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Certified Coach, I develop and lead Career Development & Career Success at the Wharton Exec MBA Program in San Francisco. 2 decades as a Recruiting Leader building teams from Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and more. Forbes contributing writer.

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Susan Sutton

· 07/08/20 · Subscriber

Another great quick chat to check-in pre-interview and make sure attitude and approach are in right place!

Susan Sutton

· 06/29/20 · Subscriber

Great pre-game call to keep goals and approach in mind for a screener interview.

Susan Sutton

· 06/26/20 · Subscriber

A great, quick call to strategize on upcoming interview prep. Very helpful in focusing prep efforts!

Chikodi Chima

· 06/26/20 · Resume Rewrite

What a refreshing and invigorating session! We covered resume, interview narrative and LinkedIn best practices in a single call. At the end of our call I have a resume ready to be shared with recruiters, and I have new direction on how to market myself with my LinkedIn profile immediately. I feel like a million bucks! Highly recommend 💪🏾


· 04/27/20 · Coaching Intro

Mike is not only a top notch coach, but an amazing person! I worked with Mike over the course of several months - both while I was looking for a job, and also when I I had a job where I was struggling with a toxic environment. Mike was a great sounding board and helped me through my ups and downs, keeping me on course to find a path where I would be most happy and valued. I'm very grateful to Mike for all of his help and guidance, and I honestly cannot say enough good things about him.

Phillip Tassi

· 03/06/20 · Subscriber

Mike is always helpful and a pleasure to talk to

Micaelle Alexis

· 02/12/20 · New Coach Co-Coaching

Great call, Mike was very personable and helped to ease some of the coaching and onboarding questions. I was especially impressed with his extensive background as an Author and Educator/Facilitator. I'm really looking forward to partnering with HireClub to help clients meet their career and life goals!

William Morales

· 01/25/20 · Subscriber

Thanks for the insightful feedback and advice, Mike! I appreciate the tools and perspective you provide on each call; the recommendations and guidance from the last few months was instrumental in my career transition at the end of 2019! Looking forward to continued collaboration in 2020 and expanding my skills and impact within my new company and industry, William Morales (@ FinTechtris)

Phillip Tassi

· 11/05/19 · Subscriber

Mike has proven time and time again to be an incredibly helpful person in my job search.


· 10/11/19 · Subscriber

My first formal call with Mike after joining HireClub was excellent! He made me feel conifdent, taught me a lot of strategies about interview prep. Looking forward to learn more from him.


· 09/23/19 · Subscriber

Mike knows how to see the big picture and give really actionable feedback so you know how to proceed.

Melissa Merrick

· 09/11/19 · Subscriber

We discussed salary negotiations today, it was incredibly helpful!


· 08/29/19 · Career Coaching

Even coaches need coaches, and Mike has been an incredible support. He is kind, supportive, generous and always looking for ways to help. It's clear that Mike loves to help those around him succeed, level up, and learn. He has demonstrated that rare patience to allow me to learn for myself, vs just telling me all the answers. Mike is a master and I'm lucky to get to work with him!


· 08/26/19 · Subscriber

Great mock interview!

Karim K Jinnah

· 08/15/19 · Subscriber

Had a great interview prep call w/ Mike. Love how he breaks down the technique. Looking forward to my interview now.

Tyler Jordan

· 07/11/19 · Subscriber

It was great we got a ton of shit taken care of and we're moving forward.

Aman Manik

· 06/25/19 · Subscriber

Working with Mike is a dream. He's very well spoken, gives tons of examples, and ensures you're connecting with your inner voice through every step of the way. He leaves a lot of space to share all your hopes and fears with no judgment. He's become my brainstorming buddy, career therapist, and confidence builder. Thank you Mike!

Melissa Merrick

· 06/19/19 · Subscriber

Mike is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Vijaylaxsmi Kesavan

· 06/07/19 · Coaching Intro

Mike goes above and beyond for his clients, and is able to meet you where you are in your process to provide genuine guidance and support. The coaching relationship we are building has helped me see that there are people in your corner!

Eva Durazo

· 05/28/19 · Career Coaching

Mike was wonderful! Catered the mock interview session to my needs and also provided many other tips and suggestions. Felt confident and ready for my interview!

Melissa Merrick

· 05/17/19 · Subscriber

This was the most helpful advice I could have received. I am extremely glad for Mike, Ketan, and the rest of HireClub!


· 05/13/19 · Subscriber

Mike is awesome coach! I definitely feel more positive and confident each time I connect with him. At times, I felt like I didn't articulate my responses well enough and he helped me put them together in the right way. He will make sure you're comfortable and ready for your interviews.


· 05/13/19 · Subscriber

It was very insightful and he gave few good inputs to work on job search.

Stephen Williams

· 04/16/19 · Coaching Intro

Great Start! Thanks Mike


· 04/15/19 · Subscriber

Mike's advice is always spot on, he really gets it, all of it...and with such ease. We have great synergy and our thoughts align. This is how coaching should be for everyone. Thanks Mike!

Kheya Lyman

· 03/22/19 · Career Coaching

Always a pleasure connecting with Mike! Every time we collaborate I walk away feeling even more empowered.

