Your Career Coaching Guide

For anyone interested in working with a career coach

What is Career Coaching?

Coaching is about performance improvement. A coach helps you be the best version of yourself. A career coach focuses on performance improvement in your career. Your coach helps you clarify your career vision, create a roadmap for success, and navigate any challenges that come up along the way.

Successful career coaching results in confidence at work and helps you own your professional decisions. You can safely and privately discuss personal issues, but your sessions will always be grounded in your career.

A great career coaching session leaves you feeling empowered and positive.

Career Coaching vs. Mentorship

A mentor is a friend, someone at work, or another personal connection who offers guidance for a specific career path. A mentor has their own experience they pull from to give you advice. A mentor may not be trained to provide coaching.

Career Coaching vs. Life Coaching

A life coach is not a career specialist. They can work with you on a wide range of personal issues but may not have the expertise for specific career related topics. Our coaches often have HR and corporate experience to help you navigate your career growth.

What can my coach help with?

From negotiating your first raise to landing an executive role or growing your own business, your coach can help with anything work related.

Finding a Job

Looking for a job can be stressful and demoralizing. Your coach will help you be strategic so your efforts aren’t wasted. Together, you’ll review your resume, practice interviews, and improve negotiation skills. Your goal will be to land the best job offer for you.

Getting Unstuck

If you’re not seeing the results you want at work, it’s time to get unstuck. Your coach will help you uncover assumptions that are holding you back and come up with an actionable plan to achieve your goals.


You may know your career vision but be held back by imposter syndrome and other limiting beliefs. You don’t have to tackle these issues alone. As your coach helps you gain confidence and become a better leader, you’ll grow at work and in your personal life.


Your career will have many challenges. Your coach is your number one cheerleader. They will listen, empathize and provide a safe space to discuss challenges.


Your coach is a built-in accountability partner. They’ll help you create a plan of action, clear to-do’s, and make sure you’re staying on track.

Changing Careers

If you are wanting to change roles or industries, your coach help you map out a plan.


If you are about to be laid off or have been laid off, you coach can help you navigate this difficult time in the best way possible.

What are your responsibilities during coaching?

Be Open and Honest

Your coach must understand your needs to help you. Share what you want to get out of career coaching. Practicing transparency and integrity in your sessions will go a long way in helping your coach help you. .

Act on Feedback

Feel free to vent to your coach, but be prepared to turn your frustration into action. If you’re ready to adapt, willing to overcome assumptions, and committed to taking steps towards your career goals, the sky is your limit!

Do the Work

An athlete does not win by simply having conversations with their coach. Career coaching is no different. Your results will depend on your effort. Be on time, be present, and put the tools your coach provides into action.

Remember to Reach Out

Schedule calls at least once a week. Your coach can only help you if you reach out. You can also message your coach between calls to send updates and get support.

What are my coach’s responsibilities to me?


Making you feel heard, helping you remove roadblocks, and seeing new opportunities for growth.


Helping you find success and fulfillment in your career.

Being Available

Showing up prepared, on time, and going above and beyond to help you track your progress.

Holding You Accountable

Providing a clear plan of action and the support you need to follow through.

How do I pick a coach?

Each career coach is unique, so think about the coaching styles you’ll thrive with. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make the perfect choice. We encourage you to explore other coaches if your current coach isn’t meeting your needs.

You can get matched to a coach at

Start with a video chat.

Trust your instincts. Most people can tell within the first few minutes if they’ll work well with a coach.

Consider schedules.

Make sure the coach’s availability matches your own.

Ask the coach questions.

Is their style challenging, collaborative, or empathetic?

Ask yourself questions.

During this brief chat, do you feel heard? Do they understand your situation? A great match will be able to meet you where you are.

Switching Coaches

As a HireClub subscriber, you can try up to three coaches at no additional cost. There are never hard feelings or judgments when things don’t work out. Part of the coaching process is finding your best fit.

You can always change your coach at

How do I make the most of my coaching sessions?


Find a quiet space and chunk of time where you can focus and won’t be distracted.

Be on Time

Be ready on time for your video chat.

Set Intentions

Get clear on your one most important issue to focus on. Know your goals and be transparent with your coach.


Take ownership of your time. Come ready with notes on what you want to cover.

Can I give feedback to my coach?

Yes! We absolutely love and value your feedback.

Each coaching session ends with the opportunity for you to review and provide feedback to your coach.

You’re encouraged to tell us exactly how you feel. You won’t hurt our feelings. We want you to feel empowered to state your needs. A successful coaching relationship depends on you being comfortable.

You can see real customer reviews at

Getting Help

You can message at any time to get help!