HireClub is on ProductHunt today!

HireClub is on ProductHunt today!

I started HireClub in 2011 with just 25 of my friends That’s relatively ancient in internet tim...

So You Want to Make Six Figures?

How do you get there?


Ok fantastic. I want you to aim sky high! How do you get there? ### Hard work, knowledge an...

Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

We all have it. How can we change it?

Imposter Syndrome

There’s a lot of difficult things happening right now. The world might seem like it’s falling...

How to Nail Video Interviewing

How to Nail Video Interviewing

10 Mind tricks to make you feel centered and focused

We've all had to do video interviews. Here's some tips I've learned to make them go smoother. Con...

The Programmer's Catch 22

The Programmer's Catch 22

How to beat ridiculous job requirements


HireClub Member Colby Duhon shared a great point. Tech sector: **Wahhhh there’s a shortage of...

HireClub Job Seeker Meetup May 2018


Last night we had our HireClub Job Seeker Meetup. Honestly it was one the best events we've ev...

Today is International Worker’s Day!


People often ask me if HireClub is a recruiting startup but there are hundreds of those. We’ve...

Questions to Ask When Interviewing at Company


When you have an interview whether on the phone or in person, it helps to be prepared. After doin...

How to Write a Great Job Post


### 1 - Please no rock star, ninja, wizard, guru, etc in the title or copy These terms are out...