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Nora Hamada

I'm a people ops executive that has worked with numerous high-growth tech startups. I specialize in helping people land competitive tech jobs, whether in engineering, sales, product management, design, or people trying to break into tech.  

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About Nora Hamada

Over the years, I've assisted hundreds of tech workers navigate their career paths, negotiate for higher salaries, and advised them on how to get the most out of their career prospects. While working together, I'll help you figure out a strategy to get the most money and best career opportunities. 

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My experience with Nora was really tailored to the stage of interview and type of role I was interviewing for. She gave some great feedback that I think will really help set me apart from other candidates. I'm excited to work with her again!

star star star star star Oct 2, 2021
Coached By Nora Hamada

Nora was great to work with and helped me get a $10,000 increase in my salary. Walked me through my strengths and what to say and how to say it.

star star star star star Jul 31, 2021
Coached By Nora Hamada

Nora was very helpful, she gave me a lot of excellent advice for me to prepare for my interviews. She was both efficient and nice. Thank you again!

star star star star star Mar 2, 2021
Coached By Nora Hamada

Nora was great! I presented her with the choice that I'm currently facing and she did a great job helping me evaluate the pros and cons of each choice. She not only helped me synthesize my own thoughts, she brought her years of experience in recruiting to our conversation to help shed some light on what was going on behind the scenes with my situation. I have much more clarity now, and feel confident I'm making the right choice. Thanks, Nora!

star star star star star Jan 20, 2021
Coached By Nora Hamada

Nora gave me a very good insight into Hireclub services! In a short time, I was able to give my context and Nora could relate to me and my situation which made it easy for both of us to connect with each other. Nora is awesome!

star star star star star Jan 19, 2021
Coached By Nora Hamada

Great, Nora was super helpful. She gave me great constructive feedback on how to prepare for my interview with a hiring manager. She highlighted my strengths. She gave suggestions on how I can learn more about the company, how to adjust my answers to be a stronger candidate, and to keep a doc running with specific examples of common questions/answers to help me give smoother interview responses.

star star star star star Nov 20, 2020
Coached By Nora Hamada