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A two-week online course that gives you the the tools you need to kick your job search into high gear.


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Coronavirus has turned a lot of things upside down. Unemployment, furloughs, salary/hours reduction.. You've heard them all. But contrary to the popular assumption, not everything is on downward trajectory. Many companies and industries are still hiring, albeit differently.

You might not able to control the virus, but you can take actions in your job search once you understand the different approach and strategy you need to make. If you're laid off or furloughed the Bootcamp will build you up a strong foundation to help speed up your job search. If you were thinking about a job or career change, we'll get you set up and ready to take solid steps now.

What You'll Get

  • Access to veteran Career Coach and HireClub's Director of Coaching, Mike Manoske
  • Access to the exclusive HireClub Job Search Community
  • Prelease digital copy of "Job Search Manifesto" workbook
  • Four one-hour online sessions:
    • Session 1: Targeting + Branding
    • Session 2: Networking + LinkedIn
    • Session 3: LinkedIn (cont.) + Resume
    • Session 4: Application Tactics + Interviewing

Why HireClub Job Search Bootcamp

Your dream job should be filled with magic, but your job search shouldn’t be filled with mystery. You know a fulfilling career is waiting for you, and you’re either unsure of the steps to take or you’ve tried different tactics with no results.

That ends here.

HireClub's Job Search Bootcamp is a comprehensive roadmap to a fulfilling career, complete with engaging course material and access to an exclusive career coach. Based on a program developed at Wharton Executive MBA Program in San Francisco by Mike Manoske, HireClub’s Director of Coaching, and Steve Hernandez, Wharton’s Director of Career Advancement, the bootcamp offers an industry insider’s perspective with much sought-after advice and tools. In a series of four one-hour live video sessions, we’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to know to land that perfect gig, including:

  • Creating a compelling brand statement that you can use in every part of your job search
  • Building meaningful business relationships instead of just empty networking
  • Write LinkedIn profiles and resumes that stand out in the crowd
  • Feel empowered during interviews by taking on a collaborative or consultative role
  • Learn negotiating techniques that yield results while building rapport

Course Details

Course spans four sessions (two weeks) and is conducted via live video sessions.

Full participation in all four sessions is required.

Space is limited to eight participants.


  • Session 1: Tuesday, Sept 8th
  • Session 2: Thursday, Sept 10th
  • Session 3: Tuesday, Sept 15th
  • Session 4: Thursday, Sept 17th

Time: 6pm PT

Who is this Course for

This Bootcamp is suitable for all those looking to level up their career – regardless of level, roles, and industries.

Industries have included tech, healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical, finance, legal, real estate, manufacturing, and business consulting.

Roles have been in engineering, product management, program management, finance and accounting, sales and business development, marketing, operations, and customer success.

Course Agenda at a Glance


Your dream job may not even be in your current industry. We help you identify new potential industries and roles based on your current interests and passions, and create a powerful brand statement that interviewers and scouts will remember. Your brand statement is the core of your job search and will be used throughout your job search (LinkedIn, resume, interviews, and networking).


Meaningful relationships lead to real opportunities far more than superficial networking. We’ll give you the tools you need to create, grow, and maintain a relationship-building model for your current job search, including a strong reach-out message that you can confidently share.


LinkedIn is a great resource to make connections, but it’s also a sea of anonymous faces and profiles. How do you stand out? We’ll help you highlight your accomplishments and experiences on LinkedIn so that you get noticed, and help you turn your resume into an impactful account of your most significant accomplishments and attributes.


Interviews don’t have to be stressful experiences where you’re reciting a list of accomplishments. They can be rich conversations, either formal or informal, where you’re sharing your story strongly and effectively. We’ll prepare you to take control of these opportunities, as well as share best practices on how to develop and manage “multiple tracks” of job applications.

Meet Your Coach: Mike Manoske

HireClub's Director of Coaching, Mike Manoske, is a certified Professional Coach, who trained at the Hudson Institute of Coaching. For two decades, he has been a Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Leader in Silicon Valley, hiring more than 1,000 people in engineering, sales, and marketing, finance, and operations. Mike is committed to making people comfortable with navigating career changes and helping them develop a results-focused skill set around their job search. He is passionate about giving people the tools they need to feel confident as they explore new opportunities.

Mike also coaches and co-leads several Career Success programs at the Wharton Executive MBA Program in San Francisco. With Steve Hernandez, Wharton’s Career Advancement Director, they have developed an innovative program called the "Job Search Action Group." They are in the final stages of publishing a book on best practices in a job search, and that content is available in HireClub’s Job Search Bootcamp.


“Beyond his structured process of walking through how to sell myself to prospective employers, Mike's experience provided perspective to see the positive end result during the grind of the job search.”

-- Jim R

“Mike is by far one of the best career coaches I have had the pleasure to work with. His frameworks on branding, interviews and offer negotiations are priceless.”

-- Candice

“I had the privilege of working with Mike as part of Wharton's career coaching program. Mike has a structured approach towards identifying and prioritizing career interests as well as developing core skills to enhance opportunities and realize career objectives.”

-- Vamshi


For questions please email help@hireclub.com

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Victor Ibarra

· 03/04/20

I started looking for my next career adventure and I realized I needed coaching. I was a bit nervous to start because I felt unprepared to search for the right opportunity and that I felt I was lacking some 2020 job kills. I decided to let go of my fears and signed up for the Job Search Bootcamp. Coach Mike Manoske's led our bootcamp class. Coach Mike made me feel welcomed and helped me battle through my fears. The content of the class was what I was hoping for to get me started on my quest. I look forward to partnering up with HireClub to help me prepare for my job search adventure.

Lisa Ormerod

· 02/08/20

Overall I had a good experience. I learned some new ways to talk about my experience. Got some good feedback from other bootcampers, and enjoyed the sessions. I have some suggestions for your consideration. Since there were three simultaneous bootcamp sessions I hoped to see more interaction on the community and discussion forum. I wanted to see what others, not in my group, were doing for their brand statements and linkedIn profile. Maybe I should have been the first to put mine out there, but the discussion forum seemed to be used for notices about the sessions only. I'm glad we can continue to share in the google drive, and I understand the need for people to feel comfortable with the group. I hope people still continue to share comments etc. I have one idea for the interviews session, have a session on HireView, or similar type video sessions. The company I work for currently uses it and I have seen some good ones and some terrible ones, and although I haven't done one myself yet, I imagine these are more common than not. My least valued session was the one around networking. I was more focused on developing my brand statement, resume and interview skills than networking which is always a challenge. People are always requesting connections on the Facebook forum, why not expand it to a standalone session? The community here is so strong with many different professions represented, it may be another way of networking while learning to network? Just thought. :) I definitely will recommend this to someone who is starting or in the midst of their search. I left the sessions feeling more focused on what I need to do to present myself in words, and in person. Thank you!


· 02/06/20

Motivating and encouraging with a great group of people. Helped to have the support of the group and our coach was top notch. Highly recommend!