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We start with an initial 30 minute session to understand your goals. Then we craft a professional resume for you. You get 2 additional rounds of edits after the first draft.



Ed Duffy

10/28/18 · Coached by Syed Owais Ahmad

There's probably no aspect of the career path I get more stressed about than writing the resume. With that in mind, Owais was a great help. Made great suggestions. Helped me to learn a little bit more about myself and the type of leader I am. Patient when my schedule led to me being a bit slower on the response time than I would have liked from time to time. And in the end, delivered a great resume which already seems to have helped get responses from recruiters.


Gert Christen

09/05/18 · Coached by Svetlana Saitsky

Svetlana made subtle but key changes to my resume. And it works!


Ryan Booth

07/03/18 · Coached by Kinh DeMaree

Kinh incredibly knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Big confidence boost in talking with her and glad to get my resume fixed. Thank you Kinh!

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06/21/18 · Coached by Andrea Misir

Andrea was great help in rewriting my resume. She is a word choice pro. For only having an hour to understand all my experiences, she leveraged them very well. I did spend about an hour more adding the finishing touches but overall it was a great experience!


Blake Sorrell

05/17/18 · Coached by Kinh DeMaree

Kinh was awesome. I have a hard time writing about myself and switching career focus made rewriting my resume double hard. She took the raw material I provided and quickly turned around a great resume.


Preeya Prasad

03/10/18 · Coached by Andrea Misir

I don't think there are enough thank you's for what Andrea did for me! She made my resume look stellar! I never thought it could look that good! If you need your resume rewritten Andrea is your girl! THANK YOU!!!!


Sarah Al-Sheikhly

01/24/18 · Coached by Kinh DeMaree

Kinh created a concise, sophisticated resume highlighting all of my most transferrable skills and experiences! I'm so happy with the output and GREATLY appreciate the hustle! My turnaround request was tight and I am thrilled with the results. Thanks, Kinh! I do recommend HC includes a turnaround estimate in the future to avoid confusion when selecting a date/time.

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11/29/17 · Coached by Kinh DeMaree

She was amazing! She did a good job with the resume editing as well as advising me on how to approach these different companies.

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09/26/17 · Coached by Ketan Anjaria

Thank you, Kinh and Ketan for helping me rewrite my resume.

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