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Julia is a true delight and has been an incredible guide throughout the job search process. She offers thoughtful feedback, provides recommendations for useful outside resources, and is generally a great advocate for her clients. It is a pleasure working with her.

star star star star star Mar 8, 2023
Coached By Julia Silbergeld

Highly recommended

star star star star star Mar 6, 2023
Coached By Phil Dillard


star star star star star Feb 23, 2023
Coached By Aimee Thompson

Lynn was enormously helpful in reimagining my my LinkedIn, resume and interview answers. Her strength was helping me figure out what I really excel at--and how to explain that to the hiring committee. Somewhere along the way in our coaching, I could really sense a shift in my success rate. I was the same person, so the difference was definitely Lynn's coaching. Strongly recommend!

star star star star star Feb 13, 2023
Coached By Lynn Meadors

Anubhav was really great. He walked me through what my near term and long term career goals and helped me to really nail down what they were. He also gave me some clear instructions on achieving them, including navigating the path through my own managers.

star star star star star Jan 27, 2023
Coached By Anubhav Jain

My session with Robert was quite informative he help me to identify the areas I need to focus on in order to improve my branding. Thank you Robert, you made it easy to speak with you.

star star star star star Jan 10, 2023
Coached By Robert Hislop

Jasleen was able to cover quite a bit in our short 20 minute introductory call. I was very impressed by her background and her approach to career coaching, and am looking forward to future sessions with her!

star star star star star Dec 28, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen helped me prepare for an upcoming conversation that I was struggling with, but - more importantly - helped me shift my mindset for how to approach and think about things differently in the future. She is teaching me how to think and act like a more impactful leader!

star star star star star Dec 19, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

I had a great experience with Jasleen! She is a great listener & made me feel seen. We were able to get "real" and got pretty deep within the first 5 minutes. My call with her made me feel like I'd taken a great first step to upleveling my career.

star star star star star Dec 5, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Robert was approachable, knowledgeable and straightforward. I left our meeting with a greater sense of direction and confidence. I would highly recommend him!

star star star star star Dec 3, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

I am thrilled with the Resume Rewrite service provided by Emily. She asked great questions, was attentive, and responsive. My background is a bit varied, but she was able to focus it and I am very happy with the result. Would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a Resume Rewrite (especially for people who are looking to transition to a different field).

star star star star star Dec 1, 2022
Coached By Emily Sale

Dave is helping me with a networking strategy to find my next job. His feedback is thoughtful and specific. He takes the time to role play so that I'm more comfortable going into real-life meetings.

star star star star star Nov 28, 2022
Coached By David Wolovsky