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When I first came to Alison for coaching, I was lacking any real results in my job search. In a couple of short months Alison coached me through clarifying my career goals, diving deeper into my past experience, vastly improving my resume, and learning to sell myself better in the interview. The results speak for themselves. I am happy to say that I began receiving a lot more interest from employers from application to interview. I have accepted a very generous offer as a result of Alison's guidance.

star star star star star Apr 22, 2021
Coached By Alison Rakotonirina

I am so glad I spoke with Peaky! He gave me really good advice and tips on areas where I was struggling and also reassured me on areas I thought I was struggling in but doing really well. Highly recommend if you want fresh eyes on how you present yourself!

star star star star star Apr 22, 2021
Coached By Alex Yuter

I had an excellent session with Ms. Nelson. She provided immediate great advice on how I should go about my job search, on resume and connecting with people. And I am going to move in this director. Sincerely thank you Ms. Nelson.

star star star star star Apr 19, 2021
Coached By Kirsten Nelson

Andrea was very personable and well spoken. I was stuck on what to write on my resume for over a month and Andrea gracefully helped me articulate what I wished to convey on my resume effortlessly!

star star star star star Apr 17, 2021
Coached By Andrea Misir

Brien gave me great feedback on how I've been underselling myself in my resume and not highlighting items I should be proud of. We now have an action plan to rework my resume and I'm also going to revise my LinkedIn to be a marketing tool rather than a mishmash of my resume. Very excited to finally have a plan and cannot wait to have a final product so I can start applying for job roles.

star star star star star Apr 16, 2021
Coached By Brien Buckman

Great check-in with Mike. Provided me with further motivation and a specific opportunity to explore. Always an uplifting discussion. Thanks, Mike.

star star star star star Apr 16, 2021
Coached By Mike Manoske

Gina was engaging and great to connect with. She was friendly and shared her process of working together. I recommend Gina to work with!

star star star star star Apr 16, 2021
Coached By Gina Studer

In our very first official meeting and on short notice, Kim helped me process my thoughts on a potential promotion, and she is already helping me think about my career—and myself!—in a new way. I am looking forward to future sessions!

star star star star star Apr 14, 2021
Coached By Kim Bielak

She was listening and process and provided great, immediate feedback and a great next steps plan.

star star star star star Apr 13, 2021
Coached By Katerina Suchkova

Excellent. Good listener and he really planned a path forward based on my needs. Look forward to working with Shawn.

star star star star star Apr 10, 2021
Coached By Shawn Xu

I found the call productive and Julia was clear in her feedback and direction on next steps.

star star star star Apr 9, 2021
Coached By Julia Silbergeld

Phil helped me get extra 10K! He helped me see different configurations of compensation/benefits and most importantly he gave me the communication tools I desperately needed in order to feel comfortable and prepared to have a very uncomfortable conversation. TBH, it isn’t the compensation increase that I find valuable ... but instead acquiring the confidence to advocate for myself.

star star star star star Apr 7, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard