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Irene Nexica

I specialize in supporting BIPOC people, women, LGBTQI folks, immigrants, neurodiverse people and folks with disabilities to find meaningful and equitable work.

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About Irene Nexica

I’ve worked as a university professor, a nonprofit program administrator, and a recruiter at Facebook , among other roles and interests.

I specialize in Product Design portfolio reviews and presentation preparation, having recruited to Product design roles exclusively as part of my history.

What defines me across all that I’ve done is a fierce passion to help others achieve their goals and thrive, even if their identities don’t generally come with social privilege.

Coaching Features:

  • Strength-based approach. We will generally focus together on identifying your intrinsic strengths, especially when challenges arise, and the external supports you have in your community, which can be people or organizations. We will also identify external things that are out of your control that are limiting you and develop strategies to address those from a position of power. I use the strengths approach deliberately because so many people have experience with deficit-based models that focus on what people "lack" based on what's often a very biased baseline.
  • No judgment - I draw from communication techniques including Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to listen with empathy and the goal of understanding where you are without deciding where you "should" be or guiding you towards an outcome. You drive the process: I reflect and clarify what you're defining. I don't see my role as one where I tell you what to do or whether what you did in the past was the wrong thing to do.
  • Understanding of intersectional identities - I understand that for many of us who are not centered socially or in the workforce (we are sometimes called "diverse candidates," a term I don't use), lots of the job search and being at work requires added code switching skills and masking identities. In the US these groups include BIPOC people, disabled people, neurodiverse people, and LGBT+ people, and immigrants. I affirm that the extra burdens are real (i.e.: working twice as hard to get half as far), and will work with that as a given. I also affirm that the ability to navigate so many terrains is an asset!
  • Option for detailed career development/exploration plan - As an educator and project manager, I've built training projects from the ground up. You have the option of several levels of structure in your long-term coaching plan. We can go anywhere from covering issues in each session individually as issues arise to following a custom-made long-term plan I'll create based on your goals.
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Burning Man

Burning Man

star 4.73 · 9 Reviews · 42 Bookings

Irene took the time to listen to my story and to explain how coaching could help me at different stages. In just 20 minutes, she made me feel comfortable and supported, and even gave me some suggestions on where to begin. I look forward to working with her.

star star star star star Sep 15, 2021
Coached By Irene Nexica

I loved Irene's practical advice about job search. I am so glad I spoke to her about my situation.

Irene was communicative, kind, and clear about expectations. She used our time efficiently and was well prepared. Irene helped me feel at ease with the process. I look forward to working with her.

star star star star star Mar 19, 2021
Coached By Irene Nexica

Irene provided great practical tips for improving my resume, not only in terms of formatting but how to craft the content in a way that would make it more appealing to recruiters, and I will definitely be working with her again!.

star star star star star Feb 26, 2021
Coached By Irene Nexica

Irene gave me more insight in 15 min than I had trying to find a new job alone for months! She's personable, made me feel comfortable immediately and inspired me to reframe my thinking in my job hunt.

star star star star star Feb 18, 2021
Coached By Irene Nexica

Irene has an amazing personality that immediately makes you feel at ease with the process. It can be challenging to start but she gives clear guidance of what you can expect and how she can help

star star star star star Feb 1, 2021
Coached By Irene Nexica

Irene was very friendly and informative for our intro coaching session.

star star star star star Dec 1, 2020
Coached By Irene Nexica

Irene was extremely easy to talk to and open up to. I loved the comment she made about dreaming big and then scale back from there to incorporate some of the realities that can't be avoided. I went over my 15 minutes intro time, but didn't feel rushed into ending the conversation. Irene was ready to listen and help.

star star star star Nov 30, 2020
Coached By Irene Nexica

I enjoyed the first call. It was succinct and to the point.

star star star star star Nov 24, 2020
Coached By Irene Nexica