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Certified Advanced Resume Writer & Career Coach

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Nearly a decade of helping leaders land a job they love, faster. Industries: Tech, Manufacturing, Retail, HR, etc.

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I help aspiring and existing corporate leaders get clear on work that would fulfill them and land their next 6-figure job.

My coaching career was sparked nearly a decade ago when I took the groundbreaking journey to discover my true north career path.

It took years, training, tons of books, podcasts, coaching sessions, and deep inner work, but I finally discovered the secret to true fulfillment and happiness at work. It is my mission to help as many people as I can do the same but in less time.

➡️MY EXPERTISE: Through my career coaching and services, I help people get on the path of a fulfilled life by landing a job they love. For nearly a decade, I've helped passionate leaders move into higher-level roles and change careers.

➡️WHO I HELP: I help mid to high-level leaders, including

💎People looking to make a career change or enter a higher-level leadership role. 💎Senior Manager, Regional Manager, District Manager, Director, VP, C-Suite Executives, etc. 💎Fields Include Sales, Marketing, Operations, Program & Project Management, Business Development, and much more

➡️ HOW IT WORKS: If you're not seeing the results you want in your job search, schedule a complimentary strategy call.

I help you uncover your biggest roadblock and define your next best steps to break into a career that fulfills you.

💡You can have a full life if you learn to love and live daringly into yourself.



· 07/14/20 · Resume Rewrite

Justina was very attentive and helpful during the resume rewrite process.


· 05/22/20 · Coaching Intro

She was very helpful with explaining the options I have to accomplish what I want with my resume. I'm looking forward to working with her to get an awesome resume ready for my future.