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I’m a certified coach and former marketing exec at both Fortune 500 companies and startups. Together we’ll create your “unique value proposition” and deliver a story that makes you a captivating and irresistible job prospect who stands out from the crowd.

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Hi, I’m Robert.

Let me ask you one question: Do you flinch in job interviews whenever you’re asked: “So, what can you tell me about yourself?” And then you find yourself reciting your resume like it’s a laundry list.

Don’t get me wrong, resumes are important, but the ability to fluently tell your unique and valuable personal story will get you the job.

I’m a certified coach and former marketing executive at both Fortune 500 companies and startups. Together we’ll create your “unique value proposition” and deliver a story that makes you a captivating and irresistible prospect who stands out from the crowd.

Ways I Can Help You:

Suffering from Career Malaise?: You’re confused about your career choices or trajectory and need an unbiased opinion. I’m a compassionate listener who really takes the time to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and dreams. We’ll look at the strength of the “product” you’re offering and whether your heart is in it 100% (and if not how to make a directional shift). Let’s get you excited about you and your offer—the surest way to get hiring managers lining up to hire you.

Wondering How to Brand and Package Yourself?: You have no idea where to begin in order to achieve your goals, find a new job, or change careers completely. Like it or not, knowing how to “package” yourself makes all the difference when achieving your goals and dream job. Together we’ll implement a personal branding plan aligned with your higher purpose. We’ll look at how your resume and LinkedIn page reflect your brand, while reviewing the behaviors that instill confidence when you truly know your brand, value, and personal story.

Interview Preparation: You’re nervous about an upcoming interview and don’t know how to take charge of the situation. We’ll work together on mock interviews and study the questions that can throw you off your game. Remember: if you’re aligned with your personal brand and know your value proposition, answering interview questions gets a whole lot easier. Your response to questions will come across stronger and more authentic because you’ve taken the time to know who you are and the value you bring.

Negotiating a Better Salary or Offer: You’re up for a promotion or closing in on a new job but you don’t know how to navigate the waters of salary negotiation. Together we’ll develop a plan or review an offer with the goal of maximizing the benefit to you. First, we’ll make sure to do the work required to understand your true existing and future value and why that’s important to the manager and company you’re negotiating with.

Navigating the Corporate World: You’re confused by corporate dynamics and aren’t sure how to get ahead at your company. I’ve spent years working with emerging leaders, leaders in transition, and high potentials to navigate the fast and ever-changing world of corporate politics and culture. By being extremely present to your needs, frustrations, and blind spots, we’ll craft a strategy and navigational map to ensure the realization of your dreams.

Why I’m Uniquely Qualified to Help You

As your coach, I passionately believe that I can make the world a better place by enabling my clients to discover, shape, and deliver their unique value, resulting in financially beneficial lives aligned with true purpose. I’ve been in your shoes before and understand how challenging it can be to find a new job or climb the corporate ladder. I take a deep personal interest in each of my client’s success and have the background and experience to best support them:

  • Serial CMO who has hired hundreds of job seekers throughout my career
  • Graduate of the Coaching Development Program at the Teleos Leadership Institute in Philadelphia
  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • Over 20 years’ experience working at both large tech companies and startups
  • Personally directed the launch of several multi-million-dollar products
  • Client list includes employees at Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Sony, HP, and Habitat for Humanity, among others
  • Guest lecturer at the Haas School of Business, University of California-Berkeley
  • Former multi-year board member of the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) and the Forrester Research Technology Marketing Executive Council

How Do We Work Together?

I follow a simple four step process when working together:

Step 1 - Discovery: I take the time to ask the difficult questions to get a complete picture of your world, challenges, and aspirations. I learn about the areas you really want to work on. I help guide you to a place of clarity so we don’t miss any significant issues that will impact your future and dreams.

Step 2 - Deep Analysis: Based on what I’ve learned in the discovery process, I reflect back your goals and aspirations to ensure we’re aligned. We confirm any blockages, and review the beliefs and attitudes that may be holding you back or slowing you down. We look for holes in your story and start the process of personal branding.

Step 3 – Action Planning: Together we make an action plan based on your goals. We leverage methods for determining your value proposition and personal story. We roll up our sleeves and get down to the gritty work of building your personal and marketable brand. What’s more, based on a relationship of trust and support, I hold you accountable for achieving your action plan.

Step 4 – Learning and Follow Up: Taking action is a learning process. Together we review your progress and make any changes to your plan based on learning and what the market is telling us. I’m with you every step of the way to ensure that you always have resources, support, and a champion in your corner to achieve success.

Am I the Right Coach for You?

Understanding your values, purpose, and personal story is hard work. What’s more, it’s my role as your coach to keep pushing you outside of your comfort zone while you look for a new job, make a career transition, or work to advance yourself at your current company. But remember, you are not alone. I’ll be here as an honest and empathetic supporter who has got your back every step of the way. Working together, you’ll gain the clarity and action plan necessary to successfully achieve your goals and dreams. If that feels right to you, we’d make a great team.

Please feel free to message me through Hire Club if you have any questions.


Rebecca Lapeña

· 10/16/20 · Coaching Intro

Robert offered great advice during our first introduction phone call. I already feel more confident and motivated after speaking with him.


· 09/15/20 · Subscriber

Robert is very empathetic and a great listener.

