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I help creative and unconventional job seekers shape adventurous careers that feed their intellectual curiosity while allowing them to earn a good living.

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Don't know what you want to be when you grow up? Or know what you want to be, but don't know how to make money doing it? Don't care if you can make money doing it, but need a "day job"that gets out of the way? I can help.

I specialize in: * major career transitions * creative work in the corporate world * alternatives to working in the corporate world * pricing and business modeling for entrepreneurs

We'll work together to find the through lines of interests, capacities, and concerns that propel you through your life and career. Then we'll shape your true story into narrative(s) that help you get the job you want now.

Among the titles I've held are fitness trainer, technical writer, legal recruiter, business analyst, trade journalist, small business coach. I've worked with major corporations, nonprofits, and independent business.



· 07/20/19 · Coaching Intro

Barbara was very kind and encouraging, but I didn’t finish the intro feeling like she had a specific plan for me/a personalized understanding of my situation. To go to the next step, I need to feel sure of that, so I think maybe we weren’t the right fit.