Rule #1

Talk about HireClub

We believe referrals are the best way to get hired. 😀

Rule #2

Help others first

Before you ask, what can you offer? 🎁

Rule #3

Post Jobs you have access to

You should either be the hiring manager or have inside access. Move fast. 🚀

Rule #4

Vouch for your friends

Tag your friends who would be great for jobs. Let the world know how awesome they are. 👍🏽

Rule #5

Be Kind

The internet can be a scary place. HireClub is welcome to all who are kind. 🦄

Rule #6

No Third Party Recruiters

HireClub is meant for direct person to person referrals. If you are recruiting for a client, please post elsewhere.
Internal recruiters (You work at Acme Inc and are hiring for Acme Inc) are always welcome.