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This was my first session working on my resume with Dave. He had useful insights about how I can improve the overall content of my resume. We brainstormed the wording of the headline. He even got back to me with more suggestions after our session ended! I'm impressed with how much thought Dave is putting into our conversation and am motivated to do my 'homework' and power on to the next session as soon as I can. Thanks for a great first session, Dave!

star star star star star Nov 19, 2022
Coached By David Wolovsky

Thank you Lynn! Lynn really helped me get clear on how to improve my resume. She walked me through each part of the resume giving me practical tips and advice on how to clean up each section.

star star star star star Nov 17, 2022
Coached By Lynn Meadors

It has been one of most insightful session. She is able to broaden one's viewpoint and help in working more strategically towards improvement in the organization. I would definitely recommend Jasleen as a coach.

star star star star star Nov 14, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Vanessa was wonderful to work with on my recent resumer re-write. It can be tough self reflect, but Vanessa had an easy-going yet perceptive style of questioning that led to some "aha" moments for me. She is detailed and swift in responding. I would highly recommend working with Vanessa!

star star star star star Nov 11, 2022
Coached By Vanessa Ramirez

Jasleen is awesome! She is so approachable and easy to talk to - I found myself opening up to her easily during our conversation. She provided me with a 4 step process and framework to create my niche and market myself in a way that was not overwhelming but fun. I am excited for my next steps. Can't wait to connect with Jasleen again!

star star star star star Nov 1, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Emily is an awesome coach. She helped me see the value that I can offer to future employer that I didn't see before. She also showed me new educational resource to help with my career that I didn't know existed. She's flexible with her time, has a heart of gold, very knowledgeable and experienced in career coaching and resume rewrite. I highly recommend her!

star star star star star Oct 28, 2022
Coached By Emily Sale

It was amazing! Julia was gracious and thoughtful in her suggestions about how best to approach changing career directions. I can’t wait to learn from her as I prepare to walk down a new path.

star star star star star Oct 26, 2022
Coached By Julia Silbergeld

Robert does a great job of helping me focus on concrete steps to achieve my goals. He listens and relates to my challenges in a way to motivates me.

star star star star star Oct 20, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

Jasleen's thoughtful framework and her walking me through it with useful insights and questions helped me get clarity on the strengths and focus in my work in a single session! I had been struggling with this for a while and had gone back and forth about this. Having this clarity has helped me feel more clear and confident in both understanding the value I bring to my work and my clients and communicating it more effectively to the people I work with so they can identify how working with me can be useful for them. Thanks so much Jasleen!

star star star star star Oct 19, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen was fantastic in narrowing down a few coaches for me based on my expressed needs. She heard me and also heard behind my words. So grateful for Jasleen’s follow-up recommendations for potential coaches! 20-minutes with her definitely streamlined the process of finding a great coach.

star star star star star Oct 18, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Annamaria was extremely helpful and validating!

star star star star star Oct 11, 2022
Coached By Annamaria Loven

I really enjoyed my chat with Aimee! Even though she was a new coach to me, I felt she really understood me from the get-go and we were able to have a really productive conversation.

star star star star star Oct 10, 2022
Coached By Aimee Thompson