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Angel Investor with Sand Hill Angels, one of the oldest, largest, and most active angel investment groups in the world.

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Seasoned Silicon-Valley executive with a knack for disrupting markets and creating business development opportunities. At (later PythonLabs at Google) Domenic was an early and influential member of the business development and technology teams, and helped shape the direction of the Python programming language as Vice President of Business Development. Three successful exits: one via IPO in 2004 and two via acquisition in 2006 and 2015. Currently, Domenic is an investor with Sand Hill Angels, one of the oldest, largest, and most active investment groups in the world.

Xoogler Facilitator

Especially helpful for current or ex-Google employees due to a strong network of opportunities both inside and outside of the Xoogler network.

Startup-Focused Coaching

Expert in angel (seed and pre-seed) fundraising, pitch decks, institutional fundraising, go-to-market, product/market fit, and a variety of other startup-related topics.

Diversity as a Passion

As an investor, Domenic chooses to only invest in companies with a diverse founding member. This passion for change extends to his mentoring as well.


Duncan Stanley

· 09/14/19 · Salary Negotiation

Domenic was incredible to work with. From when I booked my appointment, I sent over the initial offer and he asked a few brief data gathering questions before our call to give him context. Then we had a very dense 30 minute call going over the details of everything, what I can expect, where to push, where not to, and how offers like these are made. After the interview, I updated him with the ongoing status and he gave me some great tips. His approach was very personable and inspiring, it was absolutely worth the money, not just from a results perspective but from a confidence perspective. I have already recommended him to several friends!

Ketan Anjaria

· 09/06/19 · Standard Plan

When someone can level set you, it’s so hugely powerful for your own growth. But providing positive support as well? That’s just mind blowing.

Bassel Menzalji

· 08/28/19 · Basic Plan

Great call to think through some high-level points regarding salary negotiations. It's always a pleasure getting on the phone with someone like Domenic to help compound your learning curve through thoughtful frameworks for discussion. Looking forward to many more conversations.


· 08/22/19 · Pro Plan

Incredible call! Domenic provided ideas that I hadn't even thought about, and his track record and extensive experience is saving me hundreds of hours of time that I would have spent making mistakes. This coaching is worth so much, and I feel supported in my journey of starting my own consulting practice. Coaching is definitely not JUST for finding a job - it's game-changing for significantly larger long term success!!

Ketan Anjaria

· 08/21/19 · Standard Plan

Domenic has so much insight into fundraising. I couldn't do this without him.


· 08/21/19 · Coaching Intro

Domenic is everything people say he is - empowering and humble at the same time. He is clearly driven to help others, and has really great advice that is helpful for the high achievers in the room.


· 08/15/19 · Executive Plan

Domenic gave practical guidance for engaging w work mentor, colleagues on other teams, so I have clear next steps. He also provided valuable insights into the financial workings of venture-backed startups. He does so with much humility and kindness, so it felt very easy to talk about topics that usually seemed daunting or uncomfortable.

Bassel Menzalji

· 08/06/19 · Basic Plan

Dom's superpower is listening exactly what challenges you're aiming to solve, and laying out strategies for you to tackle. He challenges you to first think about what you're aiming for, and set tactical and achievable steps on how to get there to compliment the overarching goal. Throughout my few calls with him, I'm quickly learning how to also apply how he approaches challenges so that we're able to compound my learning curve. It's an absolute privilege to work with someone like Domenic.

Ketan Anjaria

· 08/05/19 · Standard Plan

Domenic always holds me accountable. And I really value that because I want to improve as a CEO. He's a got a wealth of knowledge that leaders can learn from.

Alex M Herreria

· 07/31/19 · Pro Plan

Domenic continues to amaze me with his observation of my talents that I take for granted and reveals them as marketable and valuable strengths. We hope to identify, foster, and market them into a brighter future of career growth and opportunity!

Ketan Anjaria

· 07/26/19 · Standard Plan

Sanity check! Domenic has such insight into the investor world. If you are a founder raising funding, Domenic is THE coach to talk to.

Ketan Anjaria

· 07/22/19 · Standard Plan

Domenic is just so supportive and positive. He’s also insanely experienced. Any founder would be lucky to have him as a coach.


· 07/21/19 · Executive Plan

Domenic provided focused guidance that made a lot of sense to me on navigating various work social situations on a new job, including cultivating relationships with potential mentors, and people with whom I don't have direct working relationships but want to make connections.

Grant Bartone

· 07/17/19 · Basic Plan

For the past 3 months, Domenic has been a voice of reason and experience throughout my recent job search who I could count on to help me be prepared for interviews, be strategic in my communications with prospective employers at various stages of my candidacy, and even provided great tips to network and grow my career into the future after landing the job. I highly recommend Domenic and hope to seek his mentorship as a coach again in the near future!

Ketan Anjaria

· 07/16/19 · Standard Plan

Domenic always has a way of bringing me back down to earth that's refreshing and real.


· 07/11/19 · Pro Plan

Domenic is an awesome coach - he has an incredible amount of experience and is able to match it perfectly with the situation of the coachee. All of his comments and advice are on point and he communicates very cleary. Highly recommended!


· 06/28/19 · Executive Plan

Domenic provided needed insight into the interview process and tech industry in general. His guidance is humble and respectful, so I feel very at ease asking questions. Getting to negotiation, which seems challenging to me, so I really appreciate his continuing encouragement and affirmation of my strengths.


· 06/19/19 · Coaching Intro

Fantastic intro call with Domenic - he provided his perspective on the challenges that I would like to address and outlined his experience and coaching style - I immediately activated my Hire Club membership after the intro call. Looking forward to working with Domenic!

Farrah Taghavi

· 06/12/19 · Pro Plan

Dr. Merenda is one of the best and knowledgeable coaches I have worked with. He familiarized himself with my background quickly and based on that he always provided the best advice and how I should approach different concerns. He knows the industry well and can help you easily. I highly recommend him.


· 05/31/19 · Coaching Intro

Short initial call, but Domenic was already able to empathize and provide valuable insight on exactly the challenges I was facing.

Alex M Herreria

· 05/21/19 · Pro Plan

I'm trying to build Rome and Domenic is giving me the lay of the land and the other empires out there. Another solid session. The agenda was to present my approach and key pieces of my startup project to Domenic. I received valuable feedback informed by his stellar background as both investor and founder and came up with an understanding and plan of what steps lie ahead. The challenge is tremendous but I'm motivated!

Alex M Herreria

· 05/12/19 · Coaching Intro

Felt comfortable right away talking about where I want to go and some challenges I've had the past year as an entrepreneur. Looking forward to the coaching to make me the best founder I can be.

Edgar Membreno

· 05/06/19 · Coaching Intro

Domenic was thoughtful, kind and listened to my current situation with a clear desire to learn more about me and how he and Hireclub could be of assistance for me. I felt like I was being listened to and not just viewed as a transaction for the team. I enjoyed the conversation and felt confident in Domenic's direction!

Andrea Ator

· 04/22/19 · Coaching Intro

I had my intro call with Domenic, he was very open and clear on what HC offers. I appreciated his sincerity and how he shared a little bit of himself which built rapport with me.