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Lynn Meadors

Lynn Meadors is a coach and resume writer who specializes in helping clients identify their transferable skills and then leverage those elements to make meaningful career impacts.

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About Lynn Meadors

Hi, I'm Lynn.

If you've found your way to HireClub, it's because you are likely looking for a skilled accountability partner and supporter in your career journey.

That's where I come in.

I have 5+ years of resume writing experience and 10 years of experience providing 1:1 coaching.

By leveraging my expertise in crafting language that creates and supports compelling career changes and coupling that with your subject-matter expertise of yourself, we will be the perfect match!

How I Can Help:

1) Answering the question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?": It's normal and natural to go through career changes. In fact, the average person will change jobs 12 times in their lifetime. By working together to identify the "must haves" and "don'ts" for your career, I'll help you to make intentional and methodical career changes.

2) Drafting a resume that is as amazing as you are: We've all been there - submitting a resume to a job and knowing you're the perfect candidate...but then receiving the canned "We've gone with other candidates" email back. Most likely, it's because your resume isn't as strong as it could be. If you're going to spend the time applying, make sure your resume is helping as much as possible.

3) Creating a beneficial online footprint: LinkedIn can and should be your friend in the job search process. However, there is lots of "bad" advice floating out there about how to use the platform most effectively. By working together to use LinkedIn as an asset, you'll have recruiters searching for you.

My Unique Perspective

I combine my two skillsets of career coaching/resume writing & sales to create a strategy that allows me to "sell" you as the product. By approaching your needs in this way, I am able to identify your most compelling features, benefits, and assets, and then leverage marketing language to "sell" those to recruiters.

I am a seasoned sales representative, successfully closing multi-million dollar deals and landing spots in the President's Club.

My drive towards success makes me the ultimate accountability partner.

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star 5.0 · 6 Reviews · 22 Bookings

Lynn was enormously helpful in reimagining my my LinkedIn, resume and interview answers. Her strength was helping me figure out what I really excel at--and how to explain that to the hiring committee. Somewhere along the way in our coaching, I could really sense a shift in my success rate. I was the same person, so the difference was definitely Lynn's coaching. Strongly recommend!

star star star star star Feb 13, 2023
Coached By Lynn Meadors

Thank you Lynn! Lynn really helped me get clear on how to improve my resume. She walked me through each part of the resume giving me practical tips and advice on how to clean up each section.

star star star star star Nov 17, 2022
Coached By Lynn Meadors

Lynn Meadors is such a great listener and communicator, which is important to me when looking for a coach because sometimes I can talk and try to explain something but I have trouble identifying what I want or need. Her professional experience and coaching experience really shows - she can help me identify and break down concepts, she provides insights, asks the right questions, and she just GETS it. I really enjoy working with her and would highly recommend Lynn Meadors.

star star star star star Jul 21, 2022
Coached By Lynn Meadors

She is a great support and really listens to you

star star star star star May 25, 2022
Coached By Lynn Meadors

Lynn was able to give me insight right away into what it’s like working with her. She has extensive experience in Career Services and Sales and is an excellent resource for anyone who is struggling with a career pivot into another field, like tech. Her strength is shifting you to a “sales mindset” where you can see yourself from the pov of your ideal employer and give your job search a professional “facelift.” As a bonus, she can also help with navigating the uncertainty around what your ideal role might be.

star star star star star Mar 8, 2022
Coached By Lynn Meadors

Lynn was patient with my questions, and constructive with her feedback while keeping an air of positivity and support. She also committed to following up regarding a question she was unable to immediately answer. I look forward to future engagements with her.

star star star star star Feb 9, 2022
Coached By Lynn Meadors