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Julia is an experienced coach, manager, and HR professional. She has spent more than 10+ years working as an HR Director in startups, nonprofits and corporations. She has an MBA from Haas, where she served as a career coach to other MBAs.

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· 02/21/20 · Subscriber

Julia is outstanding at what she does. She is a great listener, to the point, gives very specific advice and tries to make most of the call. She worked around my availability and was very responsive. I will continue to work with her in the coming years.


· 01/26/20 · Subscriber

Julia has been an incredibly helpful resource throughout my job search process. I appreciate how well she listens to the background I share on whatever my question of the day is, and then provides insightful advice that is appropriate for my context, helps me be better prepared, and also boosts my confidence. I'm so glad I found her through HireClub to coach me through this critical decision point in my career!

leying guo

· 09/21/19 · Subscriber

Julia helped me with the salary negotiation and it took away my nervousness and had more confidence in my own ability for a better offer.

leying guo

· 09/03/19 · Subscriber

I had a productive call with Julia and identified on areas that I need to improve upon after the mock interviews.


· 08/07/19 · Subscriber

I received very constructive and useful comments and suggestions from Julia. Now I have a pretty good idea on how my approach to salary negotiations.

leying guo

· 07/26/19 · Subscriber

Julia was precise on the feedback to my resume and cover letter as she made me realize that minor tweaks can actually make big difference in the eyes of hiring managers.


· 06/06/19 · Subscriber

We did a 15 mins on boarding. I felt like we dived straight to the point and started right away with some homework/tasks instead of wandering around with basic chat. She was prepared prior our call, read through my resume and ready to make recommendations

Rekha Angepat

· 02/28/19 · Subscriber

Julia was very helpful. I had specific questions regarding the interview and she was very good at understanding what I was really asking and suggested few answers that I can provide.

Rita Golub

· 02/13/19 · Subscriber

Such a pleasure to speak with. Julia always actively listens to my concerns and offers great insight and new approaches.


· 02/07/19 · Subscriber

Excellent coach! I have worked with Julia a few times now from career exploration and navigation topics to interview prep and understanding what is your right next move and things to consider in the process. Highly recommended and she clearly knows the tech industry, the environments and challenges we face . (So she clearly understands the culture, attitudes and trends that are there).

Rita Golub

· 01/15/19 · Coaching Intro

Great initial conversation. Attentive listener and was able to relate my current situation to her own past experience.