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Parker Finley

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I'm an experienced consultant and product manager, with a passion for technology, strategy, and consumers. I leverage a cross-industry, cross-functional background to help understand and tailor my coaching to your career ambitions.

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Hello! I’m Parker – I’m a product manager and consultant, with a passion for helping you define and realize your career goals. I’ve worked in over 6 industries, with 12+ companies, and in numerous roles from M&A strategy to consumer technologies. But what I enjoy most is helping you get to the next step in your career – whether that’s a promotion in your current position, a new role that aligns with your passions, an exciting new company, or even building your own business! I’ve worked with numerous clients to help define their vision, evaluate their skillset, and capitalize on their next great career move.

Where do you want to go?

Careers don’t happen in straight lines. They’re constantly evolving, switching directions based upon passions and opportunities. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide on this journey? Let’s talk about how I can help you with..

Career Switching – let’s start by defining your future career goal, evaluate it against your current resume and skills, and formulate a strategy to bridge that gap and land that new job! Promotions and Job Performance – not sure how to make it to the next level? Let’s talk about what it means for you to succeed at your current level and the next.

Finding your next job – every part. From finding the right role, building that perfect resume, prepping for that interview, and negotiating your salary.

Building your brand – it’s more than just a LinkedIn page; your brand follows you with you through your career. Build it intentionally, else it will get built for you!

Career visioning and strategy – what’s next? Where do you want to be in 5 years? How do you start building a resume and skillset now, in order to succeed tomorrow?

How are we going to get there?

Step One – Visioning

Let’s talk through where you want to be. What about your current role do you enjoy? What do you dislike? What does that next step look like – role, team, work/life balance? We will start by defining your ideal career goal, then work backwards to determine what your next step should be!

Step Two – Analyzing

One we know where we want to go, we need to evaluate where we are today! Let’s look at your current career and skills and analyze that against your career goals. In doing so, we uncover what’s holding you back – whether it’s a skillset, experience, industry; we will unlock that next step towards success!

Step Three – Planning

How do we bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be? Let’s get tactical about how to build the brand, skillset, and resume for you to succeed in you career! Everybody’s plan looks different; I’m committed to building the right, action-oriented plan for you.

Step Five – Evaluating

Along this journey together, we will consistently evaluate our approach and modify as needed. Careers aren’t straight lines – they’re journeys that constantly evolve, and so will we.

How have I helped others (like you!)?

I’ve worked closely with clients to change industries, transition to new roles, switch careers, position themselves for promotion, take their next step in higher education, and more! My clients have received offers from Google, Amazon, Deloitte, BCG, Disney, and others! I’m committed to understanding your goals and building a plan around your success. It all starts with a conversation.