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As a Certified Co-Active coach, Svetlana specializes in supporting executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, and those going through major life and career transitions. She has coached leaders at Google, Apple, Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, Netflix and lululemon.

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Svetlana brings a creative co-active philosophy to 1:1 coaching and leadership development — supported by her 10+ years in the corporate world, having worked with companies like Google, Apple,, lululemon, Delivering Happiness and Great Place To Work Institute. As an artist, writer, and former sales executive, Svetlana blends left brain thinking and right brain creativity, inspiring leadership development and confidence in her clients. Her specialty is helping individuals take life’s paradoxes and find balance and fulfillment. She has a track record of helping high performing leaders level up. Svetlana works best with entrepreneurial minded individuals who want to tap deeper into their creativity and shift perspectives by developing positive neural pathways. Whether you’re just starting off on your leadership path or are a seasoned executive, Svetlana will help you tap into your greatest potential and achieve measurable results. Svetlana is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and a graduate of CTI’s ( The Coaches Training Institute) world renowned Leadership Program. Learn more about her work, and see her art and writing at



· 06/28/19 · Pro Plan

It was brief but good. We identified next steps for me to tackle in the coming weeks. And always, it's great to have encouragement.


· 06/18/19 · Pro Plan

My first call with Svetlana was helpful. She helped me prep for a tough conversation I'll be having with my manager about my current role and responsibilities. It was good to be able to talk through my points and I really appreciate Svetlana giving me that extra boost of confidence!


· 05/15/19 · Coaching Intro

Svetlana was positive and focused in understanding my pain points with the job search process. She listened and offered next steps without judgment or evaluation.


· 05/15/19 · Basic Plan

Concise, to the point, and scheduling next steps. Professional!


· 04/11/19 · Executive Plan

Svetlana keenly observed and reflected concisely what I really needed to do in the moment instead of what I thought I did.

Emily Devenny

· 03/25/19 · Coaching Intro

Svetlana immediately made me feel at ease, and was able to quickly establish a foundational understanding of what I'm looking for, even though I hadn't been able to quite articulate it myself.


· 03/13/19 · Executive Plan

My coaching sessions with Svetlana has been unique. I have been working with Svetlana for the last five months and - we mutually work together on a desired outcome. She has helped me explore different actions and shifted my perspective. Our session today uncovered what I have been doing for some time and haven't explored in the last several weeks. In most sessions, she will pose " What will that look like or feel like (subjective or objective)" During our sessions, we often experiment, iterate, and improve. In today's session I was able to work through some roadblocks and Svetlana gave me some tangible real-life advice on what I can do better.

Anita Lee

· 01/23/19 · Mock Interview

Conversations with Svetlana were always energizing and I often came away from them with many actionable tidbits that together made a big difference in my life.


· 01/16/19 · Resume Review

My appointment with Svetlana was very professional and helpful.


· 11/05/18 · Mock Interview

Svetlana will give you the confidence to nail an interview.


· 11/01/18 · Coaching Intro

Great introduction to coaching.


· 10/04/18 · Resume Review

Svetlana was great to talk to and gave insightful feedback. Highly recommend using HireClub's services.

Gert Christen

· 09/05/18 · Resume Rewrite

Svetlana made subtle but key changes to my resume. And it works!

Miltos Stella

· 08/16/18 · Resume Review

Svetlana was very helpful in only a very short time. Insightful points, and she also gave me quite a few directional points to get me started. Will definitely consider using her as a full time coach.


· 05/22/18 · Mock Interview

We did a short mock interview, and she gave me great feedback about my interviewing style. Helped me make a better connection with the interviewer.


· 05/18/18 · Career Coaching

Svetlana gave me needed perspective on my job search, letting me know I was doing well despite challenges.


· 05/06/18 · Career Coaching

I am new to coaching, and Svetlana is fantastic and has a great approach. She really listens to what you want and need out of sessions, and has great strategies to help you overcome any negative voices in your head. I highly recommend her, especially if you are looking for an introspective approach to your career search.


· 04/19/18 · Career Coaching

I had a good conversation with Svetlana. She gave me valuable information.


· 04/17/18 · Mock Interview

I received specific guidance on how I can answer a question I considered tricky, as well as simple pointers for me to remember to show up most powerfully in interviews.


· 03/27/18 · Career Coaching

Svetlana provided guidance on what story I wanna tell in my resume and cover letter, and gave me confidence that my story is not generic and shows I'm a quality candidate.


· 03/22/18 · Career Coaching

I appreciated Svetlana's clear pointers for improving my resume story, and for writing effective CL. She also showed me my main pitfalls to watch out for, perspective on candidates like me, and how I can maintain my confidence in the job search.


· 03/09/18 · Career Coaching

Svetlana helped me feel more confident about my overall strategy for job search, and the value I bring as a candidate.


· 02/17/18 · Salary Negotiation

Thank you so much for your time, Svetlana. I'm feeling much more confident about my upcoming salary negotiation. I look forward to telling you how I get on :)

Victoria Behrens

· 01/19/18 · Career Coaching

I really enjoyed my time with Svetlana! I instantly felt comfortable sharing my story with her, and she really helped frame the obstacles that are facing me in a way that resonated with me. Thanks to the session I have a renewed sense of confidence in my skills, an action plan for how to approach upcoming interviews and a new way of approaching situations that typically make me feel uncomfortable. If you're on the fence about coaching, I highly recommend scheduling at least 30 minutes to see how much of a difference it can make!