Robert Hislop

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Robert Hislop

I am a certified coach and career development strategist. My career journey spans 20 + years working in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Career Development/Recruiting, Business Analysts/Brand Management roles.


Member of the Certified Coaches Federation - Certified Coach Practitioner

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About Robert Hislop

Who am I and What is my Purpose?

I am an energetic and driven individual who Plans, Organizes and Strategies. I use these attributes to motivate and inspire others to do the things that inspire them. I am a critical thinker with strong analytical skills, and pride myself on being a servant leader who places people before task. It begins and ends with your mindset.


My role as a Coach is to be your Knowledge Worker/Thinking Partner who will work with you to be a catalyst for change. My definition of a Knowledge Worker/Thinking Partner is to develop solutions to challenging situations.

Engage, Connect, Serve & Learn

As a facilitator and enabler of change this may lead to a desired outcome of a current issue/situation or problem that an individual, organizations or community may be experiencing. To create a difference, I will show up and be present in the moment, emphatic and engage in active listening, by speaking or saying less and listening more.

Listen, Acknowledge & Validate

I believe that when I am silent, I will hear the challenges, issues and the pain points that are experienced and expressed.

  1. Where it is appropriate, I will articulate solutions to be contemplated.

  2. Next, we will create a strategy to bridge the gap from where you are now, your current situation versus what belief/assumptions you have about the future the current state plus the gap equals your future state.

  3. Through collaboration with me, you can reduce the gap between the two points by establishing an action plan.

My goal is to have a positive impact advising/Coaching individuals who want to excel in their career, have a fulfilling life and accomplish extraordinary things. Sometimes we need to realign our purpose, motivation, and intentions to be successful. Possibilities are endless.

Professional Athletes are not the only ones who will have a Coach by their side or on their team. People who are successful also have an individual who plays a supporting role as a confidant, who is respecting, cheering, and evangelizing for them to change for the better. A Coach will inspire and empower you to re-imagine your future, maximize your personal and professional performance by motivating and challenging you to excel.

Career Summary

Throughout my professional career I have worked in and have knowledge in the following areas: Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Career Development/Recruiting, Business Analysts and Brand Management roles, working for multinational companies in Canada and the Caribbean.

During my career, I have utilized my skills and knowledge in a variety of roles across diverse industries: Petroleum, Oil and Gas, (FMCPG) Fast Moving Consumer Package Goods, Distribution, Telecommunications/Technology, Human Resources Management Recruiter/Consultant, and Insurance.

I am accomplished at negotiations, prioritizing key projects, building relationships, developing strategic plans, and engaging stakeholders and working collaboratively with individuals.

This is who I am and that is how I add value!

Great For
Entry Level New Grads Career Changers Executives
Helps With
Confidence Work/Life Balance Leadership Salary Negotiation Networking Mock Interviews
HR Sales Marketing

star 5.0 · 12 Reviews · 36 Bookings

My session with Robert was quite informative he help me to identify the areas I need to focus on in order to improve my branding. Thank you Robert, you made it easy to speak with you.

star star star star star Jan 10, 2023
Coached By Robert Hislop

Robert was approachable, knowledgeable and straightforward. I left our meeting with a greater sense of direction and confidence. I would highly recommend him!

star star star star star Dec 3, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

Robert does a great job of helping me focus on concrete steps to achieve my goals. He listens and relates to my challenges in a way to motivates me.

star star star star star Oct 20, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

My introductory 20 minutes was time well spent. I got a feel for how Robert can help me with my professional trajectory and strengthen areas of personal weakness.

star star star star star Jul 26, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

Robert immediately understood what I was going through and was a positive, encouraging coach. I'm really looking forward to working with him in the future!

star star star star star Jun 28, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

Robert asked just the right questions to prepare me for an important round of interviews for re-entering the job market. He quickly focused on where I needed help and built me up with his coaching to bring out aspects of my experience I have forgotten.

star star star star star Jun 1, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

Robert stepped in last minute when the first scheduled coach was unavailable for the booked appointment. He followed up and sent me useful links to articles germane to the conversation of negotiating an offer and best practices for transitioning. Definitely a great cheerleader and confidence booster.

star star star star star Mar 9, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

Great listener and perfect sounding board. Robert and I made an actionable plan for my current and long term career goals. He helped bring some clarity to the chaos in my head and my overthinking. Highly recommend Robert as a coach!

star star star star star Feb 14, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

Amazing coach. In a 30 min call he truly helped me with salary negotiation.

star star star star star Nov 23, 2021
Coached By Robert Hislop

Robert was great at building up my confidence, reaffirming, and refining my negotiation strategy for an offer I received.

star star star star star Oct 19, 2021
Coached By Robert Hislop

Robert was incredibly positive and offered lots of useful tips for my search. I really enjoyed meeting with him, he's very engaging to talk to and he's a kind and interesting person. I believe in myself more after speaking with him and am pumped to send my resume out there. This feeling is a gift, I highly recommend him.

star star star star star Oct 9, 2021
Coached By Robert Hislop

Gave a straight forward overview of what to expect from a coach

star star star star star Oct 4, 2021
Coached By Robert Hislop