Salary Negotiation

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Get that salary and promotion you deserve. Learn negotiation tactics to maximize your earnings.


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How It Works

First we’ll want to know about your current salary, all the communication you have with the company so far, and what the offer is. After we’ve learned as much as possible about your unique individual situation, we’ll dive in for the call and give you a few options on your tactics.

When to Book

When you have a written or verbal offer or have been asked to share your salary requirements. While negotiations work best when you have an actual offer, you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot by giving numbers too early or the wrong number.

Is My Session Private?

Yes, everything you share with your coach is completely confidential.

What is Your Track Record?

Our median salary increase is $17,500. Highest was $75,000 and lowest was $5,000.

What about Bonus and Equity?

We'll help negotiate on those as well.

Do You Help with New Job or Promotion?

We have had successful negotiations for both. If you are trying to get a promotion, the sooner you start working on this, the better.

If you are trying to get a new job, this is your best to get that bump you want!

Do You Negotiate with the Company Directly or Advise?

We advise you on how best to proceed.

What Industries Have You Helped in?

Industry rarely matters for successful negotiations, it’s all about working with your coach for your individual needs. But we have had successful negotiations in tech, finance, bio, education, design and more.

How Do I Get the Best Offer?

A big factor in negotiation is risk, so we’ll ask you what level of risk you are comfortable with and give you plans based on both low and high risk situations. After your session, we’ll check in to make sure it went well. We’ll even review emails you want to send out about your offer.

23 Reviews

Amy Newman

· 09/24/20

Ketan is amazing! I was really excited to work with him. He helped me change how I view the negotiation and interview process in a way that I know will benefit me throughout my career. He's straightforward and supportive, laying out a path for future success, while making sure I was comfortable with the process. I especially appreciate how he first asked the type of help I needed and how he could best support me through the this stage of my career journey.

Coached by Ketan Anjaria

Alfredo Achecar

· 07/22/20

Ketan was a good listener and gathered background information ahead of our call. His years of experience running his own business made him relate to my situation and understand it from a different angle. Ketan was able to break down my specific situation, work on specific language, role play during the call, and speak about how to frame the conversation in terms of intent. His feedback was specific to the situation, informed and positive. He also offered great career perspective. And most importantly effective :) Well worth it.

Coached by Ketan Anjaria

Stella Harsono-Peralta

· 07/15/20

Ketan was an amazing, invaluable resource that I was lucky enough to be able take advantage of just in the knick of time. Let's just start with the basics - he is extra accommodating, approachable, accessible, and so authentic that you have no concerns he truly has your best interests at heart. Then comes his strength in coaching you for salary negotiations and you're just left in awe! He gives real, direct advice and guides you very closely so you know what steps you have to take to be a strong negotiator. This was seriously one of the best investments I've ever made to work with Ketan to help me with salary negotiations...I am confident it will pay off tenfold and them some!

Coached by Ketan Anjaria

Anya Crane

· 07/15/20

Kelly was knowledgeable and made me feel confident. She gave me insights I needed, and clear action items to prepare. I have decided to continue with her as a coach!

Coached by Kelly Ling


· 06/24/20

My salary negotiation session with Ketan & Skye was invaluable. They reminded me of my experience, the value that I bring to a company, and encouraged me to settle for no less. The time they took to evaluate my specific situation and give unique feedback really was truly incredible. I'm so thankful I took the leap and booked a session—I'll definitely be reaching out for more advice in the future!

Coached by Ketan Anjaria

Vladimir Lazovskiy

· 04/13/20

Very good advice on things I should and shouldn't say.

Coached by Tutti Taygerly


· 02/01/20

Ketan was amazing on our salary negotiation call! He immediately pinpointed issues about my fear of being unemployed and coached me on confidence and wording; so that I’m prepared to get the salary I deserve and not to under-value myself. I’ve been a member of HireClub since their early days and it is a true community that feels like family. Ketan goes over and above , working tirelessly maintain the integrity of HireClub.

