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I think coaching is about empathy. It’s important that I understand where you are coming from. I'm all about small changes together leading to huge results.

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About Me

I'm the founder of HireClub and I've been coaching for over 7 years. I love helping people find their dream job.

Coaching Style

I like to combine practical advice with long term growth.

What are the little things we can do right now to make an impact?

What are the broader strokes we can plan for to enact lasting change?

Salary Negotiation

I specialize in salary negotiation, helping clients increase their offers by a median of $17,500.



· 07/09/19 · Salary Negotiation

Ketan asks great questions and gives solid action points. 30 minutes is short but definitely got me started on the right foot towards getting a 15% salary bump!

Jack Salvador

· 06/26/19 · Pro Plan

Ketan is a dedicated and compassionate coach, with great insights and advice.


· 06/02/19 · Coaching Intro

It was very helpful, helped me get some more clarity on my direction at the time.


· 05/28/19 · Resume Review

Great session with significant feedback!


· 05/21/19 · Salary Negotiation

I enjoyed my session with Ketan! He helped me break down different scenarios taking my risk tolerance in the negotiation into account. I definitely recommend to anyone evaluating an offer.


· 05/20/19 · Coaching Intro

Thanks Ketan, was great to hear your thoughts on my resume!

Shruti Shah

· 05/16/19 · Coaching Intro

I felt really good after talking to Ketan. He gave number of tips as well as the direction I should focus on.

Basmah Masood

· 05/06/19 · Coaching Intro

I am very impressed with Ketan. He gave actionable advice to work on in terms of my career goals and offered valuable insight and encouragement. I feel very good about this call.

William Morales

· 04/19/19 · Coaching Intro

Great insights and takeaways for career development that I had t thought of before!


· 04/18/19 · Resume Review

Really specific and actionable feedback, thank you for your help!


· 04/16/19 · Salary Negotiation

This review is looooooong overdue! I had a Salary Negotiation coaching session with Ketan and it was very helpful! He didn't just give me tips/tools for negotiating better, rather he helped me focus on what was truly important beyond compensation in the role/work/lifestyle I wanted. I highly recommend this coaching session with Ketan. Thanks Ketan!!!


· 04/14/19 · Standard

awesome as always


· 04/12/19 · New Coach Phone Screen

For a first contact, the session went exactly as anticipated. Great sharing of information and outlining a forward course of action. Clear and concise, I got the sense that what I was interested in sharing is exactly what was wanted. Look forward to another session soon.

Lanier Logan

· 04/05/19 · New Coach Co-Coaching

Ketan was direct, informative, and supportive with his review of my coaching style. I also learned a few new tips that has aided in improving my coaching sessions.

Mandar Parikh

· 04/03/19 · Resume Review

Excellent feedback. Very actionable.


· 03/27/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan explained the coaching offering to me, and how HireClub works to match coachees with a coach based on their needs. I signed up for coaching after our conversation.

Domenic Merenda

· 03/26/19 · New Coach Phone Screen

Empathetic, responsive, and excellent composure while on the call. Was very up-front about expectations in both direction, and set very clear milestones from the start. Negotiated an agenda for the call "on the fly" that set a perfect framework for our conversation. Highly recommended.

Jay Harris

· 03/20/19 · Coaching Intro

Great call - informative and efficient

Alifiyah Bhaijee

· 03/18/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan is really friendly and easy to talk to. He brings a lot of good insight and was really helpful right off the bat providing me with guidance and tips. I am excited to keep working with him.


· 03/14/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan was a great listener, focusing in on what I needed in a short amount of time. He found a coach that aligned well with my needs and goals.

Hinal Kalyan

· 03/11/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan was great for the coaching intro. In the limited amount of time, he had already figured out and suggested the areas I would need help/coaching with. He also recommended a match for the career coach.


· 03/11/19 · Coaching Intro

The appointment helped me understand how I am taken at my current job and Ketan could just tell in couple of minute what issues I am coming across in my team. It helped me in getting encouragement to look for something more that I am capable of and deserve. It has always helped to talk to Ketan who is such an experienced and understanding coach.


