Job Search Support Group

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Job Search Support Group

Build your personal brand, perfect your resume, and rock your interviews with the help of your peers and a coach. You don't have to do your job search alone!


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Get Support in Your Job Search

Searching for a job can be a discouraging process. As time goes on, it’s easy to begin to feel depressed and hopeless. At times like these, connectivity with other job seekers can make all the difference between exhaustion and enthusiasm.

  • Learn how to network, how to negotiate, interview tips, how to dress, and other topics that would help you in my job search efforts. This experience will give you confidence to continue networking and job search journey.
  • Get an understanding on how to improve your networking skills, how to highlight your experience on your resume and in interviews, how to generate and pursue job leads, and even how to present yourself as a desirable employee.
  • A job support group brings together people with similar interests, needs, challenges and goals in a group format, and that creates a ‘communal approach’ to the process.
  • Stay accountable on your job search tasks with the help of your peers and your coach.

What's included:

  • Session 1: February 11th, 4pm PST - 60 minutes
  • Session 2: February 18th, 4pm PST - 60 minutes
  • Access to Private Slack Channel

Led by Coach Kim Bielak

Each sesssion will offer a chance to connect with, and learn from other like-minded job seekers and is led by HireClub coach, Kim Bielak.

Kim specializes in helping high-achieving professionals find more joy, purpose and impact in their careers by making changes and taking them to the next level.

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