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I empower my clients to find their confidence and their voice. Leveraging my experience as a WFH mom, remote business owner, and a background in applied positive psychology, I've got the tools to help you succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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I offer career and human-potential coaching to support my clients to find a new job, structure a career pivot, build their confidence, learn to network or evolve as an emotionally intelligent leader in challenging times.

How I help YOU

Working with me you will uncover insights into how you can successfully seek out and ask for what you need (salary, benefits, flex-time, cross-training, etc.).

Unhappy in your current job? Let me teach you job crafting.

Need a job, any job? Learn how job crafting and crafting the right narrative can get you hired.

Too often job seekers and pivot planners let others mistake their humility for mediocrity. I will work with you to leverage your values, strengths, experiences and natural talents so that you can clearly tell your story and stand out from the crowd. This self-knowledge will have a significant impact on your career success and your life satisfaction.

#thefutureofwork must put people first.

#innovation is crucial to success.

#positivemindset will broaden and build your opportunities.

#professionalnarrative is your unique story.

Human analytics and 20+ years of employee hiring statistics show that that the most significant indicators of job success are persistence (hard-work) mixed with self-awareness. Studies also show that higher salaries and better working conditions are earned by those who confidently negotiate for what they need.

The only solution is action. Let's get to work today!

*Where am I? *

Currently coaching remotely in Madagascar [from Boulder, CO]. I work with both non-traditional and traditional job seekers across the USA and around the world. I am also ready to support you in exploring remote work, a freelance career or starting a business. I love plotting pivots!


Suzanne Lewis

· 06/13/20 · Subscriber

Alison's wisdom helps me continue to progress towards my personally meaningful goals-past where I normally stop on my own.


· 05/12/20 · Subscriber

Alison and I talked about salary negotiations and job offers. It's been an insightful conversation. I learned how to see companies I interviewed with in a less stressful way.

Suzanne Lewis

· 04/19/20 · Subscriber

Alison continues to provide thoughtful and insightful questions that help me go deeper into my the most important parts of my professional identity.


· 04/17/20 · Subscriber

As always she helps me relax, find the right focus for my current goals, and insight into the hiring process.


· 04/05/20 · Subscriber

Great! Alison really help me though the resume and interview prep.

Suzanne Lewis

· 03/29/20 · Subscriber

In my continued work with Alison she continues to amaze and surprise me with her keen listening and deep questions. She's asked me the questions I needed to hear, so that I could hear my own answers to my BIG questions. It is so nourishing to hear our own voice in those answers.

Rajshree Chauhan

· 03/18/20 · Subscriber

Confidence boosting and supportive, Alison offers real-time solutions, actionable feedback, and support for every step of the process when looking for a job. Her approach is just what I need to help me cope with my current situation, stay positive, focus on my skills and strengths, and seek out the next step in my career.


· 03/09/20 · Subscriber

Alison is a great coach who really listens and asks insightful clarifying questions. Through our coaching work I've been able to be more focused on what I am actually looking for in my career and ways to build on resources I already have in my current job role. She's great at connecting the dots between ideas that I was struggling with to help align them with the actions I'm taking in reaching out to professional colleagues.


· 03/06/20 · Coaching Intro

The consultation with Alison was great. I really got a good glimpse into how it all works. Glad I got an opportunity to have a chat.

Cameron Lewis

· 01/21/20 · Subscriber

Wonderful discussion and immediately applicable advice!


· 01/17/20 · Subscriber

Alison asked powerful questions that helped me uncover new insights for myself regarding my career journey. She's great at recognizing the strengths of those she coaches. Even better, she's skillful at helping you believe in your strengths.

Gabe Mott

· 01/06/20 · Subscriber

I appreciated the broad room to express context I felt important and the clear next steps Alison provided.