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I spent a decade recruiting, helping hundreds with their job search, and as a marketer for Fortune 500 brands and SMBs. I've built audiences AND teams from the ground up, one of my proudest moments in my career was building + training my own intern team

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I'm Andrea and it is my absolute pleasure to be a coach for HireClub! I am the first NYC-based coach on the platform, and as a born and bred New Yorker, I will ALWAYS keep it real with you! ;)

I love working with: * - current college students * - new grads * - entry level * - mid-level * - career-changers * - job seeker re-entering the market after a while

Why Work With Me? I've been a coach for a little over 4 years now, and I've helped over 100 people: * - boost their confidence * - present the very best version of themselves in-person on paper * - improve their resume and interviewing * - land jobs they love

My Background I have a decade of marketing and advertising experience, having worked on 6 and 7 figure ad campaigns for Fortune 500 brands like: * - Sprint * - Proctor & Gamble * - Unilever

As well as consulting on the digital marketing strategy and execution for SMBs in the industries such as: * - healthcare * - financial services * - e-commerce * - retail * - fashion * - tech

I have also had contract recruiter stints and I've been a hiring manager, having reviewed literally thousands of applications, conducting phone screens and in-person interviews

As your coach, my goals for you are: 1. To help you realize and present the very best version of yourself to not just your interviewer, but to everyone you meet. 2. To get you the job you deserve!

I've been in your shoes. I KNOW it sucks being unemployed and underemployed because I've lived it. I have been let go and laid off 4 times throughout my career. I've went from having a nice salaried job with benefits to getting paid minimum wage. At one point, my unemployment benefits ran out so I dipped into my savings.

Trust me: I GET IT.

Which is why you don't have to go at it alone.

My goal is to get you your livelihood in as short a time as possible.

I look forward to coaching you!


Donna Swetz

· 08/28/19 · Resume Rewrite

My appointment was great, Andrea worked with me until my resume was exactly as I wanted. She did a great job.

Vandana Vaswani

· 08/19/19 · Coaching Intro

Andrea is truly an amazing coach! She completely understood my pain points and identified creative solutions to help me boost my profile. I would definitely recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a coach.

swami varadan

· 08/08/19 · Mock Interview

Andrea was an amazing coach. She gave me great tips when it comes to interviewing. I’m no longer as stressed about the interview process.

swami varadan

· 08/02/19 · Resume Review

Once again Andrea was amazing! I’m excited to hand out my resumes to companies!! I give her 10 out of 5 stars.

swami varadan

· 07/27/19 · Resume Review

Andrea was very very helpful. In just 30 minutes , I feel like my resume looks better. She is very empathetic and an AMAZING coach. I would give her 10 out of 5 stars!!!!

Ashley F. Davis

· 06/18/19 · Pro Plan

Andrea seems upbeat, positive and ready to help. Just what I need!

Denise Gómez

· 05/24/19 · Resume Review

Andrea helped me rewrite my resume and gave me different ideas about how to measure my success. After re-writing my resume, I started receiving more phone calls which led to an offer in about a month. Before scheduling your appointment for a resume review, I suggest checking out Andrea's resume first. It's a great template and gives you ideas about how to keep each bullet point succinct. Make some edits and then have your resume reviewed.


· 02/10/19 · Resume Rewrite

Andrea did an amazing job translating my work experience and reframing my resume that was extremely outdated.

Anoo L

· 02/08/19 · Standard Plan

Andrea is great! Very thorough and able to give me quick pointers for an upcoming interview.


· 02/06/19 · Resume Review

Andrea was very helpful in reviewing my resume and wonderful to work with! She gave me great pointers and thorough feedback on how to make improvements and took the time to answer all of my questions. I would definitely seek this service out again in the future and really appreciate Andrea's help and positive attitude. Thank you!

Clay Robeson

· 02/01/19 · Resume Review

For a 20 minute call, I got a LOT of actionable feedback on my resume. This was fantastic. Thank you so much.