Rachna Sethi

· 08/01/20 · Resume Review

Robert was great as someone who could scan my resume and give me some pointers on what was good and areas that could be improved. He even did a quick review on my LinkedIn profile while we were in conversation. Highly recommend him!

Jason Shaeffer

· 07/27/20 · Subscriber

Great conversation, down to earth and supportive.


· 06/17/20 · Mock Interview

Robert gave great advice and I liked his openness to a non-standard session that I felt provided me with more value than a standard interview practice session. Thank you!

Ketan Anjaria

· 05/05/20 · Subscriber

Much needed transparency!

Rochael Adranly

· 05/02/20 · Coaching Intro

Great, we covered a lot in a short amount of time; Robert was empathetic as well as direct which is a great combination in a coach!

Mohamed Moolla

· 04/29/20 · Subscriber

Robert had great advice on how to update my resume and LinkedIn. He also helped me prepare questions for an interview and negotiate a salary increase. Having Robert as a coach helped me create goals and strategies for my career path and enabled me to have confidence during the interview process!

Ryan Davis

· 04/28/20 · Subscriber

Was looking for a set of eyes to check through my resume and linkedin. Robert provided great recommendations and also pointed me in the right direction for beginning the application process and building my network. Thanks!

Angela Park

· 04/24/20 · Subscriber

Robert is amazing! He not only has a wealth of experience and is very knowledgable in guiding me through resume updates and LinkedIn strategy to secure the next role, but he is highly compassionate, caring and looks out for the whole person. He is a wonderful coach!

Ketan Anjaria

· 04/23/20 · Subscriber

So very calming and supportive.

Nelson Du

· 04/22/20 · Coaching Intro

Robert is a great resource for those starting their job search or on their search but looking to optimize their resume, LinkedIn, or overall approach to job seeking.


· 04/17/20 · Subscriber

Robert was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable! Always feel enlightened after the call.

Nisa Andrews

· 03/24/20 · Subscriber

Great first call, got some tactical next steps and clarity on my plan. Thanks, Robert!

Ketan Anjaria

· 02/26/20 · Subscriber

Robert has a very calming effect.


· 02/19/20 · Subscriber

Robert is an incredible coach and super helpful! He helped me clarified all my doubts and concerns, giving me good tips in how to reach out people in order to start networking. Also, he gave me very good advices in how to do a salary negotiation. I would be happy to work with him in the future. Thank you so much Robert!


· 02/13/20 · Subscriber

It wasn't a good match.

Mary Kunimune

· 02/04/20 · Coaching Intro

Speaking with Robert really helped me clarify what I was looking for in a coach. He was able to refocus the conversation after I nervously rambled to understand what I am looking for and whether his specific coaching style and skills would be a good match for my needs. It was enlightening!

Will Smith

· 01/30/20 · Mock Interview

My mock interview with Robert went super well. It was just 30 minutes, but he provided 4 or 5 very valuable insights about the way I was answering certain questions. I was looking for someone to point out my blind spots, and Robert did just that. I went into my interview the next day much more confident than I would have otherwise. Lastly, I'll point out that Robert squeezed in my mock interview on very short notice: 5pm the evening before my 10am interview call. Thanks Robert.


· 01/28/20 · Subscriber

Incredibly helpful as always!

Nausheen Ali

· 01/24/20 · Subscriber

I just had my first call with Robert (45 min. call not the regular 15 min. intro call) and it just so happened that it was right before I had two important negotiations. Robert helped me see my value much more clearly than I saw it and he even pointed out places where I was bringing value to the client that I didn't recognize. A few texts from Robert were exactly what I needed to get out of my head and into excited and passionate mode. I'm very excited to continue working with Robert in 2020 to build out my agency.


· 01/11/20 · Resume Review

Robert was super super helpful! In 30 minutes he gave me a really thorough understanding of how to better frame myself and my experience. As I approach rewriting my resume and begging drafting cover letters, I am confident he will have made a meaningful impact.

Sarina King

· 12/17/19 · Mock Interview

Robert helped prep me for a variety of questions and gave helpful feedback.

Ciara Melancon

· 12/17/19 · Salary Negotiation

Robert was incredibly kind and insightful during our call. He not only addressed my professional anxieties around my career development but also my own personal fears. Robert took the time to review the documentation and research I had already written even after our call which helped me to be confident in the future conversation. I would be happy to work with Robert again in the future or recommend him.


· 12/16/19 · Salary Negotiation

Roberts was very thoughtful in helping me craft my salary negotiation messaging. He was also easily available via text to help walk me through specific moments (should I email vs call, does this sound normal, etc.) which was really helpful to have in my pocket. If you have information to share before your call (your resume, profile, JD) he will take the time to review all and make sure you prepare an accurate but strong message for the negotiation.

Brett Kennedy

· 12/11/19 · Subscriber

Robert was a great mentor and coach during our session together. He helped me focus my responses to be concise, confident, and natural to best demonstrate I'd be a good fit for the company I'm interviewing with and that I have the executive acumen they are looking for. I would definitely recommend Robert Carroll of HireClub for his experience, candor, and executive insight. Thank you Robert!

Shadi Aljazzar

· 12/04/19 · Subscriber

Overdelivering call


· 11/24/19 · Subscriber

Great and inspiring


· 11/06/19 · Subscriber

Robert is great at listening and giving actionable, critical feedback during my interview prep. He helped me recognize where are my strength that I can focus on while talking about myself to the Hiring Manager and helped me with rephrasing areas that I have limited experience in.