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Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen is an ICF Certified Coach, Psychology alum with 15 yrs experience- 10 of those in Corporate HR at a top Fortune 500. Jasleen is on a mission to empower women and underrepresented groups advance their careers without sacrificing authenticity.

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About Jasleen Sidhu

About Jasleen Sidhu

Ready to show up with confidence to advance your career on your terms?

Unlike most Career Coaches, Jasleen doesn’t just focus on resumés and cover letters. What you 'look like' on paper gets you in the door, but it isn't what breaks the glass ceiling. Influencing senior leaders, overcoming imposter syndrome, and job fulfillment are some of the complex issues that need to be explored deeper in a meaningful, impactful way.

Even if you’ve had career success in the past, as you advance, job opportunities inevitably decrease and talented competitors increase. Your ability to influence and market your personal brand is critical. Up to 93% of communication is non-verbal. It's not just what you say, but how you say it. If you're a woman, person of colour, or other underrepresented group, the challenge is even greater.

Jasleen teaches you how to build the essential skills to build trust quickly and authentically through your words and your energy. She uses a strengths-based systems approach.

During Jasleen’s time working in Corporate HR, she led talent discussions around recruitment, IC promotions, and succession planning of leaders. The "behind-the-scenes" politics, HR policies and compensation structures should be the least of your worries. Jasleen understands the “invisible” rules that are practiced behind the scenes and helps her clients leverage this, especially if you are a woman working in a male-dominated environment.

Working with Jasleen means creating awareness at an individual, relational, and organizational level so you can move forward with clarity and aligned action. Whether your sights are within large multinationals or start-ups you will use human psychology to take control of your career- both with immediate ‘wins’ and long-term fulfillment.

Ways Jasleen Can Help You:

Career Path Unclear?

Explore your signature (innate) strengths, skills, qualifications, passions, values, ideal lifestyle, and job market to pinpoint ideal roles.

Navigating the Corporate World

Human behavior, organizational psychology, and leadership are all complex areas. You can take all the courses out there, but each situation is as unique as you are. Jasleen will help you look at issues systemically and co-create tailored plans and strategies to optimize your impact.

Need Help Getting the Job?

  • Customized Mock Interviews
  • Strengths Profile ("cheat-sheet" for interviews)
  • Resumé- Building
  • Targeted Personal Development
  • Strategic Career Mapping
  • Overcoming Mental Blocks (ex. interview anxiety, asking for salary increase/ promotion, marketing your strengths clearly and consiceley)
  • Communication Tips (clearly market your unique value proposition)
  • Navigate Interviewer Bias (address hidden assumptions that attribute to being overlooked).

Heard of the Wage Gap?

Yes, it’s a real thing! But did you know some of the wage gap is attributed to the fact that many people (especially women and underrepresented groups) don’t negotiate salary? This is despite research that suggests women are equally effective as negotiators. Whether you’re an external or internal candidate to an organization, understanding how compensation structures work will give you the tools to negotiate. Working on building your interview confidence and selling your strengths gives you even more leverage.

Work-Life Integration

Most of us work to live, not the other way around. Jasleen’s coaching style is holistic. Whether you’re experiencing burnout, transitioning to a new lifestyle/ caregiver role, or simply want to be more effective, we will address your life goals in a one-off session or as part of a series of sessions.

Why Jasleen is Uniquely Qualified to Help You

Many coaches look at an individual in isolation. Jasleen recognizes that many things are outside of your control, including the attitudes and beliefs of others. Jasleen leads with empathy, acknowledging your reality while also focusing on what you can influence. If you’re not afraid of personal growth to make your career goals inevitable, Jasleen is the coach for you.


