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Your coach profile is 100% read by future and current clients. It's up to you to make sure it accurately reflects your coaching experience.

Coach Profile Link

You will be given a unique link for your Coach profile, i.e.

Only approved coaches get a Coach Profile.

Note this is separate from your profile. In other words, you will have two profiles attached with your account – one as a regular user and one as a coach.

Coach Profile Photo

Upload a professional, yet friendly headshot of yours. This is very important that’s it’s good quality. An iPhone in portrait mode works well.


Edit the Bio section as your blurb for potential clients to quickly assess your profile and if you are a great fit for them. Use first person voice. Suggested contents: Your focus area(s) Your coaching style


On Content section you can provide longer and more detailed information about your background, such as: Your work history Your transition as a coach Your coaching experience Your coaching certification, if applicable What makes you unique What you do for fun

Coach Matching

We use a tag based system to match clients to coaches. You can add your tags here

You want to fill these tags out as a coach, IE what do you offer.


After you are approved as a coach, your coach profile is a draft and NOT visible to the public.

Only after HireClub admins review your profile will it be published.

If you no longer want to be visible, please message your admin to un-publish your coach profile

Sample Coach Profiles