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I booked a salary negotiation call specifically because I’m just so bad at it, and like many people, I despise the process. Ketan was great. He helped me craft my argument, gave me perspective, and most importantly, constantly pushed me well out of my comfort zone.

star star star star star Apr 23, 2022
Coached By Ketan Anjaria

Anubhav is such an amazing coach. Before our session I was overwhelmed and anxious about balancing my competing roles as a Founder and parent. Anubhav held a space for me to reflect and challenged the way I was thinking so I could create solutions from a different mindset. He made me realize that I am supporting many people in many ways, however I’m not being supported myself. In a world where we are surrounded by uncertainty and need to have a clear head to perform, I appreciate having a coach who can allow me to tap into my inner world and resources so I can gain the alignment I want to see around me.

star star star star star Apr 16, 2022
Coached By Anubhav Jain

I just had my initial session with Jasleen, and she was very helpful during our call! I am in a very unusual situation right now and looking for a job change due to unpleasant external circumstances. Jasleen was well-prepared for the call, she helped me to get a better idea of how to proceed with job hunting and gave some valuable advice. Moreover, she followed up after the call to offer additional assistance. I would definitely recommend her as a coach.

star star star star star Apr 14, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Great feedback!

star star star star star Apr 14, 2022
Coached By

Kelly’s advise on communication skills was very helpful; it allowed me to not only learn about my areas of opportunity in terms of career but also lay the ground to help me build stronger professional relationships.

star star star star star Apr 7, 2022
Coached By Kelly Ling

No words. He is the man. So excited for this partnership. Thank you, Vivek.

star star star star star Apr 1, 2022
Coached By Vivek Bedi

Jasleen was an incredible support and guide during the most challenging time in my career. She was instrumental in helping me reflect, explore, and determine what I needed to do to have a satisfying and meaningful career. No matter how often my situation and needs changed, she was able to be flexible and tailor the session uniquely for me. I went from being burned out and uncertain to securing a leadership role in my profession. There's no question I will continue to work with Jasleen in the years ahead. Anyone who be so lucky to work with her.

star star star star star Mar 30, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Diantha was patient and a great listener. She asked thoughtful follow-up questions that made me feel like she was truly listening. She suggested several ideas during our call, and she immediately followed up. Thank you, Diantha!

star star star star star Mar 26, 2022
Coached By Diantha Boardman

A very good intro meet. Annamaria listened to my challenges and concerns around landing a new role. She was great about letting me know what she was understanding, what I am looking to do, and expressed positively about working on these goals with me.

star star star star star Mar 25, 2022
Coached By Annamaria Loven

Kirsten is incredible. She worked closely with me to ensure that every detail was accurate and put me in the best possible light for a big career change. I’m actually looking I forward to applying to jobs now and feel much more confident than I did before working with her.

star star star star star Mar 24, 2022
Coached By Kirsten Nelson

Anubhav was really helpful and gave great feedback on my resume. I really appreciate the specific tips he provided as well as advice on the job search. Thanks!

star star star star star Mar 17, 2022
Coached By Anubhav Jain

Christine brings a very no nonsense approach to her coaching style which I appreciate as it keeps me on point. Thank you Christine!

star star star star star Mar 16, 2022
Coached By Christine Aloni