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William Murphy

As a career coach, I aim to partner with you to help you build the right skills, confidence and personal brand and collaborate on creating an actionable career roadmap that will enable you to achieve your most aspirational career goals.

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About William Murphy

Who Am I?

I am an HR leader with experience across multiple industries in both small startups and FORTUNE companies, including technology, biotechology, entertainment, retail, supply chain and logistics, and agriculture. I also co-founded and led as COO a boutique HR consulting startup.

I specialize in partnering with, coaching and advising high-potential talent, up-and-coming business leaders, and current executives to build their stunning leadership muscles while concurrently guiding them to achieve their career aspirations. I also drive macro-level people strategy in partnership with functional leaders with specialized expertise within R&D, Engineering, Finance, and Operations. This includes a focus on building culture, organizational development, talent management, business transformation, and change management and leadership.

I hold a Master's Degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, am an NASM certified personal trainer, and an avid Chicago sports fan.

My Coaching Philosophy

As a career coach, I believe careers are so much more than a means to an end. They're spaces to find your purpose,develop personally and professionally, and build a sense of community and belonging. Yet finding your path can be challenging. My goal as your coach is to help you discover and surface your passions, recognize your strengths, identify your key challenges, build your confidence, break down barriers, and use that data to put together a tangible and actionable plan to achieve your goals.

You can also expect a unique spin on my coaching approach as I seek to help you understand and build a well-rounded lifestyle both professionally and personally. We can dive into building healthy lifestyle habits related to fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep and overall wellness.

My Coaching Specialties

  • Career roadmapping, transitions and slumps
  • Resume development
  • Building connections / networking
  • Crafting your personal brand and career story
  • Interview preparation
  • Salary negotiation
  • Mastering your first 90 days
  • Navigating corporate
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Building EQ
  • Early career and emerging talent coaching
  • Executive leadership assimilation and development
  • Building a side hustle

My North Stars

All great leaders are informed by certain guiding principles ("North Stars") - things they fundamentally believe in that guide their decision making, the way they lead, and how they engage with their teams, their people, and their clients.

Over the course of my career, I have latched on to a few core principles that define who I am as a coach and HR leader. For me, those "North Stars" are:

  • Coaching with empathy, empowerment and active listening
  • Always assuming good intent
  • Encouraging risk yet expecting accountability
  • Collaborating, co-creating and candidly communicating
  • Biasing towards action; working with urgency and executing
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star 5.0 · 17 Reviews · 53 Bookings

Will provided actionable feedback during our mock interview and helped me think through my delivery when answering tough questions. I would definitely recommend Will for coaching and mock interviews.

star star star star star Apr 7, 2021
Coached By William Murphy

Coach Will was absolutely wonderful! His professionalism was exceptional. I felt very comfortable throughout all of our interactions. His experience + his direct approach was incredibly valuable and provided the right level of guidance I needed to confidently navigate a salary negotiation that I was originally apprehensive about. I'm a happy camper all in all and definitely recommend Coach Will!

star star star star star Mar 20, 2021
Coached By William Murphy

It's my second call with Will and I am very happy with his process and guidance so far. I mainly wanted to work with a coach to help in salary negotiation process. From the conversation with the recruiter to the hiring manager. How to best maneuver and Will has given me some great pointers. I am excited to continue to work with him.

star star star star star Mar 16, 2021
Coached By William Murphy

Will Murphy is an AMAZING coach! After our introduction call, he sent me a written plan summarizing our conversation and a plan of action. He has provided me with helpful tips and tricks for my resume and LinkedIn profile.

star star star star star Mar 15, 2021
Coached By William Murphy

Fantastic Intro Call with Will. I shared my goals and he explained how he could help me get there. Looking forward to working with Will!

star star star star star Feb 18, 2021
Coached By William Murphy

Will is terrific! Action packed initial coach call to gear me up for a phone interview this week. Will pointed out the necessities to prep for and iterated how important first impression is, and what to include in my elevator pitch. Laser focused we went over examples on what I've done in my previous and current position, and how it blends with what the company (and their values)will be on the look out for when hiring for that specific role.

star star star star star Jan 27, 2021
Coached By William Murphy

Super fired up after a call with Will! He adapted our conversation to my needs, asked questions that sparked new ideas, and provided great actionable recommendations for me to implement. He helped underscore my strengths and clarify areas of development. Super insightful and supportive – definitely recommend him :)

star star star star star Jan 26, 2021
Coached By William Murphy

Will is outstanding! Knows exactly how to direct the coaching conversation. It was a jam-packed call where I didn't feel rushed to wrap up before I was clear on how we could work together. Highlight for me is that Will has a background in HR, and knows the ins and outs of how to get hired amongst the competition. Definitely has finger on the pulse in the current job market!

star star star star star Jan 21, 2021
Coached By William Murphy

Helpful and thoughtful as always.

star star star star star Jan 14, 2021
Coached By William Murphy

Will is thoughtful, informative, knowledgeable, and a great listener. I'm looking forward to working with him more!

star star star star star Dec 31, 2020
Coached By William Murphy

Will's advice was excellent and I highly recommend him to anyone who is negotiating an offer. I had an offer come in right before the holidays and needed some last-minute advice on how to negotiate. Will was fast to respond, to-the-point, and as excited about the offer as I was. He laid out different strategies based on the information that I shared and my comfort levels. He provided an email script, reviewed my final email, and provided fast tips as the day progressed. By helping me every step along the way, I felt a lot more comfortable throughout the negotiation progress. We were able to negotiate a 10% signing bonus on top of an already solid offer at a tech company. Will went above and beyond, even though I only had 15 minutes left in my package. He is worth every penny and I won't hesitate to work with him again whenever I need any career coaching. Thank you for your support and guidance, Will!

star star star star star Dec 18, 2020
Coached By William Murphy

Will really won me over with his enthusiasm and organized coaching style. I look forward to working with him!

star star star star star Dec 4, 2020
Coached By William Murphy

My call with Will was amazing! He provides great guidance, discussion of ideas and action items. What's been most helpful to me is the homework and follow up I've received from him. Total. Game. Changer.

star star star star star Nov 3, 2020
Coached By William Murphy

Will is a great coach! He provided me effective feedback and direction on my resume and in general how to present myself. He boosts my morale with every comment, and he pushes me to talk more about my skills and accomplishments! I am already looking to the next one :)

star star star star star Oct 17, 2020
Coached By William Murphy

I had a great exploratory call with Will and am happy to keep moving forward. He deftly addressed my needs and I feel like I'm in good hands.

star star star star star Sep 30, 2020
Coached By William Murphy

Will was amazing and provide very useful insight

star star star star star May 21, 2020
Coached By William Murphy

Will is super well prepared, thoughtful in his questioning and able to pull insightful nuggets that challenge me in the right ways. It’s clear he genuinely cares about his clients and the outcomes he helps them achieve.

star star star star star Apr 10, 2020
Coached By William Murphy