· 03/08/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan was great with walking me through how Hire Club works, and totally empathized with my situation. Friendly and a good listener! Excited to join :)

Bezawit Debele

· 03/01/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan was very helpful! He gave actionable feedback on your resume and was a genuinely great listener. Thank you, Ketan!

Jack Salvador

· 02/28/19 · Pro Plan

Ketan always provides detailed, helpful feedback on specific designs, and suggests resources for design, workflow, and further education if needed. His meetings are always worthwhile.


· 02/27/19 · Coaching Intro

Great conversation, hard to believe it was only 15 minutes. Felt like Ketan was on the same page about where I was coming from and where I could be headed.


· 02/25/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan is extremely intelligent, intuitive, and understands what each individual needs in terms of coaching!


· 02/22/19 · Career Coaching

Ketan provided a great roadmap and offered some great tips on how to pursue my next dream job!


· 02/19/19 · Design Review

After talking to Ketan, my understanding on what a portfolio interview is and how one should prepare for one went through a 180 degree change. I used to code my portfolio case studies frenetically in preparation of every presentation or interview. Ketan showed me how that's counterproductive and showed me how to prepare a carefully honed presentation. Money well spent and knowledge crucially earned.

Wei Lah Poh

· 02/18/19 · Resume Review

He hit the nail right on the head to make my resume more "operations" appropriate.


· 02/11/19 · Coaching Intro

I loved talking to Ketan about coaching. He was very helpful.


· 02/05/19 · Coaching Intro

Speaking to Ketan confirmed I'd choose the right company to seek help from. He listened intently to my needs and wants for a new position as I returned to work after taking time to be a new mother and provided valuable insight to help prioritize and focus.


· 01/31/19 · Coaching Intro

It was great, and gave me a lot of good insights in just 15 min. Direct, clear and thoughtful. Thank you!

Kaushal Vaddiraj

· 01/30/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan was fantastic in assessing my specific needs and helping me lay out short term and medium term goals.


· 01/30/19 · Resume Review

I was super impressed with Ketan. He gave actionable items to work on and offered valuable insight and encouragement.

Priya Iyer

· 01/29/19 · Career Coaching

Ketan guided me to a solid career decision by asking several smart questions. He also offered a lot of kindness, which we can forget to offer ourselves during the time we're making difficult decisions.


· 01/24/19 · Coaching Intro

Ketan was amazing, he really tries to focus on developing others internally as opposed to just on the surface.


· 01/24/19 · Coaching Intro

I did a Coaching Intro with Ketan and he was great! I'm at a crossroads with my career and wanted some insights and advice. Ketan was very supportive and thoughtful. I highly recommend coaching with Ketan or any of the HireClub coaches! Thank you Ketan!


· 01/24/19 · Coaching Intro

This was an intro call so was pretty quick, but I already got some great feedback on things I can change to land more interviews. Highly recommend both Ketan and Matt.

Elizabeth Ralston

· 01/16/19 · Coaching Intro

I enjoyed talking with Kiran. He asked me some very frank questions as a way to understand my experience and made some good suggestions on next steps.

Carlos G Martinez

· 12/18/18 · Coaching Intro

Informative and empathic. Truly listened to where I was coming from, provided concise insights and support, and provided actionable next steps, along with recommending the perfect coach to work with. All in 15 minutes. Can't get more value anywhere else.

Asia Nixon

· 12/12/18 · Coaching Intro

Ketan is super understanding and encouraging...just what people like me (who are lost when it comes to their career goals) really need. Thank you!

Lacey Cope

· 12/12/18 · New Coach Phone Screen

Thanks for the great chat, Ketan! Really enjoyed learning more about HireClub and your coaching philosophy!


· 12/12/18 · Coaching Intro

Warm, supportive and very encouraging.


· 12/01/18 · Coaching Intro

Great experience, honest and informative for what was the opportunity ahead!

Olivier Chaine

· 11/20/18 · Resume Review

Ketan is awesome - very insightful and helpful right out of the gates.

Jack Salvador

· 11/08/18 · Coaching Intro

Good call, wide ranging discussion on the Hireclub process, my design process, my work history, and my expectations/goals. Specific next steps were set. Some insights on the current state of the hiring market.

