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I help tech leaders feel a little saner and less overwhelmed by the modern workplace. I'm a trained Reboot Circles coach, former startup executive and bring 10+ years experience in SaaS marketing, leadership and startups to my work.

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About Me

I'm a former startup executive and have over 10 years experience in marketing, leadership and startups. You can learn more about my coaching style and approach at

Coaching Style

My approach is rooted in three main tenets:

  1. You don't need fixing. You are enough as you are.
  2. There's no such thing as a right answer. There are only more skillful questions.
  3. You already have everything you need to become the person you want to be.


Saraswathi Shanth Kumar

· 11/14/18 · Career Coaching

A review that is long overdue! Robin was very helpful and gave me some really good feedback. She also gave me quite a few actionable points to get me started and shared some good marketing resources.

Brian Castro

· 04/05/18 · Career Coaching

Robin provided me some great and specific advice. Our conversation was very useful even though I booked it on very short notice. Certainly helped me a lot! Thanks!


· 01/15/18 · Resume Review

Robin gave great feedback and guidance.


· 12/03/17 · Mock Interview

Very informative and helped me to make a decision about something I was thinking about for a long time very quickly.


· 11/23/17 · Resume Review

This resume review was just what I needed to understand how I can reinvigorate my resume to better communicate my professional experience and have it be more impactful.


· 11/23/17 · Career Coaching

Robin was fantastic! My career coaching session was super helpful, and she was easily able to make connections between my professional background and personal story. Thank you :)


· 11/14/17 · Resume Review

Fantastic! See Career Coaching review


· 11/14/17 · Career Coaching

Robin was fantastic. I needed a bit of a confidence boost that my skills matched the roles I was looking for and Robin helped me pull out key information from past jobs to highlight to make me more competitive. Thank you so much Robin!


· 10/06/17 · Resume Review

Robin was great. She was friendly, professional and thorough. She gave me some excellent tips.