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Kelly Ling

I am an empathetic and action-oriented coach. I have earned the trust of professionals from fresh grad, to seasoned executive, startup founder to career switcher. I focus on innovation, product, change management, and negotiation.


Certified Executive Coach (Center for Executive Coaching)

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About Kelly Ling


In the corporate environment, I serve in a unique role as a coach, advisor, and facilitator, at the intersection of C-suite executives, rising high potential talent, and innovation teams. With formal training in Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Change Management, I take an empathetic and human-centered approach to guiding my stakeholders through problem-solving and ultimately taking action. I draw energy and inspiration from coaching and mentoring formally and informally.

Coaching Style

You are in the driver seat. As your coach, I will help you uncover your path, identify and tackle obstacles, and hold you accountable to your goals. I ask a lot of questions, celebrate your successes and learnings, and keep you looking forward.

Great For
Career Changers Executives Founders Managers Product Management New Grads POC Creatives Entry Level Immigrants Veterans Developers
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Return to Work Salary Negotiation Work/Life Balance Business Growth Confidence Leadership Networking Resumes Relocation
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star 5.0 · 11 Reviews · 30 Bookings

Kelly’s advise on communication skills was very helpful; it allowed me to not only learn about my areas of opportunity in terms of career but also lay the ground to help me build stronger professional relationships.

star star star star star Apr 7, 2022
Coached By Kelly Ling

Kelly was very helpful in identifying negotiation points and what my bare minimums are. I am much more confident in both negotiating the offer and in accepting it when we are done.

star star star star star Oct 25, 2021
Coached By Kelly Ling

Kelly was awesome! Her advice helped me frame my salary negotiation perfectly, and she brought up key questions that I needed to seek clarification on. I learned a lot for future negotiations too!

star star star star star Aug 25, 2021
Coached By Kelly Ling

Great! Kelly really helped me hone my negotiation plan when I had two offers on the table.

star star star star star May 18, 2021
Coached By Kelly Ling

Kelly was very responsive, friendly, and asked the right questions to understand my situation and what I needed from our coaching session. She gave me the keys to communicating my expectations in a clear and confident manner, along with practical next steps. I ended up receiving an offer with an additional 15K!

star star star star star Aug 10, 2020
Coached By Kelly Ling

Kelly was knowledgeable and made me feel confident. She gave me insights I needed, and clear action items to prepare. I have decided to continue with her as a coach!

star star star star star Jul 15, 2020
Coached By Kelly Ling

Kelly is great. She immediately grokked my oddball career situation and gave me an excellent structure for putting a plan in place. I'm starting!

star star star star star Sep 13, 2019
Coached By Kelly Ling

Kelly was great! I was surprised at how much she was able to help me in just 15 minutes. I'm not saying that I suddenly had a direct path to a job or anything, but she helped me realize where on the path I stood and how to continue moving forward.

star star star star star Sep 6, 2019
Coached By Kelly Ling

I’m so thrilled to be working with Kelly. She gives the best advice so I feel confident going into interviews, with positions that she helped me find to apply for. I have a tendency to get in my own way, and Kelly helps me reorganize my thoughts so I can present my best self.

star star star star star Aug 21, 2019
Coached By Kelly Ling

I had some trouble connecting through to the call/video chat option on the HC platform but it may have been from my side as I am currently abroad in Europe. Maybe something to look into Ketan? I also added a "+" in front of my phone number when I shared it so I don't know if that may have been the problem. I called Kelly directly and her kind demeanor and helpful tips helped me feel confident about transitioning into a product management role. I would be happy to work with her again as I make my career move into tech.

star star star star star Jul 30, 2019
Coached By Kelly Ling

Very efficient! For the first time in years I feel some positivity about looking for a job, simply by having support in this process.

star star star star star Jun 13, 2019
Coached By Kelly Ling