Tom Weichle

· 11/07/18 · Coaching Intro

I had a really nice discussion with Ketan. We set up a plan for moving forward and talked about important issues such as rebranding and positioning myself to landing the role that I'm interested in.


· 11/02/18 · Coaching Intro

Very helpful in navigating the recruitment cycle out of college.


· 11/02/18 · Coaching Intro

It was wonderful to speak with Ketan. Although just a brief intro call he was able to quickly make sense of a lot of information and provide helpful insights I was able to use immediately. He was empathetic, reassuring and action-oriented, and I would happily work with him again. Thanks Ketan!

Morgan Giulianelli

· 11/01/18 · Resume Review

This review was very helpful. I really appreciated the feedback. The session did seem a little rushed though. I think 30 minutes would be a better amount of time to go over things. It was hard to get down all the feedback and the only feedback I seem to have been sent was just very basic stuff, not nearly as much as we went over.

Rachel McKinney

· 10/29/18 · Coaching Intro

I really enjoyed my conversation with Ketan. He was personable and knowledgeable.


· 10/25/18 · Coaching Intro

Ketan listened, then came up with a measured plan that felt tailored to my background. The proof will be in the pudding, but I feel confident moving forward with his suggestions!

Siddharth Yadav

· 10/23/18 · Coaching Intro

He is an amazing and helpful guy would understand the needs of the person and respond accordingly. Definitely Recommend

Chiraporn Promrak

· 10/21/18 · Coaching Intro

It was very nice. He understood my need and could walk me through the path I should follow.


· 10/19/18 · Coaching Intro

Great to connect and get an overview of HireClub's services.

Travis Taborek

· 10/18/18 · Coaching Intro

Andrea has been great. She's really taught me a lot about keeping my interview answers self-contained.

Elena Sierra

· 10/18/18 · Resume Review

invaluable insights and advice! Very specific, spot on, and clear on my resume's pain points that need to be addressed. Hireclub has definitely earn my trust based on what I've seen these guys can do for me!


· 10/14/18 · Coaching Intro

It was great. I cannot wait to begin my coaching with HireClub

Craig B Toedtman

· 10/12/18 · New Coach Co-Coaching

Ketan has done a great job of onboarding me into the Hireclub organization. I look forward to a lasting partnership in our mutual best interests.

John Shim

· 10/09/18 · Coaching Intro

My intro call with Ketan was great! Ketan provided me some great feedback on my history, and provided concise tactical guidance on my job search. Ketan was super helpful and very empathetic, and I've moved forward to a paid Coaching plan and am very happy with the results so far!

JT Quillan III

· 09/29/18 · Coaching Intro

Ketan quickly and accurately understood the urgency of my situation, was empathetic, and got to work right away. It was a very productive introduction.

Mahir Ahmed

· 09/12/18 · Coaching Intro

The quick session helped highlight what was missing from resume and how to best tackle the job search.


· 09/11/18 · Coaching Intro

Ketan is a great listener! I think he has a great approach to these intro calls, and did a great job of synthesizing my career situation based on what I had to say.


· 08/27/18 · Resume Review

The feedback was on point and I didn't even realize some of the things that I needed to change until Ketan pointed it out. I am really glad that I did the Resume review with him.

Vaibhav Tank

· 08/22/18 · Coaching Intro

Ketan is awesome and super helpful! He is good at listening and understanding your goals.


· 07/31/18 · Coaching Intro

Ketan was great and we covered a lot in 15 minutes. He has laser focus ability to provide critical insights and also be inspiring at same time. I look forward to future sessions with Hireclub coaches.


· 07/25/18 · Salary Negotiation

Excellent tips and helped me get a better deal. Definitely worth it.


· 07/22/18 · Resume Review

WOW. What a resume review. Ketan gave me the most detailed and actionable feedback which is exactly what I was looking for. He helped me view what I was communicating from the lens of a hiring manager and gave me direct critique. I really appreciated his insights and questions to probe at the impact that I had in each role which consequently has helped me rethink the design of this resume both from a content (less verbose, more focused on impact and metrics) and visual design perspective for how I should present and organize my information to surface the most important factor of my resume. I cannot recommend him enough for this service.

Gert Christen

· 07/19/18 · Coaching Intro

Ketan was extremely helpful. He immediately saw the key point where I needed help by a coach. And within a day he assigned me a coach.