· 01/11/19 · Resume Rewrite

Andrea was wonderful and professional. She took the time to listen and understand my goals and needs and provided very helpful input.

Sunny Porter

· 01/06/19 · Resume Rewrite

Andrea was very positive and gave me some pointers to improve my resume. She was also thorough with every detail and gave reasons why it would be better by doing X, Y and Z.


· 09/06/18 · Resume Review

I was not sure 15 minutes would be sufficient but Andrea managed to answer all of my questions and provide additional insightful feedback in that brief amount of time. I feel like I got good direction to make immediate changes and would definitely consider using the service again if I have further questions or am looking to tailor my resume for a specific job. Thanks Andrea!

Leslie Martinez

· 09/05/18 · Mock Interview

I have an interview scheduled with an organization that I'm highly interested in. After preparing for the interview, I decided to invest in a mock interview. I'm so glad I did! Andrea gave me candid feedback that I can use to make some last minute changes and additions before the real interview. It was just what I needed - thanks, Andrea!

Allison Dawson

· 07/11/18 · Resume Review

Andrea was wonderful! She had really great advice.

Melissa Morales

· 07/06/18 · Resume Review

Andrea was very thoughtful in her feedback and provided actionable advice on my resume. I came away with suggestions on specific formatting and content edits, as well as thoughts on the overall structure and approach. I never felt that Andrea's advice was generic. Thank you!


· 06/21/18 · Resume Rewrite

Andrea was great help in rewriting my resume. She is a word choice pro. For only having an hour to understand all my experiences, she leveraged them very well. I did spend about an hour more adding the finishing touches but overall it was a great experience!


· 03/23/18 · Resume Review

Andrea was thorough and detailed with her review. She took extra time to answer my questions and gave useful suggestions.

Amritha Mani

· 03/15/18 · Career Coaching

Andrea was passionate, driven and super helpful in assisting me to define my goals, reflect on my strengths and map a road ahead in my job search. Looking forward to working with her further! Thank you Andrea!

Preeya Prasad

· 03/10/18 · Resume Rewrite

I don't think there are enough thank you's for what Andrea did for me! She made my resume look stellar! I never thought it could look that good! If you need your resume rewritten Andrea is your girl! THANK YOU!!!!

Deep Ashar

· 03/09/18 · Career Coaching

Andrea helped me organize my story and thoughts by asking me the right questions about my background. I am now equipped with a clear message for hiring managers and recruiters. I highly recommend setting up an appointment with Andrea.


· 03/08/18 · Mock Interview

Thanks for the helpful and actionable feedback during the call.

Preeya Prasad

· 03/04/18 · Career Coaching

BEST COACH EVER! Andrea took me out of my rut and helped me not only get my confidence back but made me realize that I had a ton to offer a new employer. She helped pick me back up and ready to tackle my job search!

Preeya Prasad

· 03/04/18 · Resume Review

Andrea is AWESOME! Could not have asked for a better coach to review my resume! She not only took her time but really went to detail why certain changes needed to be made to get the results I want.

Jennifer Saephan

· 01/30/18 · Resume Review

Andrea was extremely helpful and contributed amazing tips to help me with my resume. Since tailoring my resume, I was able to get more traction to jobs I've applied for.


· 12/12/17 · Career Coaching

Andrea boosted my confidence and helped me figure out how to position myself in a new way, both in resumes and interviews, that makes me feel proud of the work I've done. She asked good questions and did a great job balancing between listening and giving helpful advice. She also was a great sounding board for some of the cruel feedback that I've heard in job interviews so far, and reminded me not to take advice from people who give unhelpful feedback!

Shanti Christensen

· 10/16/17 · Career Coaching

My work here isn't done, but my career coaching sessions with Ketan have been helpful in shifting my perspective, taking a new look at what I've accomplished, and getting a fresh look at new opportunities. Thank you Ketan, for jumpstarting my next chapter.