Career Advancement for Women in Tech

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Career Advancement for Women in Tech

By popular demand we are proud to introduce the " Career Advancement for Women in Tech" group coaching program. A program designed to empower you and advance your career.

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Career Advancement for Women in Tech*

(*All Underrepresented Identities Who Have Faced Gender Discrimination Are Welcome)

By popular demand we are proud to introduce Career Advancement for Underrepresented Genders in Tech, a group coaching program.

Are you a leader who wants to advance, but you're conflicted because you feel like you have to sacrifice too much to go any further?

Maybe you're tired of micro aggressions like 'mansplaining', 'manterrupting', or don't know what to do when faced with a room of blank stares when you pitch a new idea.

Without role models who represent your unique identity and values, it can be a lonely path.

How do we advance without sacrificing who we are? How do we break the glass ceiling if it’s invisible? In this program we aim to define the “invisible rules” that are preventing you from advancing your ideas and career.

The “invisible rules” stem from a patriarchal culture created during a time when the workforce was even more male-dominated than it is today. If you’re Black, Indigenous, a Person of Color, LGBTQIA2+, or your identity sits on the intersections of any other marginalized group, the path to career advancement can be even more elusive.

This group coaching program is meant to create a space to learn, grow, practice and connect with others who are experiencing the same issues.

This Group is For You If:

  • You are a manager or individual contributer aspiring to leadership and need to influence other leaders
  • You can relate to “imposter syndrome” or not being taken seriously in male-dominated meetings/ interactions
  • You value fairness and authenticity
  • You are conflicted, struggling, or feeling stuck in terms of advancing your career

How We Will Measure Success:

Using an Inclusive Leadership Competency framework developed by Coach Jasleen to rate yourself before and after the program. This framework has 5 competencies, or pillars that are not only critical for advancing your career and ideas, but equally value ‘feminine’ qualities that are underrated in patriarchal structures. This framework also provides context into why implicit bias favors men, the “invisible rules” of career advancement, and how to overcome it and mindfully disrupt the system.

You will participate in exercises to practice skills in the framework that are most meaningful for you


Our Women in Tech Group meets for one hour/ week for a total of 5 sessions. There will be approximately 30 mins of pre-work assigned in between sessions. Meetings are held virtually via Zoom. Cohorts tend to fill up quickly. The group size will be limited to 6 participants to ensure quality, meaningful dialogue.



Meet Your Coach: Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen is an ICF certified coach, Psychology Grad, Mom, and food/ wine/ dog lover (not necessarily in that order). She worked in Corporate HR for over a decade prior to becoming a coach. She is on a mission to help women and underrepresented groups advance their careers without sacrificing their authenticity. Most of her HR career was spent working for a top 3 Fortune 500 company. In a culture that was Engineering-focused, profit was prioritized over people. As she fought to create more fairness in the HR system, she eventually burnt out. After leaving her career in HR to give birth to identical twins, a near-death experience brought her clarity of what was most important. She found Coaching a perfect intersection of her passions, strengths and what is desperately needed in the world. Her style of coaching is holistic, empathetic, evidence-based, and direct.


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