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One-week intensive program to fast-track your PM job search


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A one-week online bootcamp that equips you with the tools and mindset you need to shift gears in your PM job search.

What You'll Get

  • Access to top HireClub PM Coach and Group Product Manager at 15Five, Katia Suchkova
  • Access to the exclusive HireClub Product Manager Job Search Community
  • Digital copies of Career Mindmap, Discover Strengths exercise with a script and a list of 85 PM questions
  • Proven techniques, practical frameworks, and hands-on exercises to get you ready for PM interviews
  • Three one-hour live group video sessions
    • Session 1: Begin with the End in Mind: Career Mindmap + Strengths Discovery + Targeting
    • Session 2: Get All Your Ducks in the Row: Your Story + Resume + Networking
    • Session 3: Power Up for Your PM Interview: Take-Home Exercises + PM Mindset

Why HireClub PM Job Search Bootcamp

Challenging times call for a different approach. While your overall strategy might not change much when the markets tighten up, thoughtful tweaks to adapt to the new environment will make a huge difference. Think about the Pareto principle here (80/20 rule). We’ll focus on 20% to ensure your efforts deliver the most impact.

The Bootcamp, combined with group coaching, offers a roadmap to achieving your PM job search goal. The course includes engaging course material, hands-on homework, and industry insider’s perspective with much sought-after advice and tools.

In a series of three one-hour live video sessions, we’ll equip you with techniques, frameworks, and confidence you need to stand out and land a PM job. Topics include:

  • Discovering your strength from others’ perspectives and using them to craft a compelling story that speaks to your achievements. You can use the story in every part of your job search
  • Identifying an intersection of your strengths, values, interests, and goals that you can map with industries and companies to create a clear target strategy
  • Learning about frameworks you can apply when answering behavioral and product case study questions
  • Gaining confidence and ability to convey the clarity of your thought in an interview. We’ll also cover tools you can “bring” to an interview to stand out

Course Details

The course spans three sessions over one week (Monday - Thursday - Monday) and is conducted via live video sessions.

Full participation in all three sessions is required.

Space is limited to 15 participants.



  • Session 1: Monday, April 13 at 7:30pm PDT
  • Session 2: Thursday, April 16 at 7:30pm PDT
  • Session 3: Monday, April 20 at 7:30pm PDT

Original Time Slot (FULL)

  • Session 1: Monday, April 13 at 6pm PDT
  • Session 2: Thursday, April 16 at 6pm PDT
  • Session 3: Monday, April 20 at 6pm PDT

Attendance to all three sessions required. No recordings will be available.

Who is this Course for

  • Aspiring Product Managers, regardless of previous experience
  • Experienced Product Managers looking to level up, transition, or find a new opportunity

If you’ve been hitting roadblocks in your job search lately (you are not alone!), or feel like you are missing more context, some focus and hands-on preparation, this Bootcamp is for you.

Course Agenda at a Glance

Session 1: Begin with the End in Mind: Career Mindmap + Targeting + Discover Your Strengths

This is a foundational session where we first zoom out to identify your product career goals. We then zoom in: explore your Career Mindmap and focus on the most impactful elements of it so that you come to the second session with a clear understanding of the industries/companies you want to target. Homework will follow after session.

Session 2: Get All Your Ducks in the Row: Tell Your Story + Networking + Resume

We’ll use the outcomes of your homework to create your “story” and infuse it with the learnings from the previous session. You will use it at every stage of your job search – in particular, when you revisit and polish the resume. We then discuss how to build and sustain relationships to increase your chances of talking to the right person, at the right time. Homework will follow after session.

Session 3: Power Up for Your PM Interview: Take Home Exercises + PM Mindset + Use Cases

We’ll cover in detail how to prepare for your interview so that you have a use case for every behavioral and product-focused question. You’ll learn about a framework you can use when presented with one of these questions and how to think through a take-home exercise as a PM at any level of experience. You’ll walk away with a winning mindset and tangible next steps.

Meet Your Coach: Katia Suchkova

As an entrepreneur and product leader with more than 10 years of experience working at startups and enterprise companies, Katia Suchkova currently leads a distributed PM team as a Group Product Manager at 15Five. She also coaches product managers, designers, and engineers on HireClub and advises students at BUILT BY GIRLS.

In the past, Katia spent several years as a Product Leader at Active.com and ServiceNow, re-imagining enterprise products. Being a yoga teacher and meditation practitioner, she also co-founded e-commerce startup ZenRise as a side project, to design and build a reversible meditation cushion for yoga and mindfulness enthusiasts.

As a career coach at HireClub, Katia uses design thinking techniques when helping emerging leaders in product management to develop clarity of focus, confidence, and a winning mindset necessary to break into the technology sector or level up their career.


"Katia always hits the spot! In this call we talked both about leadership as well as product strategy. Our discussions helped me walk through the issues & challenges I'm having and conceptualize the actions and next steps I can take to resolve and mitigate those issues. I always have an a-ha moment after our call!"

"Katia is absolutely amazing coach! Her professionalism in symbiosis with her outstanding personality make the collaboration not only successful, but also a very pleasant experience. I was completely lost in the very beginning without any idea what direction to take, and Katia has been guiding me with patience and deep understanding. Now I have a very clear knowledge in regards what steps I need to take and what exactly I need to do in order to get the desired job. I know we are still in the beginning, and I am very excited about working with Katia. Thank you very much for all your help and support! Deeply appreciated!"

"My call with Katia today was great! She helped me identify key frameworks to use for an upcoming interview. She gave me the confidence to do some targeted prep and feel sharp for my call. Highly recommend working with her."

"I can't give any higher recommendation to Katia. I'd been coached by a few coaches before and she's by far the best! She has the knack and the balancing act of listening to your concerns and mental road blocks and the clarity to help you propel and move forward. She can act both as your mentor and coach. Katia is very responsive whenever I have questions or need to schedule a call. She always hit the spot on the next steps and things I can do/try. It's not rare that I have an "aha" moment after our conversations. Would really recommend her to anyone feeling they're in a career intersection or wants to grow in their career."

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Olivia Chiong

· 05/23/20

Katia has a wealth of experience to share and it was clear right from the beginning she wanted to help. The frameworks she provided have been immensely helpful in reframing my story and how I approach the job search. Thank you!