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Kai Orans

I coach leaders and up and comers in disruptive fields (clean energy, technology, startups, non-profits, consulting) in taking the next step in their career and finding the purpose and fulfillment that they are seeking.

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About Kai Orans

Background & Professional Role

I've lead recruiting, internal career coaching, HR benefits, 360 reviews and promotions, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at a fast growing energy consulting firm focused on the transition to a low-carbon electric grid. I've worked closely with senior leadership to hire, coach, develop, and retain a team of high quality talent and build a culture that supports growth and welcomes all team members. In this role, I've gained perspective on how top performers differentiate themselves at each stage of the process and how to navigate some of the challenging interpersonal dynamics that show up in the workplace. As a career coach, I hope to share these insights as you navigate identifying, landing, and succeeding in your dream role.

Prior to my current role, I lived in India for four years as a full-time student dedicated to learning and practicing Vedanta, the Indian philosophy of life. I apply many of the principles and practices I learned in Vedanta to help my clients and organization achieve success, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Ideal Client Profile

I coach leaders and up and comers in innovative fields (clean energy, tech, medicine, etc) who imagine big possibilities for themselves and for the world and who are committed to working towards them. I am equally comfortable discussing tactics for landing your next role and the deeper questions and challenges that you will face once you land and settle in. I believe that the positive influence of "good company" can have a tremendous impact on one's career and life trajectory and try to embody this for my clients.

My Expertise

Consider working with me if you identify with one or more of the following goals / challenges:

  1. Doing okay, but looking for support and accountability to grow to the next level in your company
  2. Lost the meaning and purpose that you felt when you started, not sure why, and would like to get that feeling back
  3. Growing into a new role and facing challenges in the transition (starting a new role, a technical team member growing into a manager role, a manager growing into a director role overseeing multiple teams)
  4. At a crossroads in your career/life and not sure what the next step is
  5. Burnt out and would like to reexamine your relationship to work and how to better integrate work into your life
  6. Navigating a challenging manager or colleague and would like to talk through how best to approach this relationship

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is outcome driven. A client sets the agenda by bringing a topic to the conversation. I help my clients articulate their goals, understand their motivations, draw out their vision, identify and work through their challenges, empower right action, and follow up to drive accountability. I ask powerful open-ended questions, which will help you access a path forward that you feel good about and get to the heart of the matter. I view my role as a deep listener and champion of your best self, someone who can remind you of the unique skills, talents, and value that you bring to the table.

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