Life is Short

Helping others is everything

Life at times seems so short. We aren’t here for very long. And while we are here, I believe w...

Focus on the Journey


Last night I went to pitch night with a bunch of angels. I was the last to go on. Honestly, it...

Work Life Balance

There was lot of chat on Twitter over the holiday break on how many hours you need to work to be ...

2019: Year in Review


#### 2019 has been an incredible year for HireClub <br> <img src="

Salary Negotiation Tips

Salary Negotiation

We've learned a few things after $1 million in salary increases at HireClub. 1. Stop trying to...

Preventing Spam


HireClub, I apologize for the spam posts on the site recently. While we have email verificatio...

The HireClub Vision

My vision for HireClub


HireClub let me share my vision for HireClub’s future. If you need a haircut, you can walk to ...

How Social Media Impacts Imposter Syndrome

How Social Media Impacts Imposter Syndrome

Don't measure your progress using someone else's ruler.

Imposter Syndrome

It’s so easy to look at others and think they have it all figured out. Oh this person has got ...

How to Write a Good Cover Letter in 2019

How to Write a Good Cover Letter in 2019

Cover Letter

#### 1 - Most jobs don't require a traditional cover letter in 2019 Most recruiters we’ve tal...