Natasha Fong

· 03/21/19 · Coaching Intro

Mike is an incredibly experienced, caring and effective coach. He draws from a deep and diverse professional (and life) experience and able to engage with you at an advanced level as he likely has had first-hand experience with your industry/profession and offer valuable insights and perspective about how to succeed in your desired direction. On top of that he has a great network that he is generous and thoughtful sharing with you to facilitate connections into companies or industries that you are looking to transition to. I am very grateful I found Mike through Hireclub!


· 03/14/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan was a great listener, focusing in on what I needed in a short amount of time. He found a coach that aligned well with my needs and goals.


· 03/13/19 · Subscriber

Mike knows what to do, right away. He gets it.


· 03/11/19 · Subscriber

Really grateful for Mike's advice. A ton of experience and very empathetic.


· 02/25/19 · Subscriber

Great introductory call with Mike, as he laid out a great roadmap and plan of attack for my dream job!

William Morales

· 02/22/19 · Subscriber

Great takeaways and accountability; I appreciate all your value-added insights and perspectives

Aaron Fitzgerald

· 02/20/19 · Subscriber

Mike asks the right questions to get you thinking about your next steps practically and with confidence. I'm very grateful for his time, perspective and insights. :-)

William Morales

· 02/10/19 · Subscriber

Engaging discussion with great perspectives; definitely adding value on my journey to my next career path

Tyler Jordan

· 02/08/19 · Subscriber

He helped me walk through my hiring process, I've never had to build out an entire process from end to end and Mike has been integral in helping me set up a strong hiring system


· 12/31/18 · Coaching Intro

Mike was great! Shared some powerful illustrative stories and unique advice. Highly recommend.

Nitu Sidhu

· 12/20/18 · Coaching Intro

Mike is very knowledgeable when it comes to the current state of marketing. It was great to have this call and see where my leverage lies and already have an action plan in our first 30 minutes.

Jessica Lin

· 09/08/18 · Career Coaching

Great first experience with HireClub! Mike and Ketan were very helpful in the scheduling (and re-scheduling) process and made it really easy to reach out to them if I had any questions. As for the coaching experience, I appreciated Mike's ability to guide my thoughts and ask just the right questions. Coming into the session , I had a lot of scattered thoughts but left confident with the game plan we'd devised. He no doubt has a plethora of experience to share. Highly recommend this service!


· 07/17/18 · Resume Review

Great observations tailored to what I was trying to accomplish.

Ron M Rodrigues

· 06/22/18 · Coaching Intro

Mike was fantastic! I look forward to working with him on my career path.

Ed Duffy

· 05/30/18 · Career Coaching

I feel like I'm on the right track, and Mike has been a huge help in my ability to recognize that, while giving me some solid goals to move forward on.

Sumit Mahawar

· 05/29/18 · Career Coaching

I used this call as a sort of debrief of my last interview and that helped me understand where my strengths and weaknesses were. As usual Mike was very helpful and understanding.


· 05/23/18 · Career Coaching

Mike had exactly the kind of insight which I needed. I'm looking forward to working further with him through this process.

Sumit Mahawar

· 05/16/18 · Mock Interview

Mike was really helpful and encouraging. He had direct experience with the company I was applying for and was able to give me really targeted feedback. In addition, he was a pleasure to speak with and I enjoyed our session!


· 05/16/18 · Career Coaching

Mike gave me a lot of usefulness tips that are different from the career center of my university. I feel that he has more current knowledge of hiring process out there. I’m also happy that Mike was well prepared when he called me even though I booked him just 3-4 hours before the appt time.


· 03/30/18 · Career Coaching

I was in the midst of interviewing with a tech company and they loved me, but wanted me to hone in on being more structured in my interview answers for the next round. Having had success with HireClub's resume review process, I decided to seek some coaching and it was worth every penny. My session coach was Mike Manoske and he immediately put me at ease. He and Ketan had asked for some details prior and Mike did his homework looking at my profile. The coaching session was extremely helpful for this very extroverted introvert! I know my stuff and am uncomfortable with silence and Mike coached me on specific things that I immediately could put into action. He also helped me practice the art of slowing down - I tend to process things very fast and blurt out my answer and he gave me specific coaching on how to answer, while taking time to check in for understanding. I feel like this coaching is something I can apply in both my professional and personal life. The art of storytelling requires nuances and while I know a good bit, Mike helped me hone in quickly on what I could do to be even better. Thank you so much Mike! It truly was a pleasure working with you.


· 03/16/18 · Career Coaching

I had a great conversation with Mike! Trying to figure out your next career path after being with the same company for over 15 years can be daunting. After speaking with Mike , I had a clear vision of what steps I can take to land my next dream job. It definitely took the scary out of the unknown!


· 03/08/18 · Salary Negotiation

Practical tips - customized for you need. Highly recommend Mike.


· 01/17/18 · Career Coaching

Mike was fantastic. I got a lot out of our coaching session. Now I have a clear path forward and an actionable plan!


· 01/12/18 · Career Coaching

Always Great conversation and advice!