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With over 20 years of experience in Bay Area tech, Shira has led and contributed to products and services at Google, Yahoo, Autodesk,, and dozens of startups. Her focus areas are service design, UX, UER, Product Management, and Content Strategy.

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One-on-one coaching with Shira Kates is appropriate for individuals who are ready for breakthrough results from coaching and ready to do the work to get those results. Please contact Shira for coaching if you feel personally connected to at least one of these statements:

  • You enjoy working in tech and want to take your career to the next level
  • You want to switch career tracks within tech
  • You’re an individual contributor considering a move into management -- or vice versa
  • You’re seeking a new role in design, product, or engineering
  • You’re struggling to navigate poor leadership, politics, or difficult personalities at work
  • You’re committed to sharing your knowledge and want to explore thought leadership opportunities
  • You identify as an under-represented minority in tech; you're frustrated with tech culture and seeking better opportunities
  • You’re ready to explore entrepreneurship for your own business or startup
  • You’ve built up significant career capital and you’re ready to transition to remote work


Rachel Kroft

· 10/22/19 · Pro Plan

The moment I think I am totally stumped and trapped, somehow Shira reframes the conversation that 'opens a window' into new possibilities and ways of thinking. I actually feel new neural pathways developing.

Natasha Price

· 10/19/19 · Lite Plan

Shira is amazing and I recommend her for any designers & UX people. She tells it like it is, and sometimes the truth is hard but you know she is right.

Rachel Kroft

· 10/02/19 · Pro Plan

Shira was thoughtful, insightful and instead of dreading the journey ahead- she made me excited for the challenges we will tackle together. I got actionable assignments for our next session.

Nicole Fuentes

· 09/29/19 · Basic Plan

Shira is amazing. I have a legal background and I'm not a UX/ UI designer, but I needed some strategy for working in a tech company and I was really impressed with Shira's breadth of experience. She quickly recognized the issues I was facing and helped me talk through ways I could move forward. I'm going to continue working with her; I'll think she'll be a great resource. I would highly recommend Shira to anyone seeking a seasoned coach.