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Farah has over a decade of experience in the financial services and recruiting industry. She currently works at Google and is currently an advisor to SearchLight Recruiting Ventures

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· 09/27/19 · Basic Plan

Great call with Farah!


· 02/19/19 · Mock Interview

Farah was extremely approachable from the get-go, which helped me feel comfortable discussing my personal insecurities about interviewing. She gave me really great tips that I looked into and she recommended a book that she thought I'd like in general. She also followed up after our call, which was very considerate! Overall, this was an excellent resource. Farah was a great listener, very intuitive and empathetic. I felt very prepared going into the interview.

Taylor Stokes

· 11/26/18 · Mock Interview

She is amazing and extremely helpful! I had an interview the same day and she accommodated me and provided great insights. Looking forward to working with her again.


· 10/11/18 · Mock Interview

Farah was extremely helpful in prepping me for my Google interview! She had great insight into how to prepare for it!


· 09/27/18 · Mock Interview

Farah is great. In a short amount of time, she was able to give me some really simple techniques to work on. Interviewing is so hard, so focusing on the techniques and applying them to all the different questions is great. Thanks Farah!


· 08/07/18 · Mock Interview

Within 30 minutes, Farah discussed my background, the culture of the interviewing company, and gave me feedback on Mock interview questions. I was impressed. Her advice was truly salient and has helped me navigate the job search much more.

Vaish M Kandhadai

· 05/10/18 · Mock Interview

Farah was so easy to talk to! She gave me an insight into techniques to improve my answering skills. She was patient, highly-skilled and very personalized when it came to helping me answer some of the tricky questions I usually face in interviews.

Daniél Tacci

· 03/21/18 · Career Coaching

Very empathetic, understanding, and easy to talk to. She offered good insight for me as I'm struggling with a mid-career transition, and offered suggestions from her own experience as she has had a circuitous career path as well.

Sarah Al-Sheikhly

· 03/17/18 · Mock Interview

Farah created the perfect roadmap for my interview success! She provided easy-to-use tips to create an energetic interview environment and direct every question back to my resume and why I'm a great fit. It's very difficult to get someone excited to interview prep, but Farah has made the process enjoyable now that I know how to stand out. Thanks so much, Farah!


· 03/13/18 · Career Coaching

I had an effective career coaching session with Farah last Friday. I wanted to become a Product Manager (PM) but wasn't sure if I have the profile to become a PM immediately. My chat with Farah helped me understand where my immediate opportunities lie and what I can do to become a PM down the line. The biggest takeaway is that now I have more clarity on how I am going to achieve what I want to achieve.


· 02/21/18 · Mock Interview

Farah was an absolute delight. She gave a lot of insightful feedback during the mock interview session. She pointed out various ways during the interview of what to do and what not to do and was very patient in the process. Definitely recommend!

Shanti Christensen

· 11/21/17 · Mock Interview

Wow! I'm entering the interviewing process and I needed the mock interview I had with Farah. Given her experience recruiting for one of the top companies in the world, her insight was valuable and helpful. Especially because I would also love to work for Google someday, too! It's easy to get in the weeds with preparing the resume and portfolio as a designer. Farah helped me to give attention to other aspects of the job-winning process. Learning to talk about myself and to relate to the company's values during an interview is easier said than done. Grateful for the coaching. Thank you, Farah!