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Lean Startup Coach, Lean Launchpad Mentor

I'm a former corporate executive, Lean Innovation trainer, and startup founder & executive. As a coach, I help people recognize strengths, identify life and career priorities, listen to emotions, then build strategies to achieve their goals.

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How I Can Help You

I have had extensive experience in my career that can be valuable to you. Where I really shine in helping the people I work with include:

  • Getting clear on your purpose and definition of success
  • Clarifying your vision
  • Defining your your strategy
  • Building an execution plan
  • Holding you accountable to your own goals
  • Encouraging you to give yourself permission to change your goals as you learn and grow
  • Building your network
  • Navigating your career transition
  • Navigating organizational bureaucracy
  • Deciding where to focus when starting a company
  • Building a team, raising capital
  • Managing ongoing leadership and management challenges
  • Staying true to yourself while you pursue success

What Will Working Together Be Like

I like to keep it simple, clear, focused and direct. We have a number of methodologies and assessments we use to help us out. I've found it works best to customize the approach to person I'm working with. I'll get to know you quickly so we can get straight to the point, make the most of our time together, and drive towards results.

What Have I Done That's Relevant To You

Wherever you are right now, I probably have been there already or worked with people who have been there. I base recommendations on facts where I can, and am clear about the assumptions I make so we can use quantitative and qualitative information appropriately. I've interviewed, hired, coached and mentored hundreds of people of all ages in the following roles:

  • Corporate Strategy Consultant (internal and external)
  • Leader of Corporate Employee Resource Group
  • Manufacturing P&L Manager
  • Startup Founder & Executive
  • Startup, Incubator & Accelerator Coach, Advisor, Investor & Mentor
  • Lean Innovation Educator, Coach & Mentor
  • MBA Professor; Mentor to Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Nonprofit Board Member
  • Naval Officer

Who Am I

I define myself not by what I do, but how I manifest in the world. Those descriptions include:

  • Leader & Manager
  • Innovator, Negotiator & Strategist
  • Speaker, Educator & Learner
  • Networker, LinkedIn Expert & Community Builder
  • Environmentalist, Capitalist, Social Entrepreneur
  • Citizen & Veteran
  • Brother, Son, Uncle
  • Friend & Confidant

I sincerely hope to be able to help you the way I've helped others and they have helped me.



· 05/08/20 · Subscriber

I had a great talk today! Thank you for your continual support!!

Chasles Abimana

· 03/16/20 · Coaching Intro

Phil is very insightful! Answered all questions and helped me to see things from a more strategic perspective!


· 03/11/20 · Subscriber

It was a good appointment. He is supportive and I think understands what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm looking forward to more tactical working sessions moving forwards.