  • Honors Degree— Organizational Psychology (Saint Mary’s University)
  • Post Graduate Certificate— Human Resource Management (Saint Mary’s University)
  • 10 years of HR Experience (including roles in Recruitment, Learning & Talent Development)
  • 8 years of Coaching Experience (internal + external)
  • Published Author of Peer Reviewed Psychology Journal Article (Social Justice Research)
  • Erickson Certified Professional Coach (Erickson International)
  • ACC Designation (International Coach Federation)
  • Founder of Dialogue Coaching
  • Former Board Member, Champions Career Centre

How Do We Work Together?

Book a free intro session with Jasleen to assess coaching fit. You can subscribe to a HireClub package or book one-off session, depending on your needs.

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star 5.0 · 13 Reviews · 32 Bookings

I had a free coach match call with Jasleen. From the get-go, she was super approachable, understood where I was coming from and what I was looking for. She is very easy to talk to and I really appreciated the time she took for talking/discussing my background and ideologies with me. Thanks Jasleen!

star star star star star Aug 5, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Wonderful intro session. This was my first time talking to a career coach and Jasleen made me feel comfortable and gave me wonderful feedback and advice. Looking forward to our next meeting.

star star star star star Aug 2, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen is a kind and astute coach with a deep and genuine desire to help the people she coaches. She also has a solid understanding of how human psychology can help or hinder professional development. I highly recommend her!

star star star star star Jun 28, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Good to get ready for my next part of my journey with a supportive coach!

star star star star star Jun 16, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

I just had my initial session with Jasleen, and she was very helpful during our call! I am in a very unusual situation right now and looking for a job change due to unpleasant external circumstances. Jasleen was well-prepared for the call, she helped me to get a better idea of how to proceed with job hunting and gave some valuable advice. Moreover, she followed up after the call to offer additional assistance. I would definitely recommend her as a coach.

star star star star star Apr 14, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen was an incredible support and guide during the most challenging time in my career. She was instrumental in helping me reflect, explore, and determine what I needed to do to have a satisfying and meaningful career. No matter how often my situation and needs changed, she was able to be flexible and tailor the session uniquely for me. I went from being burned out and uncertain to securing a leadership role in my profession. There's no question I will continue to work with Jasleen in the years ahead. Anyone who be so lucky to work with her.

star star star star star Mar 30, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen helped me break down a larger difficult problem into a series of smaller easier ones. It's been so helpful and supportive to have someone who both understands the stress of career stuff as well practical exercises to improve handling the stress.

star star star star star Mar 11, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen is a very empathetic and understanding coach. She is able to work from macro level to micro level and see how all factors are impacting a client's situation - and then utilize that to frame an approach that makes real impacts. Due to her background in HR, Jasleen is able to provide an organizational theory approach that allows her to talk about systemic factors that are impacting client's abilities to be successful. She would be a great resource for minorities, women, people of color, and underrepresented populations because of her ability to deconstruct the factors that have been impacting successes. I love Jasleen's "lean in" mindset and her genuine desire to support and empower women to be successful.

star star star star star Mar 8, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Working with Jasleen is more than just career development. Every session brings a deeper self-awareness that brings more fulfillment overall. I am amazed how even in a short session we uncover a blind spot that helps me get clarity and confidence with all the uncertainty I’ve had in my life lately.

star star star star star Mar 3, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen has a fantastic energy! We had an intro call and to be honest, I was hesitant because I've put gaps in my career to prioritize family. Not only did she make me feel empowered in my past decisions but we also discussed the future steps needed to reignite my career path into something both more fulfilling and purposeful.

star star star star star Mar 2, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen took the time to help me center myself and focus on what's important. Both with calming exercises and a commitment to talking through what's at the heart of the matter. I feel much more better prepared for work and have an action plan to keep me on track.

star star star star star Mar 1, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen really helped me prioritize what I needed to focus in and put in action. I have a clearer idea of what I need to do for success. Looking forward to more sessions with her!

star star star star star Feb 23, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu

Jasleen was very kind and understanding. She made me feel supported and understood what I needed next. I’m looking forward to working with her as my coach!

star star star star star Feb 10, 2022
Coached By Jasleen Sidhu