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Author of "BOLD: Get Noticed, Get Hired" - a book all about landing your dream job. I love working with people to navigate their career path and come up with a game plan to achieve long term success. I currently work at Apple as a Client Partner.

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A little more about me

My passion for career coaching started when I graduated college and could not find a job for the life of me. After months of applying to a million jobs I started to think I was not good enough for a full time job and maybe I should just apply for an internship. I luckily caught some inspiration and changed up my techniques to soon get interviews at every company I had every applied for and never heard back. I realized that applying for a job was something I was never taught in school, so I decided to write a book and teach people how to do it.

If you work with me you will realize I like to put a different spin on career coaching. The whole thing can be so daunting (finding a job, negotiation, climbing the ladder), so I will always add a fun element to the process. I was at best a B student, but have found a way to focus on what I am good at and get jobs at some of the best companies in the world (i.e. Twitter and Apple).


Virginia Williams

· 08/15/19 · Ultimate Plan

Always the agile coach, responding to the moment and helping me to focus my search.

Virginia Williams

· 07/20/19 · Ultimate Plan

Really helpful as usual, thought of a negotiation alternative that I hadn’t!

Virginia Williams

· 07/16/19 · Ultimate Plan

Melanie always makes herself available in a pinch and is very responsive and agile in her approach, as in when things start to change/pop she helps me redirect and focus .

Virginia Williams

· 06/12/19 · Ultimate Plan

Melanie as always, was adaptive and responsive to my changing needs. She’s been great at helping me to remain focused and reprioritize on an ongoing basis.


· 06/03/19 · Coaching Intro

Great intro call: Melanie took time to understand my goals, described her work process and how she can help and was transparent and upfront about her skills and focus and whether it's a fit for my needs.


· 05/31/19 · Basic Plan

It was great. We connected just for 15 minutes but had a very productive conversation. She had her question for me ready and then guided me on how I can overcome the challenges I am currently facing. I will be working on the suggestions she has made and looking forward to more sessions with her.

Lani Schreibstein

· 05/28/19 · Basic Plan

Melanie gave me an actionable plan with small steps, which is just what I needed.

Eileen Vitelli

· 05/28/19 · Coaching Intro

Super helpful and cut straight to the core of the matter. Thank you!


· 05/25/19 · Coaching Intro

Really enjoyed speaking with Melanie. Looking forward to more sessions with her.


· 05/24/19 · Mock Interview

Puts lots of effort into helping you craft your strategy and answers for the interview. Very easy to talk to and you can get a lot done even in just 30 minutes. Recommended.

Joana Ayala

· 05/15/19 · Coaching Intro

Melanie gave me lightning-style-coaching that was thoughtful and succint. I felt our session together gave me the boost I needed to move forward with my search. I'm so grateful!

Maya Bulleit

· 05/15/19 · Coaching Intro

Melanie laid out a strategy for a focused job search, which made practical sense. My career has plateaued and I look forward to enlisting help from Melanie and Hire Club, to get a leg up!


· 05/15/19 · Coaching Intro

I set up a call with Melanie after receiving an exploding job offer (that is, had to respond in 48 hours). I didn't know how to move forward and found Melanie's advice really helpful!


· 05/09/19 · Coaching Intro

Melanie was really friendly and helpful. I could tell she was genuinely interested in my success.

Virginia Williams

· 05/09/19 · Coaching Intro

My initial call with Melanie was nothing short of phenomenal. I felt she “got” me and what my needs were almost in real-time! I look forward to working with her.

Farrah Taghavi

· 05/04/19 · Coaching Intro

I just had my first introductory phone conversation with Melanie. I loved the way she discussed different game plans and how we can work together from my resume all the way to hiring process. Looking forward to continue my work with her.