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A practice interview with a professional HR manager to help you nail your next interview.


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Nail Your Next Interview!

You only get one shot at an interview! Make sure you are showing your best self with a thorough mock interview conducted by one of our expert career coaches.

How It Works

  • Step 1: Book your session
  • Step 2: Upload your resume, job description, and your specific concerns
  • Step 3: Your Coach will prepare a 20-minute, customized interview based on the job.
  • Step 4: Followed by 10 minutes of personalized feedback

Turn Interviews Into Offers

This isn’t a generic mock interview -- it’s designed around your specific challenges and customized to your desired role. While being supportive, your coach will challenge and push you to break through past barriers and eliminate weak spots.

An Interview is a $100,000 Meeting

For many people, an interview is your chance to make $100k in the next one, two, or three years. Companies often only let you interview with them once a year at most, so now is likely your best shot. Often people buy new clothes for an interview to look their best. Purchasing a mock interview is an investment that has incredible ROI.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to up their interview game will benefit, whether you’re not receiving offers currently or want to be prepared for your next big role down the road.

If you are getting calls for interviews but not getting offers or proceeding to the next step, a mock interview is exactly what can get you over that hump.

Our coaches have experience interviewing for all roles, all industries, and positions — from entry level to executive — and will role play your specific concerns.

When To Book

As soon as you have your real interview scheduled, you should set up a mock interview in order to secure the availability of a coach.

But more importantly, you want to give yourself time to absorb and practice what you learn in your mock interview. Olympic athletes don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for greatness, so you shouldn’t either. The more time you give yourself, the better you’ll be at the real thing.

Ideally schedule at least 2-3 days before your interview but we have done same day mock interviews as well.

How to Prepare for your Mock Interview

To make the most of your 30-minute call, show up rested, dressed, and poised — just as you would for a real interview.

Turn off all distractions like notifications or the internet.

Be in a quiet place where you can hear clearly.

Treat this mock interview just like you would treat a real one, bring your A game!

35 Reviews

Jeri Lim

· 07/07/20

Brandi was incredibly helpful- she shared a number of different suggestions about how I could be more strategic as I was preparing for a 3rd round job interview. I especially appreciated the fact that she was able to share insights that were specifically related to L&D, since I was scheduled to interview with a L&D software company and I’m interested in learning more about that space in general.

Coached by Brandi Johnson


· 06/17/20

Robert gave great advice and I liked his openness to a non-standard session that I felt provided me with more value than a standard interview practice session. Thank you!

Coached by Robert Carroll

Will Smith

· 01/30/20

My mock interview with Robert went super well. It was just 30 minutes, but he provided 4 or 5 very valuable insights about the way I was answering certain questions. I was looking for someone to point out my blind spots, and Robert did just that. I went into my interview the next day much more confident than I would have otherwise. Lastly, I'll point out that Robert squeezed in my mock interview on very short notice: 5pm the evening before my 10am interview call. Thanks Robert.

Coached by Robert Carroll

Sarina King

· 12/17/19

Robert helped prep me for a variety of questions and gave helpful feedback.

Coached by Robert Carroll

Karim K Jinnah

· 11/15/19

Excellent experience. Joyce identified my challenges w interviewing and shared several tips on how I can improve.

Coached by Joyce West


· 10/29/19

I had a fantastic mock interview experience with Dexter! I would strongly recommend PM candidates to schedule a mock session with Dexter before interviewing!

Coached by Dexter Zhuang


· 10/29/19

Lynne is a great coach! I had a one-hour coaching session with her to prepare for the product management interview and found it very helpful. Lynne was full of great advice and made me feel more confident in my skills. Highly recommend!

Coached by Lynne Levy


· 10/22/19

Katia was really helpful with her feedback to make my interview a good one!

Coached by Katia Suchkova

Priya Iyer

· 10/09/19

Brandi was so knowledgeable about the higher education space in which I was interviewing! She asked me very relevant questions, and gave me three takeaway pieces of feedback that allowed me to make small changes with a high impact for my interview. She's amazing and I'd highly recommend working with her.

Coached by Brandi Johnson

swami varadan

· 08/08/19

Andrea was an amazing coach. She gave me great tips when it comes to interviewing. I’m no longer as stressed about the interview process.

Coached by Andrea Misir


· 08/06/19

Dexter gave me the confidence to go into the FB onsite knowing that I've prepared the best I can. His framework for telling stories and the category in which the stories should fit and how they can be flexed depending on the question was intuitive and easy to remember. His support and encouragement was very valuable, especially around non-verbal communication. I got the job :)

Coached by Dexter Zhuang

Edwin Choi

· 08/04/19

Very helpful session! Went over design process type questions and Dexter had some great pointers I can carry over into my next interview.

Coached by Dexter Zhuang


· 05/24/19

Puts lots of effort into helping you craft your strategy and answers for the interview. Very easy to talk to and you can get a lot done even in just 30 minutes. Recommended.