· 07/17/18 · Resume Review

Great observations tailored to what I was trying to accomplish.


· 07/10/18 · Coaching Intro

Ketan gave a great overall of HireClub's offerings and helped me to figure out next steps. Nice guy, very patient.

Anita Lee

· 07/04/18 · Resume Review

Ketan made the most of our limited time together; 15 minutes felt like an hour because our session was that productive. I had a much stronger sense of direction in my resume edits, more confidence in my career trajectory, and tangible advice that I was able to quickly implement following our session. Ketan is a pleasure to work with - his passion about this work shines and has really helped me move forward.


· 06/20/18 · Coaching Intro

I enjoyed the 15 minutes with Ketan. He's well versed in this industry and asked strategic questions to quickly assess where I'm at. He's a skilled listener and extremely easy to speak with. I feel that he understands my market well and could quickly pair me up with someone that has a similar story arc. I would recommend this intro session to anyone that is thinking of making a switch or wants a true north in figuring out their next steps.

Ryan Booth

· 06/19/18 · Coaching Intro

Great call - focused, to the point, clear and helpful feedback, and identification of next steps. A big dose of motivation for pursuing my career goals.

Bryant Yik

· 06/18/18 · Coaching Intro

Spoke with Ketan for my free 15min session. Just from a short call, Ketan was able to quickly diagnoses my situation, offer valuable insight, and recommend next steps!


· 06/16/18 · Coaching Intro

My Coaching Intro was really great! Ketan is a great listener and fully understood my needs and how HireClub can help me best. He also offered additional advice and resources to help me find my post-grad career!

Sumit Mahawar

· 05/18/18 · Resume Review

Ketan is very knowledgeable and helped me make my resume more engaging and increase my number of responses.

Blake Sorrell

· 05/17/18 · Resume Review

Ketan was very helpful and packed a lot of feedback into a relatively short meeting. He's very encouraging but offers clear and direct feedback.


· 05/16/18 · Salary Negotiation

Great call with Ketan! He patiently understood my problem, and gave me actionable and practical solutions! Would definitely recommend a session with him.

Sinem Sissi Ergunay

· 05/14/18 · Resume Review

Efficient and productive conversation. He identify the problems in my resume and adviced for next steps. Absolutely he changed my approach. Amazing..

Blake Sorrell

· 05/10/18 · Career Coaching

Ketan is a generous soul and packs a lot into a short 15 call. He's provided me the pointed insights and inspiration to push forward with my career change.


· 04/05/18 · Resume Review

Ketan was helpful! My 15 minute appointment felt a bit short, so I'd recommend longer for others. However, I was able to get solid suggestions during the short period.


· 03/16/18 · Resume Review

Really helpful. I feel like I have a better understanding of what I need to highlight in order for employers to be interested.


· 03/09/18 · Career Coaching

I had a 30 min conversation w/ Ketan Anjaria - at first it sounded like the same old advice I’ve heard a hundred times, but Ketan is a VERY good listener, and after a while I got some really good take-aways!

William Morales

· 03/06/18 · Resume Review

Thank you Ketan, for all the quality feedback and insights you shared with me. I implemented all of them in my resume and the overall flow and structure is so much better.


· 03/05/18 · Resume Review

Ketan was super helpful in drilling down on how my resume could be stronger. He gave me various actionable items to work on!


· 02/23/18 · Resume Review

The appointment was great. Ketan asked for my review goals, and addressed everything I asked for help with.


· 02/22/18 · Career Coaching

I was having a pretty rough time and just by talking with Ketan for an hour my attitude completely changed and felt positive and with strength to not give up on my search. Can't thank him enough.

Juceliz Batista

· 02/19/18 · Resume Review

Great advice on both career and resume. Feeling motivated and pumped for a journey that usually doesn't warrant those feelings. Thank you!


· 01/30/18 · Career Coaching

The meeting was very informative. Ketan is very encouraging and motivating person. He saw where I could do improvement including my resume , my answers, my pitch. He acknowledged that job search can demotivate you and I was facing that when I spoke to him. His coaching helped me to pick myself up and get going for the job search. I recommend more 100% to reach HireClub, for career coaching, guidance, interview prep and resume review


· 01/30/18 · Career Coaching

Great advice! Also, love that Ketan believes you don't need to be boxed into a role!

