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Over 10 years, I’ve been a national security analyst, program manager, product operations specialist, and tech policy advisor. I’m ready to help you with your own career transition or with better pitching your unique set of skills to any sector.

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Why I Coach

At every stage of my career, I've felt it was important to mentor others and help them develop strategies for getting the most out of their career career journey. Across 10 years of work experience, I've helped people learn to communicate about their strengths, make their passions relevant to the deliverables of their job, and prepare for difficult conversations about career growth and transition.

I loved the feeling of helping others see their own potential and identify ways to improve or enhance their professional lives. I've sought the opportunity to formalize this impact, and through HireClub, I can do so. I have an opportunity to utilize my own knowledge and experiences to benefit others at scale.

Coaching also gives me an opportunity to affirm the greatness and potential in others. If you've ever taken or read the Strengthfinder's Assessment, then once I share my top strengths, you will understand — context, developer, strategic, empathy, positivity. Coaching allows me to use historic and past experiences to help shape the future, find opportunities for improvement whether big or small, open myself up to others experiences and sit in their shoes, think about the bigger picture, and tie it all together with positive affirmation.

My Value Add — Plug & Play Career Experience

Our career journey is really one long story. I can help you identify that common plotline that ties it all together, and work with you to provide a framework for each chapter.

I've had over 10 years of experience across two industries and several roles. In order to remain competitive myself, I had to learn how to adapt, pitch my existing skillsets in new and creative ways, all while keeping a core set of values, passions, and purpose at the center of any new pursuit. My versatility in career paths is a strength and value add as a coach. It's helped me hone my skill and knowledge of answering these questions — * How do I figure out what I am passionate about? * What are my strengths? * What do I like/dislike about where I am now? * How do I make a move from where I am now to where I want to go? * How do I sell my skills and experience? * How do I identify my unique value add? * How do I tell my story in a resume/interviews?

Your experiences are a set of assets ready to be plugged into the right situation. I can help you develop a strategy and mindset for leveraging them effectively.

Who am I?

I consider myself to be a man of many hats; certainly not as many as the 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, but definitely more than one. Over 10 years of work experience, I've had several roles across two industries, and have served in community organizations and non-profits in a few more roles. There is a common thread through every one of my experiences though — I am passionate about building community and developing people and programs.

I began my career as a national security analyst with the U.S. Federal Government, and spent six years there. During that time, I worked as a quantitative methodologist, helping the organization make sense of the next big thing — "big data" — including running teams responsible for building processes and tools to help improve our analytic lines of business. I then took an assignment overseas as a Liaison Officer, managing an outreach program and communicating key analysis on country-wide developments to senior military and diplomatic officials. I then shifted to targeting analysis, spending time overseas managing another program before coming back to Washington, D.C. to help stand up a new team of targeting analysts and mentoring them the methodologies of the discipline.

I left government and policy (so I thought) to take a role at Facebook, focused on product operations. My primary focus was product quality and driving the launch of healthy products, and had a chance to support the launch of products like Messenger Lite. Missing the policy world though, I found my way back, by shifting into Privacy Program Management. I led privacy reviews for products such a Facebook Groups and some of our cross-family data integrations. I then shifted out of this role to work on more externally facing projects for Facebook, namely managing our community partnerships with organizations committed to digital skills education and training U.S. workers in the skills of tomorrow. I built relationships with organizations across the country, landing partnerships with community colleges and nonprofits committed to upleveling the skills of our workforce.

Now I am at Google serving as a policy advisor focused on privacy and advising product teams on best practices and approaches to inspire user trust. I've focused on helping us build our narrative and our approach to privacy on the Assistant, including the launch of informative privacy answers to help the user understand their privacy choices when using the product.

I also own and manage my own business, em|PACT Strategies, a consulting firm that helps organizations build inclusive communities by prioritizing empathy as a skillset. I serve on boards focused on creativity, supporting courageous women, youth arts and education, and my alma mater, I also own and manage my own business, em|PACT Strategies, a consulting firm that helps organizations build inclusive communities by prioritizing empathy as a skillset. I serve on boards focused on creativity, supporting courageous women, youth arts and education, and my alma mater.


Coaching is fun for me. I also find joy in my work and all the things I do; however, we all need outlets! I love to hike, so if you have any hiking trails you'd recommend anywhere, let me know and I will add it to my list!

I also love all things sci-fi, comic, or fantasy, so please stop me if I use one-too-many superhero or Star Wars metaphors.

And if you are a music lover, I *produce, write, sing, and rap * my own! I minored in music in college and it's always been an important outlet for me. So feel free to share your feedback with me!



· 01/22/20 · Coaching Intro

Intro call left me feeling positive and optimistic, looking forward to more in depth coaching from Corey!


· 01/16/20 · Pro Plan

Corey has a very diverse background and is incredibly empathetic with his coaching style. A renaissance man and not afraid to ask hard, growth-oriented questions.