Caitlin Clarke

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Caitlin Clarke

Mindfulness-based career coach and former startup director with 12+ years experience in tech. As your coach, I'll help you quickly relieve stress, gain confidence and clarity, and build your career to match who you really are.


Certified Professional Integrative Coach

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About Caitlin Clarke


Maybe you’re an engineer, a marketing director, or an HR manager. You’ve hustled hard to get to where you are. But you lost your job because of the pandemic, and you’re stressed out. You find yourself asking..."where do I go from here?”

Or maybe you're feeling lucky because just got promoted and you’re managing a new team. You want to be a great leader, but you’re not sure what that looks like. You know you have blind spots but you can’t exactly see them (ahem that’s why they’re called blind spots). You need to develop your communication and relationships with your direct reports, ASAP.

Or maybe you’re struggling between your career and your dreams. You want to make time for your passions but you’re not sure how it all fits in with your career path. You’re tired of feeling split down the middle between what you think you should do vs. what a tiny voice inside is calling you to do.

All you really want is a solid plan. A clear path forward. To do what you're good at and like to do, and make good money while you do it. So you can feel centered and fulfilled.

Sound like you? If so, here’s where I come in.


I’m a Certified Professional Integrative Coach. I’m also trained in mindful somatic psychology, and I’ve been practicing mindfulness for over 10 years. I bring a strategic mindset as well as a holistic approach to our work together. Because it's hard to get to where you want to be if you're not fully present with where you are right now, amirite?

As your coach, I trust that you are the expert in your own life. That said, if you're in panic mode looking for a job, I can help ground and guide you to where you need to be. I built a successful career in San Francisco tech over 12 years, and I’ve seen (and been in) just about every work situation you can imagine. I've made it through the job hunt process more times than I can count. And I love helping busy professionals like you release stress, gain confidence and clarity, and move forward from a place of authentic power.

My job is to hold up a mirror and partner with you as we work through your fears and tackle your job search and growth challenges together. I'll help keep you accountable as you take one step at a time toward your goals.

Using mindfulness and other holistic tools, I’ll guide you to tap into your own inner wisdom, so you can make decisions from a heart-centered place, not a fear-based place. Together we’ll create your path to success.


"I was at a turning point, starting a new career, and I felt discouraged searching for my next job. I landed my dream job while working with Caitlin and she helped me shine starting my first day."

—Audrey, San Francisco, CA

"Working with Caitlin opened my eyes to strategies and tactics for me to fulfill my needs while giving my best self to my career and loved ones, without feeling burnt out or taken advantage of. I now feel more inner peace and calm."

—Dayna, New York, NY

"I was going through a transition at work and feeling overwhelmed. Caitlin empowered me to unravel what I was frustrated with and define the problem, not just the symptoms. She helped me solve what was causing the chaos, which my team benefitted from as much as I did."

—Kaylan, San Francisco, CA


Book your complimentary 15-minute intro call with me. Together, we’ll explore the topics you want help with and create easy-to-reach action steps to kickstart the next chapter of your story.

I look forward to working with you!


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I have had a fantastic experience working with Caitlin. In our first session, she was an attentive listener - she was able to quickly identify common themes in my interests, and suggested actionable next steps in my career exploration work. Caitlin provided great exercises to work on in between sessions, and I have also appreciated her proactive checkins. She is friendly and intuitive and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her!

star star star star star Jul 3, 2020
Coached By Caitlin Clarke