Shanti Christensen

· 01/08/18 · Career Coaching

Great first appointment that sent me down a positive road of personal growth. Resulted in my current colleague raising my hours and hourly rate. But now I'm open to staying on top of my career growth as well by continuing to meet with companies looking for talent.


· 01/05/18 · Career Coaching

It was good but we didn't get far.


· 12/29/17 · Career Coaching

Good intro session, but did not get a chance to cover what I really needed to discuss. Will plan another session to do that.


· 12/12/17 · Career Coaching

Enjoyed our conversation and appreciated your expertise. Thanks again!


· 12/07/17 · Resume Review

Ketan was very thoughtful and helped me consider things from a different perspective.


· 12/03/17 · Mock Interview

Very informative and helped me to make a decision about something I was thinking about for a long time very quickly.


· 12/01/17 · Design Review

I really appreciate the candid feedback you gave me on how to improve my featured projects and overall feel. Thank you for the resources as well...that's super helpful and I'm excited to make my site more professional!


· 11/28/17 · Mock Interview

Helpful in identifying that my current job does not show track record of promotions. Have since recast my profile to emphasize outside activities. I may restart job search and career change after bonus payout in Q1. Thanks!


· 11/10/17 · Career Coaching

Ketan did an amazing job coaching


· 11/07/17 · Resume Review

Holy smokes, the dream of a 1 page resume was made real today! After years of struggling to condense my accomplishments, Ketan was able to turn my focus around in <30 minutes to revamp the story my resume tells. He provided keen insight, efficient cuts, and really helped me focus on creating the story I want hiring managers and recruiters to get when they scan my resume. Storytelling is an art, and resume writing is deeply painful because of course you want to tell the entire details. But today, Ketan helped me cut all the noise out and zone in on what I bring to the table. I can't wait to start sending this piece of art out into the universe. Thank you Ketan!!!


· 10/27/17 · Resume Review

Very good session, short but very efficient and useful. thank you

Shanti Christensen

· 10/16/17 · Career Coaching

My work here isn't done, but my career coaching sessions with Ketan have been helpful in shifting my perspective, taking a new look at what I've accomplished, and getting a fresh look at new opportunities. Thank you Ketan, for jumpstarting my next chapter.


· 09/26/17 · Resume Rewrite

Thank you, Kinh and Ketan for helping me rewrite my resume.


· 08/29/17 · Career Coaching

I had a very productive coaching session with Ketan! The conversation flowed naturally. Ketan relayed constructive feedback while patiently listening to my goals and dilemmas. We explored different directions I could pursue, weighing the different advantages across all of my options. Our discussion also yielded some valuable insights that I never considered before and I gained a new perspective on some things. I feel really empowered to make my next move and pay it forward. HireClub is one of the most supportive communities I've ever been a part of, and this service an excellent addition!


· 08/22/17 · Resume Review

I already recommended this service to a friend. If I decide to use more career coaching services, I would like to have Ketan Anjaria be my coach. Thanks for all of your help!


· 08/01/17 · Resume Review

Ketan gave me an incredible amount of specific, actionable, helpful advice during our coaching session. 10/10 would do it again!


· 07/31/17 · Career Coaching

Ketan offered me some direct criticism around a human-centered perspective regarding my resume and profile which was very helpful. I had been focusing too much on passing through ATS systems and not as much on the human review of too much information which explains why I was getting many HR screenings but far fewer hiring manager calls. Thanks Ketan!


· 07/26/17 · Resume Review

Speaking with Ketan gave me clarity through this ambiguous job search process. Having an experienced mentor to talk through current challenges and bounce questions gave me confidence and clarity going forward. I could not be happier where I ended up. Using this website to clarify my milestones/accomplishing and speaking with Ketan was a solid step through this search process.


· 07/22/17 · Career Coaching

My session with Ketan was very helpful. He has remarkable insight on the job market and listens carefully then implements a plan of action. He offers great solutions and offers gems of wisdom. I'm very proud to refer my friends to Ketan as I know he'll take good care of them with proper guidance.