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Robert asked just the right questions to prepare me for an important round of interviews for re-entering the job market. He quickly focused on where I needed help and built me up with his coaching to bring out aspects of my experience I have forgotten.

star star star star star Jun 1, 2022
Coached By Robert Hislop

She is a great support and really listens to you

star star star star star May 25, 2022
Coached By Lynn Meadors

Brien is amazing! I worked with him to create a presentation for an interview and he gave me expert advice throughout the entire process. He is extremely patient, very thoughtful in approach, and incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

star star star star star May 18, 2022
Coached By Brien Buckman

My appointment with Gina was amazing! Gina is inspiring, knowledgeable, and a super nice person to talk with, she has been so helpful!!! Thank you Gina!

star star star star star May 18, 2022
Coached By Gina Studer

I am glad that I chose Katia as a coach. She has been very supportive and understanding. Katia helped me strategically approach my career path in my transition time!

star star star star star May 18, 2022
Coached By Katerina Suchkova

Anubhav's approach is one that had me asking questions about my own skills and abilities. He balanced the concepts of your skills and what you want to portray. He was very good with giving clear and simple, actionable solutions. He helped me with wording my sentences, and helping build key themes within each of my work experiences. I definitely feel more confident about my overall resume, so that's step 1 accomplished.

star star star star May 5, 2022
Coached By Anubhav Jain

Very insightful. Helps guide through the planning process well.

star star star star star May 3, 2022
Coached By Robert Carroll

One short conversation with Irene was enough to make me feel both grounded and inspired in my professional future. I already feel excited about what's to come even though I don't know the exact shape of it!

star star star star star Apr 28, 2022
Coached By Irene Nexica

I just had an appointment with Ketan and it was great, very helpful and straight to the point! It was one of my best decisions to have a coach session. For every graduated person, whoever changes career or feel stuck I should say it's a brilliant idea to work with the career coach. Thank you Ketan for clarification and guidance. Now I see clear picture what to work on!

star star star star star Apr 26, 2022
Coached By Ketan Anjaria

I booked a salary negotiation call specifically because I’m just so bad at it, and like many people, I despise the process. Ketan was great. He helped me craft my argument, gave me perspective, and most importantly, constantly pushed me well out of my comfort zone.

star star star star star Apr 23, 2022
Coached By Ketan Anjaria

Anubhav is such an amazing coach. Before our session I was overwhelmed and anxious about balancing my competing roles as a Founder and parent. Anubhav held a space for me to reflect and challenged the way I was thinking so I could create solutions from a different mindset. He made me realize that I am supporting many people in many ways, however I’m not being supported myself. In a world where we are surrounded by uncertainty and need to have a clear head to perform, I appreciate having a coach who can allow me to tap into my inner world and resources so I can gain the alignment I want to see around me.

star star star star star Apr 16, 2022
Coached By Anubhav Jain

I just had my initial session with Jasleen, and she was very helpful during our call! I am in a very unusual situation right now and looking for a job change due to unpleasant external circumstances. Jasleen was well-prepared for the call, she helped me to get a better idea of how to proceed with job hunting and gave some valuable advice. Moreover, she followed up after the call to offer additional assistance. I would definitely recommend her as a coach.

star star star star star Apr 14, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu