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Phil Dillard

I'm a former corporate executive, Lean Innovation trainer, and startup founder & executive. As a coach, I help people recognize strengths, identify life and career priorities, listen to emotions, then build strategies to achieve their goals.


Lean Startup Coach, Lean Launchpad Mentor

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About Phil Dillard

How I Can Help You

I have had extensive experience in my career that can be valuable to you. Where I really shine in helping the people I work with include:

  • Getting clear on your purpose and definition of success
  • Clarifying your vision
  • Defining your your strategy
  • Building an execution plan
  • Holding you accountable to your own goals
  • Encouraging you to give yourself permission to change your goals as you learn and grow
  • Building your network
  • Navigating your career transition
  • Navigating organizational bureaucracy
  • Deciding where to focus when starting a company
  • Building a team, raising capital
  • Managing ongoing leadership and management challenges
  • Staying true to yourself while you pursue success

What Will Working Together Be Like

I like to keep it simple, clear, focused and direct. We have a number of methodologies and assessments we use to help us out. I've found it works best to customize the approach to person I'm working with. I'll get to know you quickly so we can get straight to the point, make the most of our time together, and drive towards results.

What Have I Done That's Relevant To You

Wherever you are right now, I probably have been there already or worked with people who have been there. I base recommendations on facts where I can, and am clear about the assumptions I make so we can use quantitative and qualitative information appropriately. I've interviewed, hired, coached and mentored hundreds of people of all ages in the following roles:

  • Corporate Strategy Consultant (internal and external)
  • Leader of Corporate Employee Resource Group
  • Manufacturing P&L Manager
  • Startup Founder & Executive
  • Startup, Incubator & Accelerator Coach, Advisor, Investor & Mentor
  • Lean Innovation Educator, Coach & Mentor
  • MBA Professor; Mentor to Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Nonprofit Board Member
  • Naval Officer

Who Am I

I define myself not by what I do, but how I manifest in the world. Those descriptions include:

  • Leader & Manager
  • Innovator, Negotiator & Strategist
  • Speaker, Educator & Learner
  • Networker, LinkedIn Expert & Community Builder
  • Environmentalist, Capitalist, Social Entrepreneur
  • Citizen & Veteran
  • Brother, Son, Uncle
  • Friend & Confidant

I sincerely hope to be able to help you the way I've helped others and they have helped me.

Great For
Founders Immigrants Managers Career Changers Executives Veterans POC Creatives Product Management New Grads Entry Level Developers
Helps With
Leadership Salary Negotiation Business Growth Mock Interviews Networking Confidence Work/Life Balance Resumes Return to Work Relocation
Real Estate Small Business Venture Capital Tech Automotive Finance Food Startups Health Care Enterprise Social Impact Consumer Marketing SaaS Sales Social Media Education Advertising Entertainment Ecommerce Legal Design Government HR Non-Profits

star 4.87 · 22 Reviews · 88 Bookings

Highly recommended

star star star star star Mar 6, 2023
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil was great. I had the intro call just to get an idea of what type of coaching I needed for what I call a cross road situation. In that call he stated some options that I didn't think about which opens up new ideas of what path I would like to proceed towards.

star star star star star Aug 15, 2022
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil walked me through the changes, explained higher-level strategy for the bullets in a resume, and delivered a great product

star star star star star Mar 7, 2022
Coached By Phil Dillard

Time well spent, Phil has great intuition and made valuable contributions to my resume

star star star star star Feb 9, 2022
Coached By Phil Dillard

Thank you Phil! Once again, very helpful advice. I appreciate the clear suggestions, timelines, and information on what has been effective in others working through an industry transition. I also appreciate the deep dive brainstorm into how to address a challenging ethical situation involving corporate leadership. You have an exceptional ability to keep advice focused on the big picture.

star star star star star Nov 13, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil went above and beyond. He helped me determine whom to ask for more detailed advice, dug online and spoke with his own contacts on my behalf, traded messages with me long after the call was over, and helped me compose a thoughtful, diplomatic counter-offer email. Thanks to Phil's efforts, I was able to secure an additional $10k in annual compensation. I'd give 6 stars out of 5 if I could.

star star star star star Aug 18, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil gave me exactly what I needed: a critical perspective on how to use the negotiating process to my advantage; a challenge to act boldly with my position of strength; and a reminder of my value, especially in the broader hiring context. Looking forward to doing my homework, putting his advice to good use, and moving up with greater purpose. Thank you Phil!

star star star star star Jul 16, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil was excellent. He gave me expert advice and gave me tips to leverage my experience in a way I hadn't thought of before.

star star star star star Jun 21, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil was extremely friendly and did his research in my situation prior to our call. He then took the time to ask me questions so he could develop an idea of who I would be negotiating with and other factors involved. He was very good at assessing my situation (it was a bit of a shock how well he knew after asking a few questions). I’m still in negotiation but I feel very confident that I can maximize my value with Phil’s help. Thanks Phil!

star star star star star May 28, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Friendly and informational!

star star star star star Apr 28, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil helped me get extra 10K! He helped me see different configurations of compensation/benefits and most importantly he gave me the communication tools I desperately needed in order to feel comfortable and prepared to have a very uncomfortable conversation. TBH, it isn’t the compensation increase that I find valuable ... but instead acquiring the confidence to advocate for myself.

star star star star star Apr 7, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil is phenomenal. He asked for information ahead of time so that we could really get the most out of our minutes together. During our first chat, he was incredibly attentive and informative and seemed to truly care to understand where I was with my goals and where I want to go.

star star star star star Mar 17, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

As always, Phil was positive, supportive and had a lot of great ideas and thoughts about next steps in the journey I'm taking.

star star star star star Mar 9, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil was amazing and understanding. He has a lot of great feedback and I am looking forward to working with him!

star star star star star Mar 1, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

I needed some really urgent advice and Phil came to the rescue. His advice was so spot on and helpful. It was exactly what I needed to navigate a tricky work scenario.

star star star star star Feb 26, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil was outstanding in helping me rewrite my resume. He taught me how to present my contributions in a story format that clearly communicates the value I've brought to companies. He gave my resume a fresh and modern look which showcases my strengths. Not only did he represent my efforts on paper, but he also provided interviewing tips and additional best practices that will assist in my career development. Thank you very much for helping me refine my resume! I really appreciate all the work you put into it and the learnings shared. :)

star star star star star Feb 17, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

The appointment went very well and am happy with how Phil helped me strategize to figure out the best methods to negotiate the compensation package offered to me. He was very friendly and well versed in the industry which I work in (Solar) which further strengthened the advice he gave me. He even took extra time with me to ensure all questions/comments/concerns were addressed.

star star star star star Feb 4, 2021
Coached By Phil Dillard

I really enjoyed this conversation with Phil. He quickly understand the situation I am in and already had ideas on how we could work together. I was super impressed and look forward to continuing our relationship.

star star star star star Oct 14, 2020
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil is supportive and provides good feedback and information. The time always goes quickly but I’m happy to be making progress on my resume and the process I use to search for potential opportunities

star star star star star Oct 5, 2020
Coached By Phil Dillard

I had a great talk today! Thank you for your continual support!!

star star star star star May 8, 2020
Coached By Phil Dillard

Phil is very insightful! Answered all questions and helped me to see things from a more strategic perspective!

star star star star star Mar 16, 2020
Coached By Phil Dillard

It was a good appointment. He is supportive and I think understands what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm looking forward to more tactical working sessions moving forwards.

star star star star Mar 11, 2020
Coached By Phil Dillard