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Get your resume personally and professionally crafted to land that interview for your dream job.


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We start with an initial 30-minute session to understand your experiences and goals, then our coach will have a first draft of your professionally crafted resume within a week. You have up to two more rounds of revisions after.

16 Reviews

Donna Swetz

· 08/28/19

My appointment was great, Andrea worked with me until my resume was exactly as I wanted. She did a great job.

Coached by Andrea Misir

Katie Holman O'Neill

· 04/11/19

I had a great experience with Lubna. She responded to my sense of urgency and we made some pretty drastic copy and format changes to my resume with three batches of edits inside a week (which was much appreciated!) We had a really iterative, collaborative process and I feel like my resume retains my voice and is true to my (diverse!) background, but I didn't have to do the hard work of overhauling it. I would absolutely recommend her and plan to use her again!

Coached by Lubna Takruri

Charles Costa

· 04/10/19

Lubna did an amazing job with creating a resume to help me transition from marketing into data analysis/science. Throrough with her work, collaborative, and also very attentive. I highly recommend Lubna, and will keep her at the top of my list for future resume needs.

Coached by Lubna Takruri


· 02/10/19

Andrea did an amazing job translating my work experience and reframing my resume that was extremely outdated.

Coached by Andrea Misir


· 01/11/19

Andrea was wonderful and professional. She took the time to listen and understand my goals and needs and provided very helpful input.

Coached by Andrea Misir

Sunny Porter

· 01/06/19

Andrea was very positive and gave me some pointers to improve my resume. She was also thorough with every detail and gave reasons why it would be better by doing X, Y and Z.

Coached by Andrea Misir

Ed Duffy

· 10/28/18

There's probably no aspect of the career path I get more stressed about than writing the resume. With that in mind, Owais was a great help. Made great suggestions. Helped me to learn a little bit more about myself and the type of leader I am. Patient when my schedule led to me being a bit slower on the response time than I would have liked from time to time. And in the end, delivered a great resume which already seems to have helped get responses from recruiters.

Coached by Syed Owais Ahmad

Gert Christen

· 09/05/18

Svetlana made subtle but key changes to my resume. And it works!

Coached by Svetlana Saitsky

Ryan Booth

· 07/03/18

Kinh incredibly knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Big confidence boost in talking with her and glad to get my resume fixed. Thank you Kinh!

Coached by Kinh DeMaree


· 06/21/18

Andrea was great help in rewriting my resume. She is a word choice pro. For only having an hour to understand all my experiences, she leveraged them very well. I did spend about an hour more adding the finishing touches but overall it was a great experience!

Coached by Andrea Misir

Blake Sorrell

· 05/17/18

Kinh was awesome. I have a hard time writing about myself and switching career focus made rewriting my resume double hard. She took the raw material I provided and quickly turned around a great resume.

Coached by Kinh DeMaree

Preeya Prasad

· 03/10/18

I don't think there are enough thank you's for what Andrea did for me! She made my resume look stellar! I never thought it could look that good! If you need your resume rewritten Andrea is your girl! THANK YOU!!!!

Coached by Andrea Misir

Sarah Al-Sheikhly

· 01/24/18

Kinh created a concise, sophisticated resume highlighting all of my most transferrable skills and experiences! I'm so happy with the output and GREATLY appreciate the hustle! My turnaround request was tight and I am thrilled with the results. Thanks, Kinh! I do recommend HC includes a turnaround estimate in the future to avoid confusion when selecting a date/time.

Coached by Kinh DeMaree


· 11/29/17

She was amazing! She did a good job with the resume editing as well as advising me on how to approach these different companies.

Coached by Kinh DeMaree


· 09/26/17

Thank you, Kinh and Ketan for helping me rewrite my resume.

Coached by Ketan Anjaria