Coached by Ketan Anjaria

Nausheen Ali

· 01/23/20

Ketan is one of those rare gems that is super smart, authentic with a mile high EQ. He genuinely cares about you and asks the tough questions that ensure you won't be playing small. Highly recommended.

Coached by Ketan Anjaria

Ciara Melancon

· 12/17/19

Robert was incredibly kind and insightful during our call. He not only addressed my professional anxieties around my career development but also my own personal fears. Robert took the time to review the documentation and research I had already written even after our call which helped me to be confident in the future conversation. I would be happy to work with Robert again in the future or recommend him.

Coached by Robert Carroll


· 12/16/19

Roberts was very thoughtful in helping me craft my salary negotiation messaging. He was also easily available via text to help walk me through specific moments (should I email vs call, does this sound normal, etc.) which was really helpful to have in my pocket. If you have information to share before your call (your resume, profile, JD) he will take the time to review all and make sure you prepare an accurate but strong message for the negotiation.

Coached by Robert Carroll

Siddharth Yadav

· 12/13/19

Excellent Ketan is honest , and wants you to succeed that is the most important thing. His salary negotiation approach is for making it work for you or career advice

Coached by Ketan Anjaria


· 10/29/19

Joyce has been incredibly helpful as I navigate the transition from contractor to permanent position. Working with her on how to communicate with my supervisor regarding my role has been invaluable.

Coached by Joyce West

Duncan Stanley

· 09/14/19

Domenic was incredible to work with. From when I booked my appointment, I sent over the initial offer and he asked a few brief data gathering questions before our call to give him context. Then we had a very dense 30 minute call going over the details of everything, what I can expect, where to push, where not to, and how offers like these are made. After the interview, I updated him with the ongoing status and he gave me some great tips. His approach was very personable and inspiring, it was absolutely worth the money, not just from a results perspective but from a confidence perspective. I have already recommended him to several friends!


· 07/09/19

Ketan asks great questions and gives solid action points. 30 minutes is short but definitely got me started on the right foot towards getting a 15% salary bump!

Coached by Ketan Anjaria


· 06/10/19

Great! She gave me some very helpful tips on wording and flow and I think it helped.

Coached by Katherine (Katie) Johnson


· 05/21/19

I enjoyed my session with Ketan! He helped me break down different scenarios taking my risk tolerance in the negotiation into account. I definitely recommend to anyone evaluating an offer.

Coached by Ketan Anjaria

Eriberto Garcia Contreras

· 04/18/19

I had the pleasure of working with Kinh on some much-needed career advice. Her wisdom and brilliance are off the charts. These were some of the most well-spent 30 minutes in my career.

Coached by Kinh DeMaree


· 04/16/19

This review is looooooong overdue! I had a Salary Negotiation coaching session with Ketan and it was very helpful! He didn't just give me tips/tools for negotiating better, rather he helped me focus on what was truly important beyond compensation in the role/work/lifestyle I wanted. I highly recommend this coaching session with Ketan. Thanks Ketan!!!

Coached by Ketan Anjaria


· 10/16/18

Dave is a great mentor and coach, especially when it comes to salary negotiations. He had great advice and ran through multiple scenarios with me that helped maximize my final offer! I will definitely be reaching back out to Dave for any negotiating tips!

Coached by David Gloss


· 07/25/18

Excellent tips and helped me get a better deal. Definitely worth it.

Coached by Ketan Anjaria


· 05/16/18

Great call with Ketan! He patiently understood my problem, and gave me actionable and practical solutions! Would definitely recommend a session with him.

Coached by Ketan Anjaria


· 03/08/18

Practical tips - customized for you need. Highly recommend Mike.

Coached by Mike Manoske


· 02/17/18

Thank you so much for your time, Svetlana. I'm feeling much more confident about my upcoming salary negotiation. I look forward to telling you how I get on :)

Coached by Svetlana Saitsky