Backend Engineer

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Jeanne Hiring

Operations ·PlexChat ·

Plexchat is seeking a senior engineer well versed in thinking about distributed and real­time systems. Reporting to the CTO and working directly with the founders and other members of the technical staff, you will be designing and implementing highly specialized architectural systems to power a very different type of chat, where performance, flexibility, and reliability are paramount. Responsibilities

  • Author, debug, test, profile, optimize, and document well­ reasoned, tested, and mature application code in C++ ­
  • Compose well­ reasoned design documents for features that demand rigor ­
  • Provide and receive feedback on designs and code from fellow engineers


  • Fluency in C++ including (and beyond) major features included since the C++14 standard ­
  • Proficiency in at least one language that is somewhat different from C++ (functional, scripting, etc) ­
  • Experience with CMake or equivalent cross platform build system ­
  • Demonstrable grasp of distributed systems fundamentals, databases, and beyond
  • Strong oral and written communication skills


  • Experience programming in memory constrained environments (or writing code where memory usage was important) ­
  • Experience writing high performance code (throughput, latency) and optimizing it (profiling, identifying bottlenecks, etc) ­
  • Experience authoring and debugging multithreaded code (usage of atomic instructions, using mutexes, avoiding mutexes, reasoning about race conditions and deadlocks)
  • Experience with code generation (templating engines, parsers, grammars, compiler toolchains, etc)
  • Experience with embedded scripting languages (Lua, JS, etc)

What We Offer

  • Competitive Salary ­
  • Attractive options packages with an upside ­
  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage ­
  • A flat organization with ownership over what you do ­
  • Transparency. We’ll tell you what is going on.

Full Time
C++ Lua Javascript