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I booked an intro and a mock interview call with Carolyn because I've had trouble getting past the hiring manager during the interview process in the past. She was able to pinpoint some of my issues and provide real-time feedback about the content of my answers as well as the tone of my voice that I found valuable. I would recommend Carolyn if you are looking for honest feedback and tips to start improving your storytelling abilities.

star star star star star Mar 4, 2021
Coached By Carolyn Lowe

Really great! Aman provided specific feedback and advice, just what I was looking for.

star star star star star Mar 3, 2021
Coached By Aman Manik

Great encouraging call with Melissa. She gave me clear advice and was very responsive between this and the last call.

star star star star star Mar 3, 2021
Coached By Melissa Lomax

Ketan was very responsive and helped me craft strong messaging during my negotiation process. I'm thrilled with the outcome and would recommend everyone book a negotiation session with him!

star star star star star Mar 1, 2021
Coached By Ketan Anjaria

Vanessa was great. She's very organized and thorough. In our 15 min intro talk she outlined how she saw herself working with me and outlined where we would start. The reason I am seeking out coaching assistance is to get help in marketing my skills and getting started with the whole job search process. I'm confident Vanessa will be able to help me with this.

star star star star star Feb 27, 2021
Coached By Vanessa Ramirez

I needed some really urgent advice and Phil came to the rescue. His advice was so spot on and helpful. It was exactly what I needed to navigate a tricky work scenario.

star star star star star Feb 26, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Sarah very intuitively knows when to offer advice and when to listen (a skill that's rare these days!). Her approach to coaching and sales is very thoughtful and human on a level that is refreshing and helpful. Really great coach, I highly recommend working with her.

star star star star star Feb 24, 2021
Coached By Sarah Howard

Alison did an amazing job both reworking my resume and with career coaching. She helped craft a resume and a narrative to cover a gap that I had difficulty explaining. Most importantly, after a number of sessions, she gave me the confidence to rework my resume and cover letters on my own during my job search. Not only did I secure a job, but managed to secure a career during one of the most challenging job markets. Alison isn’t just excellent at career coaching with the hard skill sets that most coaches may have, but I believe it is her intuitive nature that helped guide me on the right path. I am truly grateful

star star star star star Feb 24, 2021
Coached By Alison Rakotonirina

Robert was very helpful in getting me prepped for my interviews. He brought up questions that might come up that I have never thought of. He also suggested lighting changes and other key things that I had not thought of. Thanks!

star star star star star Feb 24, 2021
Coached By Robert Carroll

Great Call! We were able to go over everything I wanted and more plus he gave me quite a few action steps to take. As usual Mike opened my eyes to some new ideas.

star star star star star Feb 22, 2021
Coached By Mike Manoske

Great, efficient call where Melissa helped me outline a strategy and prioritize for this week in my job search. She shared a time saving cover letter template and tips for gaining confidence.

star star star star star Feb 19, 2021
Coached By Melissa Lomax

Irene gave me more insight in 15 min than I had trying to find a new job alone for months! She's personable, made me feel comfortable immediately and inspired me to reframe my thinking in my job hunt.

star star star star star Feb 18, 2021
Coached By Irene Nexica