Annamaria Loven

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Annamaria Loven

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Group Facilitator, and Movement Specialist, Annamaria is a catalyst for intentional change. She believes in people and their potential. Her work with driven professionals, results in lasting impact.


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), ICF-Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Yoga 200

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About Annamaria Loven

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Group Facilitator, and Movement Specialist, Annamaria is a catalyst for intentional change.

She believes in people and their potential.

Her creative structure for driven professionals supports their intentional path forward. Within your coaching dynamic, she will focus on mining inherent strengths, identifying roadblocks to desired success, and narrowing in on your prioritized agenda to create positive outcomes. She is deeply interested in our resilience and what drives us to reclaim our own sense of focused productivity. Consider her a powerful advocate for clients and anyone who is ready to actively take responsibility for their own life and outcomes.

Career-Coaching with Annamaria may look like:

  • Self-Leadership Coaching for Professionals
  • Refined Collaboration & Communication Tools
  • Wellness & Work/Life counter-balance
  • Powerful project management strategies
  • Team Leadership & solid relationships
  • Career Path & Transitions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Empowered Perspectives

Annamaria walks the walk in self-leadership. Her educational journey in a snapshot: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Associate Certified Coach through International Coaching Federation (ICF), Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, and gold-standard certifications in all movement disciplines. Continual learning is a strong part of her value system. As additional mental wellness strategy-building, she participated in the PQ Positive Intelligence program, lululemon Practices of Leadership series, and Integrated Leadership with Lightyear Leadership. She believes that our learning experiences inform and impact who we are becoming. Her professional journey spans the health, wellness, hospitality and sales industries with an emphasis on leadership, people, and performance management.

As a leader and professional, Annamaria witnessed too many individuals de-prioritize their own health and well-being resulting in burnout, physical and emotional depletion, and overall dis-satisfaction with life and work. Understanding human behavior is key and to get there it is essential to address the person, not the title or position. Her belief is that empowered change is available to each of us through awareness, resonant focus, and tapping into our innate resourcefulness.

In her coaching relationships, expect her to apply magnetism, creativity, and certainty to the client agenda. She will engage in bright connections of personal development addressing both the body and the mind. Her support helps clients reclaim their self-agency, and take responsibility for their own choices. Goals become continually refined with a passion for authentic self-leadership, redefined wellness, and prioritization.

What you will get from the coaching dynamic:

  • clear and honest communication
  • treated like a whole person
  • fierce challenging in service of your growth
  • empathetic listening & connection
  • empowered focus on your agenda
  • lighthearted laughs
  • mindful grounding
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Annamaria was extremely helpful and validating!

star star star star star Oct 11, 2022
Coached By Annamaria Loven

A very good intro meet. Annamaria listened to my challenges and concerns around landing a new role. She was great about letting me know what she was understanding, what I am looking to do, and expressed positively about working on these goals with me.

star star star star star Mar 25, 2022
Coached By Annamaria Loven