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Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner of MER with the American Association of Integrative Psychology

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With my background in Advertising and tech, I help people navigate the challenges of working in tech, changing careers and finding a path that is meaningful to them.

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I have extensive international experience living in Canada, US and the UK. I love working with women in tech, expats and individuals excited about growth and personal development.

I have previously owned a Limited Company in the UK and a Network Marketing business. I also have experience with running a Marketing Consultancy. I have worked for large corporate companies and startups, working in different verticals such as tech, travel, automotive, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and retail.

I am certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and MER (Mental and Emotional Release). This means that I can help you release emotional baggage - ie. feelings of anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame.

I have been in situations where I hardly knew anyone when I moved to different cities/countries and had to find a job in these places...and quickly! I have also been through periods of unemployment, career changes and periods of uncertainty.

I am experienced with the visa process, having gone through it myself to obtain my work visa and can provide support in this area.

I am here to support you in your career journey in a safe environment. I would love to empower you in becoming a better version of yourself to find your dream job! If you are ready to take your career to the next level, book a session with me today!



Chiwai Lima

· 08/27/20 · Subscriber

Carolyn is an excellent listener and amazing analyst. She had so many ideas and unique ways of interpreting the information I gave her to help me improve my resume, social media presence, and portfolio. She is dynamic and I feel inspired by her energy.

Kamila Kotlewska

· 07/08/20 · Subscriber

Carolyn was well prepared for the call, and guided me with agility through my career needs. Looking forward to keep working with her until I find my next job!


· 07/02/20 · Subscriber

Carolyn is an amazing coach, I am loving the insights she brings to each call. The guided method has been very helpful. Highly recommend!

Julia Schaefer

· 05/12/20 · Coaching Intro

Carolyn was supportive, intelligent, and extremely grounding. She's an empathetic listener and really gets it. I am very excited to navigate the job search process with her as my coach! Thank you Carolyn :)

Rachel Smith

· 04/03/20 · Subscriber

Always love chatting with Carolyn!

Daniel Friedman

· 03/07/20 · Subscriber

Carolyn was extremely supportive and helpful for reframing my mindset on how I should approach interviewing. I'm super grateful to have her as my coach!

Daniel Friedman

· 02/10/20 · Subscriber

Fantastic call with Carolyn! She's supportive, helps me narrow down big ideas into actionable targets and helps me realize valuable lessons learned in my career.

Daniel Friedman

· 01/04/20 · Subscriber

Carolyn is a fantastic coach! She's encouraging, helps me identify how I can overcome problems and helps me identify the *why* behind my decisions so I can realize lessons learned.

Denise Gómez

· 12/04/19 · Subscriber

After my intro call with Carolyn, I felt a positive shift in my mindset. In those 15 minutes, she led me through a guided visualization, which broke the negative thought spiral I was experiencing and made the feelings of success accessible to my brain. In our following conversations, she asked all the right questions which helped me understand my own values and evaluate whether or not they were aligned with the jobs I was applying/interviewing for. All of our talks helped me unpack some issues that were holding me back and I was able to move forward with confidence. At the end of my subscription, I was in the final round for two companies and I got an offer from a third company. Carolyn is a wonderful resource and I'm so thankful for all the tips she shared during our time together.


· 08/15/19 · Subscriber

This was only my 3rd call with Carolyn, but through her coaching, I was able to successfully secure a call with a company’s hiring manager, and was added to a pool of candidates for a position that had previously been closed. I’m excited for the other opportunities she will be able to help open for me.


· 08/05/19 · Subscriber

Carolyn is a wonderful career coach for those who need intuitive problem-solving and stress management tools for dealing with those impossible jobs/bosses/coworkers/family members/fill in the blank

Karen Smetana

· 05/13/19 · Subscriber

Carolyn has so many great ideas on how to optimize your time to get great results. Very practical, easy to implement changes that will help you consistently achieve, and get your ideas out into the world!!

Karen Smetana

· 03/02/19 · Subscriber

Carolyn is really just the best! She will help you align your goals and dreams in subtle ways, keep you grounded, and makes sure you have tactical methods of moving forward and making things happen!


· 01/26/18 · Career Coaching

Carolyn was able to ask thought-provoking questions, which will help reflect post-coaching.