Coached by Melanie Feldman

Paawan Kothari

· 05/16/19

I sent Katie the JD and she played the role of the Hiring Manager during our Mock Interview. She was well prepared and asked really good role-specific questions, a couple of which I had not expected and wasn't prepared for (but now will be for an actual interview). She provided very specific feedback where my responses didn't hit the mark.

Coached by Katherine (Katie) Johnson

Andrew Platt

· 03/13/19

Katia really knows her stuff!

Coached by Katia Suchkova


· 02/19/19

Farah was extremely approachable from the get-go, which helped me feel comfortable discussing my personal insecurities about interviewing. She gave me really great tips that I looked into and she recommended a book that she thought I'd like in general. She also followed up after our call, which was very considerate! Overall, this was an excellent resource. Farah was a great listener, very intuitive and empathetic. I felt very prepared going into the interview.

Coached by Farhaneh Dolatabadi

Anita Lee

· 01/23/19

Conversations with Svetlana were always energizing and I often came away from them with many actionable tidbits that together made a big difference in my life.

Coached by Svetlana Saitsky

Taylor Stokes

· 11/26/18

She is amazing and extremely helpful! I had an interview the same day and she accommodated me and provided great insights. Looking forward to working with her again.

Coached by Farhaneh Dolatabadi


· 11/05/18

Svetlana will give you the confidence to nail an interview.

Coached by Svetlana Saitsky


· 10/11/18

Farah was extremely helpful in prepping me for my Google interview! She had great insight into how to prepare for it!

Coached by Farhaneh Dolatabadi


· 09/27/18

Farah is great. In a short amount of time, she was able to give me some really simple techniques to work on. Interviewing is so hard, so focusing on the techniques and applying them to all the different questions is great. Thanks Farah!

Coached by Farhaneh Dolatabadi

Leslie Martinez

· 09/05/18

I have an interview scheduled with an organization that I'm highly interested in. After preparing for the interview, I decided to invest in a mock interview. I'm so glad I did! Andrea gave me candid feedback that I can use to make some last minute changes and additions before the real interview. It was just what I needed - thanks, Andrea!

Coached by Andrea Misir


· 08/07/18

Within 30 minutes, Farah discussed my background, the culture of the interviewing company, and gave me feedback on Mock interview questions. I was impressed. Her advice was truly salient and has helped me navigate the job search much more.

Coached by Farhaneh Dolatabadi


· 05/22/18

We did a short mock interview, and she gave me great feedback about my interviewing style. Helped me make a better connection with the interviewer.

Coached by Svetlana Saitsky

Sumit Mahawar

· 05/16/18

Mike was really helpful and encouraging. He had direct experience with the company I was applying for and was able to give me really targeted feedback. In addition, he was a pleasure to speak with and I enjoyed our session!

Coached by Mike Manoske

Vaish M Kandhadai

· 05/10/18

Farah was so easy to talk to! She gave me an insight into techniques to improve my answering skills. She was patient, highly-skilled and very personalized when it came to helping me answer some of the tricky questions I usually face in interviews.

Coached by Farhaneh Dolatabadi


· 04/17/18

I received specific guidance on how I can answer a question I considered tricky, as well as simple pointers for me to remember to show up most powerfully in interviews.

Coached by Svetlana Saitsky

Sarah Al-Sheikhly

· 03/17/18

Farah created the perfect roadmap for my interview success! She provided easy-to-use tips to create an energetic interview environment and direct every question back to my resume and why I'm a great fit. It's very difficult to get someone excited to interview prep, but Farah has made the process enjoyable now that I know how to stand out. Thanks so much, Farah!

Coached by Farhaneh Dolatabadi


· 03/08/18

Thanks for the helpful and actionable feedback during the call.

Coached by Andrea Misir


· 02/21/18

Farah was an absolute delight. She gave a lot of insightful feedback during the mock interview session. She pointed out various ways during the interview of what to do and what not to do and was very patient in the process. Definitely recommend!

Coached by Farhaneh Dolatabadi


· 01/26/18

Thank you so much for a great session today!

Coached by Furheen Mohamed


· 12/03/17

Very informative and helped me to make a decision about something I was thinking about for a long time very quickly.

Coached by Ketan Anjaria


· 11/28/17

Helpful in identifying that my current job does not show track record of promotions. Have since recast my profile to emphasize outside activities. I may restart job search and career change after bonus payout in Q1. Thanks!

Coached by Ketan Anjaria

Shanti Christensen

· 11/21/17

Wow! I'm entering the interviewing process and I needed the mock interview I had with Farah. Given her experience recruiting for one of the top companies in the world, her insight was valuable and helpful. Especially because I would also love to work for Google someday, too! It's easy to get in the weeds with preparing the resume and portfolio as a designer. Farah helped me to give attention to other aspects of the job-winning process. Learning to talk about myself and to relate to the company's values during an interview is easier said than done. Grateful for the coaching. Thank you, Farah!

Coached by Farhaneh Dolatabadi


· 09/08/17

Kinh is very knowledgeable of the recruiting industry & interview process. I would book a session with her again if need be. I also would recommend her services to other people.

Coached by Kinh DeMaree