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Janelle Woo

I love coaching creatives to create the business (or side-hustle) and day job that aligns with who they are. I help you find the courage to pursue the impact that you want to make... and in your own way. My style is about connection, fun, and magic.


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and Associate Coach Certification

About Janelle Woo

I am a former consultant and program manager with non-profit and government organizations. I have a business degree (B.Comm), majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and have a knack for people, strategy, and analysis/budgets.

After having two kids, I found that I couldn't fit in the box of a typical worker anymore. I had my own coach early in my career, and it stuck with me ever since - mainly being able to come to my own solutions and in my own way. I decided to become a coach myself.

Since, I've completed my coach training and certification through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), and am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaches Federation (ICF). I've also completed additional training in compassion cultivation, positive intelligence, and somatic coaching (embodied coaching).

I've been coaching for many organization and have experience coaching small business entrepreneurs, high-potential managers up to directors and VPs, as well as students. I've coached more than 100 different people with business and personal topics (realistically, they are intertwined).

What makes me unique, coaching-wise, is that I like to tap into the body for more wisdom and for starting new habits. I'm also highly empathic and intuitive, so I can sometimes read between the lines and provide insights. Expect to be yourself and be empowered in our sessions. I love having fun and seeing the magic of transformation and awareness. A quirk about myself is that I can be a people person and a numbers person.

Things I like to do for fun, now that I have little kids, watch cartoons on Netflix, ski, bike, hike, look for mushrooms, and badminton. Before kids - canoeing/kayaking, climbing, running, golfing, and having free time!

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I've worked with Janelle over the course of several sessions as I explored the idea of creating a side hustle or venturing out on my own. While my journey has ultimately taken me in a current direction at this juncture, Janelle was incredible at teasing out things that were holding me back or limiting my ability to even think in this direction. She gave me discrete tools for getting unblocked that I credit with creating the momentum that actually led to me finding a role that I feel truly excited about. Thank you, Janelle!

star star star star star Mar 26, 2021
Coached By Janelle Woo

Janelle was very clear about what she can and can't do as a career coach. I found it very refreshing and not a hard sell by any means. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who's not sure where to start in their search.

star star star star star Feb 9, 2021
Coached By Janelle Woo

Janelle is great at slowing down and asking questions that help you sense into your edges - where you might be holding yourself back.

star star star star star Dec 29, 2020
Coached By Janelle Woo

Really appreciated Janelle’s consideration of fit and description of her style as a coach.

star star star star star Dec 17, 2020
Coached By Janelle Woo