aware of that pattern he decided that instead, he would love to spend more quality time with his teenage son. It was one insight that changed everything for him.

Coaching is an exploration that helps you reflect and take a look from a different perspective.

If you are reading this, there is something you need help with. But how would you go about finding a coach that will help you? Especially if you never worked with a coach before. Would my certifications and how many years of experience I have matter? Not at all.

My advice: before committing to long-term work, talk to as many coaches as you can to see who you would trust. And I’d be happy to talk to you and explore how I can help.

Here are some of the things that I can help with: having difficult conversations, tolerating uncertainty, building relationships and trust, authenticity and dealing with imposter syndrome. When we dig deeper, the underlying question behind all that is how can you experience life and work in a profoundly satisfying and fulfilling way?

If you want to learn a bit about me feel free to continue reading…

I'm a guy from a rather small Ukrainian town nobody heard of. My homeland was going through difficult times when I was growing up but I always was very optimistic. And as I write this, there is a war going on out there. And I'm scared and confused.

As a coach, I helped many people to develop the skill of tolerating ambiguity and accepting what is. But right now I'm myself in a place where I'm overwhelmed by what’s happening. And I am in the process of rethinking my construct of the world. Can I still be as optimistic as I was? I'm still to find out.

In my life’s journey, I became a software engineer, then an engineer manager. I was and still am quite a shy and introverted person. So naturally managing people was a challenge for me. What helped is that a friend of mine recommended a book about coaching around the time I was transitioning to a leadership role. I liked it so much that right away I enrolled on a coaching course and have been coaching since then. That was in 2014. Initially I’ve managed a team of around 5 people. With time, I managed up to 35 people. But I realized that I enjoy coaching and developing people much more than climbing up the career ladder.

Right now I work full-time as an engineering manager for an investment bank. I have my coaching practice. And with my wife, we run a Ukrainian bistro in Prague. If you are ever in Prague, come over to try the best borsch in town.

This is me. I feel that as I wrote this I managed to remain authentic and maybe even slightly vulnerable. I know that there will be people who will resonate with what I’ve put forward and those who will not. And that’s ok.

And what about you? When someone asks about what you do or if you need to present yourself during an interview, do you stay true to yourself? Or are you crafting a good-looking narrative? Both can serve you well, at least if you are intentional.

Even if the only way we interact is through reading this I wish you find a way to a more happy and fulfilling life. And if you like to talk about working together, I’ll be happy to talk to you.

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