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I am a Career & Leadership Coach with 17+ years of recruiting/hiring experience in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. Certified Coach and HR Consultant, helping clients identify ideal jobs and stand out to employers in the hiring process.

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Hello! I'm a Career & Leadership Coach with 17+ years of Human Resources (HR) and recruiting experience in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. Over my career, I've reviewed thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of people. I leverage my HR/recruiting and professional coaching experience to help you:

  • Identify meaningful career paths, aligned with your strengths and values.
  • Decide whether to stay or leave your current job and create a concrete career plan for whichever you decide.
  • Land interviews through results-oriented, targeted resumes and cover letters.
  • Leverage your network and LinkedIn profile to find your next best career opportunity.
  • Interview with confidence, increasing your likelihood of getting the job you want.
  • Negotiate job offers to get your desired salary and benefits (including workplace flexibility).

My coaching style is collaborative, part inquiry and part advice, and 100% led by your goals and what you want to achieve. Clients who have worked with me say they felt more confident and effective in their job search because of the support and accountability they receive through coaching with me.

I am a certified coach through the Courageous Living Coach Program (CLCC), a senior certified HR professional (SPHR and SHRM-SCP), and I have my MBA from Arizona State University.

I would love the opportunity to support you in navigating your next career transition.



· 10/07/20 · Resume Review

Skye was attentive and extremely focused. I appreciated the detailed and honest feedback on overhauling my resume and I'm excited for my future prospects!


· 08/28/20 · Resume Rewrite

Somehow Skye became both a resume reviewer and cheerleader/therapist in just an hour of working together. Her approach of positivity and authenticity allowed me to really reach deep and better articulate my experiences, expertise and accomplishments on paper and while I haven't put my new resume to the test, I can already tell it will generate more response than in years past. Skye is a great coach and I highly recommend her for anyone needing a refresh both on their resume and their confidence in the job search game!

Lisa Eaton

· 08/26/20 · Subscriber

Skye gave me an assignment last week that helped me get out of my head and gain clarity through action. The exercise helped me clear away the story that is holding me back and helped me refocus on my value/wins . Our call today was incredibly helpful and I believe my goals of a new role are very achievable, even closer, with her guidance and partnership. Skye's optimistic and authentic approach, combined with her expertise, is making the process more enjoyable and believable. She's a pro!

Lisa Eaton

· 08/10/20 · Subscriber

Skye always brings fresh perspective and great insight. Grateful for the call we had. Helped me get back on track with a more defined plan.

Fernando Giraldo

· 08/06/20 · Resume Rewrite

Thank You Skye. You did a great job


· 07/23/20 · Resume Rewrite

Skye asked the right questions to understand my background and the positions I am considering applying to. This ensured that the updated resume contained my greatest result-driven achievements. The final resume was attention grabbing and in a simple and elegant format.

Ali Harris

· 07/02/20 · Resume Rewrite

Excellent communication, fantastic questions, and clear expectation setting. I truly feel I received a greatly upgraded and updated resume with relevant information about my past experiences that will resonate well with employers.


· 06/24/20 · Salary Negotiation

My salary negotiation session with Ketan & Skye was invaluable. They reminded me of my experience, the value that I bring to a company, and encouraged me to settle for no less. The time they took to evaluate my specific situation and give unique feedback really was truly incredible. I'm so thankful I took the leap and booked a session—I'll definitely be reaching out for more advice in the future!

Lynette Gaddi

· 06/23/20 · Subscriber

I have my first non event related interview tomorrow and I'm super nervous. Met with Skye and she walked me through the JD and possible scenarios and I am feeling really good about going into my interview tomorrow. Protect my mindset! Thank you so much Skye


· 06/02/20 · Coaching Intro

I was very pleased with my intro call with Skye about coaching. I was drawn to Skye after watching a video and the 1:1 intro call validated that she offers the expertise and collaborative approach that I seek. Our time exceeded expectations and it helped me make my decision to move forward. I am excited to begin the process. Thank you Skye! Thank you HireClub team and members.

Lynette Gaddi

· 05/07/20 · Coaching Intro

I was nervous mostly because I wasn't sure what to expect but Skye is so easy to talk to, informative and just as eager to help and I am to receive it. I'm excited to continue working with Skye!