Pick One Thing

When looking for a job, make it clear to others what you are good at.


Pick one thing. After years of talking with folks looking for work and hiring managers one iss...

Why People Don’t Negotiate

After over $1.3M in salary negotiations we’ve learned a few things about why people don’t negotia...

Preventing Spam


Hello everyone, I apologize today a rogue user account posted in multiple communities some spam. ...

5 Strategies to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

5 Strategies to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Feel like an imposter? You're not alone. Everyone struggles with Imposter Syndrome at some point.

imposter sydrome

I spent most of my career feeling like an imposter. Everyone around me seemed so confident and...

HireClub Private Profiles

Protect Your Privacy During Your Job Hunt


At HireClub your privacy is super important to us. We never sell or give away your data. When you...

How HireClub Got Started


Back in 2011 I was trying out a couple of ideas and still working on my design agency [kidbombay....

How to Nail Video Interviewing

How to Nail Video Interviewing

10 Mind tricks to make you feel centered and focused

We've all had to do video interviews. Here's some tips I've learned to make them go smoother. Con...

Life is Short

Helping others is everything

Life at times seems so short. We aren’t here for very long. And while we are here, I believe w...

How to Handle Rejection

How to Handle Rejection

Use the word decline instead

Job Search

That dreaded email I’m sorry to inform you that... **throws laptop away** We’ve all gotten ...