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Robert is great and his advice and rewrite were so valuable!

star star star star star Jun 27, 2024
Coached By Robert Hislop

I really appreciated Peaky's candor and industry knowledge on our intro call and found it a very useful and informative session!

star star star star star Mar 29, 2024
Coached By Alex Yuter

Ketan was great!! He was helpful, quick, generous with his time and efficient with our mock interview. He helped me with an upcoming interview that I have coming up and not only did he practice with me well, he gave me valuable tips.

star star star star star Mar 19, 2024
Coached By Ketan Anjaria

Intriguing. Not what I expected but pleasantly surprised. I'm inclined to continue.

star star star star star Feb 8, 2024
Coached By Anubhav Jain

Natasha is a godsend. I can’t express how grateful I am to have her as a coach. She truly listens and hears you. I can be completely honest with her and she’s able to get to the heart of my issues/troubles/concerns/hurdles/fears/whatever you want to call it. She knows how to describe and put her finger on what it is. Every time we’ve met I’ve had a breakthrough. Most importantly, I’m able to take the insights from our sessions and make progress in my professional (and personal) life. I also have a great therapist, and I swear Natasha is a 5-star “career-therapist” that asks the right questions and guides you towards progress. She talked me through negotiating my salary for my first job out of graduate school, and I wouldn’t be earning the max of the stated salary range without her. She’s truly amazing. If you’re a woman struggling with meeting your goals or reaching your potential I highly, highly recommend working with Natasha.

star star star star star Jan 30, 2024
Coached By Natasha Marston

Great energy - I felt very heard, supported and understood by Caitlin and I'm excited to dig in!

star star star star star Nov 7, 2023
Coached By Caitlin Clarke

Aimee was very helpful; she came prepared and offered insightful feedback not just on my resume, but also on interviewing and networking

star star star star star Nov 6, 2023
Coached By Aimee Thompson

Jasleen is a wonderful coach who listens and provides real, actionable feedback

star star star star star Sep 25, 2023
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Excellent resume review! Can't wait to put these changes in place and start applying!

star star star star star Jun 7, 2023
Coached By Anubhav Jain

Jasleen has been excellent at helping me work through some known and lesser known roadblocks and ways in which I can improve confidence in showcasing my skillset

star star star star star May 13, 2023
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Caroline was very professional and helpful, her advice allowed me to identify what was wrong with my resume, and I'm currently updating it thanks to her.

star star star star star May 10, 2023
Coached By Caroline Rende

Irene provided me with great insight and feedback on my resume. Irene's initial guidance allowed me to make my resume a more compelling review of my professional accomplishments.

star star star star star May 4, 2023
Coached By Irene Nexica